Lloyd Pye on the mysterious rise of Homo sapiens Part I

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Science has always sought to justify itself, many times over the actual truth, that its practitioners seem to be so committed to.  In this consensus oriented field sometimes political correctness and refusal to accept valid data have taken priority over the proper method of acceptance of the facts when they present themselves. This often occurs when a scientist makes a find or presents a theory that challenges the prior suppositions of science that have been fielded on faulty data. The scientific community has fabricated witch hunts in the way of petitions denouncing their colleagues whenever the high rulers of the scientific hierarchy fear that some rogue researcher just unlocked the key to a puzzle that the scientific community had been previously stumped by. Rather than suffer embarrassment or upset generations of preconceived notions, the evidence and the scientist will be suppressed.

Ridicule is condoned by science

Once a particular scientist has fallen out of favor with the officialdom of the scientific ranks today, often a negative petition signing campaign, denouncing the findings and ethics of such an unworthy upstart is commenced. Scientists all over the world are prompted to sign it even when many don’t even bother to read or examine the content or the case against the ostracized individual. This form of civil savagery has been responsible for the suicides of many astute minds who simply could not handle the ridicule.

A history of persecution

This cruel form of denunciation and scoffing we have seen often through-out history, but also in the form of brutal punishment and imprisonment, even worse. Galileo was imprisoned for having the audacity to proclaim that earth was indeed not at the center of the solar universe, but was merely a planet orbiting around the sun amongst other planets.

Giardorno Bruno, an Italian philosopher born in 1548 suffered a horrible retribution for his irreverent notion that there must be other beings like humans living on other planets much like earth in other regions of the universe. The Spanish Inquisition was quick to punish and torture Bruno, trying to get him to denounce his claims. He was bound; a metal stake was thrust underneath his chin so that he would always look upward to heaven just before he was burned alive at the stake.

Modern repudiation by science

James McDonald, a leading authority on space travel and NASA official was driven to suicide due to the government’s rampant and hypocritical denial of UFO data and Project Blue Book case by case analysis that proved convincingly for the existence of UFO’s under his exhaustive work. McDonald took many scoffers and debunkers to task, disproving their skepticism and turning the tables on them for not applying the same standards of scientific investigation they used for concepts they supported.

A lead investigator during the course of the Condon Committee used by the US Air Force to rid itself officially of UFO research by contracting a University of Colorado study on UFO’s with an agenda, James McDonald was frustrated and angry at Hugh Condon’s disinterest in the evidence. McDonald refused to acknowledge the agenda of the study which was to repudiate the importance of UFO investigations or the reality of the phenomenon all together. James was infuriated over the lack of scientific method that was used!

Unable to understand the bureaucracy of the US government in its suppression of the truth, McDonald made one attempt on his life that left him partially blind after his wife walked out on him. After recuperating from his first attempt, he waited for his family to leave town on a holiday vacation. James was set to accept a university position, everything seemed right. Instead McDonald chose another macabre path and succeeded in a second suicidal try. His body was found by a hiker near his Arizona home.

Immanuel Velikovsky identified an extraterrestrial source for the massive extinctions that science was attributing to other sources of devastation that simply did not fit the evidence at hand. How were deep layers of rock strata upheaved in gigantic amounts burying dinosaurs so suddenly that their fossils were found with grasses still in their mouths? Volcanic activity or killer plagues could not have exhibited these characteristics.

What Velikovsky postulated was that asteroids or even comets had collided with the earth millions of years ago, and the resulting catastrophic insult to the earth’s crust had caused the complete extinction of dinosaurs giving rise to the emergence of mammals as a dominant species among land animals. Immanuel even provided Biblical, Rabbinical, and other ancient religious texts which created a time line supporting evidence that provided a chronology that marked historic records pointing to celestially caused devastation such as the massive destruction at Tunguska in 1908.

Mankind has a collective amnesia when the catastrophes of history strike, Emmanuel’s ability to reconstruct the past was an exceptional feat indeed, but he used his archeological evidence to do so. Velikovsky was attacked with incredible ferocity by his fellow colleagues in the scientific community for decades until his research was finally vindicated. His far reaching theory challenged not only archeological assumptions but accepted theories concerning evolution as he produced evidence of spontaneous adaptation in the form of mutation. Injury to an organism causing mutation in response to trauma, yet enhancing the success of the surviving species contradicted evolution. This flew in the face of Darwin’s assertions of natural selection and the survival of the fittest and the long drawn out process of gradual adaptation to the environment. 

Lloyd Pye introduces new theory on origin of man

Science has already relied upon a flawed consensus and has many times ridiculed the brilliance of many scientists even Albert Einstein and his theory of relativity. Fortunately, despite the obstructionism, the eventual truth has prevailed. In doing so, mankind has moved forward in his quest for knowledge. We now see the efforts of Lloyd Pye, who has questioned the keeper of the keys to the book of knowledge, being stubbornly denied despite his convincing theories on the origin of man, which points to 2 possible source, both indicating  a sudden and uncharacteristic rise to unopposed dominance over the animal kingdom. His supposed bipedal related species, competitors were somehow overcome in record time. This indicates only two possibilities according to Lloyd either creationism or divine intervention, or the only other alternative, extraterrestrial intervention in the form of genetic engineering. As far as he’s concerned, either theory is just as likely as opposed to the moronic assertions among archeologists that man evolved from walking apes.

Lucy, a concocted farce

The crux of the archeological theory that conventional science uses to justify their assertion that man had a common ancestor that dates back 3.2 billion years unearthed in Africa and named Australopithecus by her discoverers. Nick named “Lucy” is the supposed first modern human. Yet, as Lloyd Pye points out, Lucy’s arms are too long which tells him that she still did not use her legs in a dedicated manner for upright movement, that she still bent over and used her arms just as chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans still do today. Pye states that science has even tried to fit bones in inappropriate areas and move the position of the hips in order to lend credence to their argument. Still, the bone structure of the feet and hands betray Lucy as she does not share the characteristic smaller feet, articulate hands, and less mass of skeletal bone does not point to the muscle density of man today. Instead, Lucy must have had the dense muscularity of apes which have up to 10 times the muscular density of modern Homo sapiens, not to mention the dense bone structure it takes to support such muscularity which too is an indicator that Lucy indeed was not human-like despite science’s claims.

False claims of accepted wisdom

Lloyd Pye clearly exhibits the differences in our supposed cousins, the Neanderthals, who were theoretically forced into extinction by the superior skills and organizational abilities of the Homo sapiens who out competed them. In truth, Lloyd says, man has no genetic ties to either Lucy or the Neanderthals, who once again, were more massively muscled, had excellent night vision, and were better suited to the terrain and climate of earth than Homo sapiens. As a matter of fact, Pye states that the Gigantopithecus, the giant species of Asian gorilla who was supposed to have coexisted with modern man for a time and made the trip from Asia to across the Pacific via the Aleutian Island chain then made their home in the dense forests of the Pacific Northwest according to such researchers as the late Professor, Grover Krantz, to become what we know as Big Foot or Sasquatch.

Lloyd Pye declares that modern man did not even adapt as well to the multifaceted climatic conditions as thoroughly as the walking apes that we as an evolved species were supposed to have ascended from. Having smaller feet, less length of gait, and less density of muscle and bone, Homo sapiens are not anywhere near as good at walking, foraging at night, or running through dense vegetation as we are easily injured by the rigors of sharp brambles and thorns. Our unrelated upright walking ape predecessors, whom Pye says are not related to us directly at all, were better suited for earth’s conditions than we are because they originated here, we did not. Either the ancestors of man were crossbred genetically with upright walking apes, or we were brought here and transplanted from another planet as we are much less suited for adaptation to the topography of earth than our upright walking ape cousins, as science persists in relating modern man to these ape bipeds.

Another amazing manifestation of the Homo sapiens ascendance is the rapid and complete domination that occurred with an almost instantaneous extinction of any other competing walking upright ape or early form of man. If evolution were correct, Homo sapiens would have taken a long time to reach the point of complete territorial dominion. This being quite puzzling simply in the fact that upright walking apes like Neanderthal were massively built and very capable of physically disposing of homo sapiens in combat.

Modern man not as well suited

Let’s examine regional occupation. With reports of the Yeti, in the Himalayas and Russian Urals, Gigantopithecus in the Asian jungles, Sasquatch in the northern extremes of forests in North America, the Skunk Ape found in Florida, and reports of Big Foot-like wild men in Arkansas, Louisiana, and East Texas, about the only reported place that upright walking apes don’t inhabit would be desert. Lloyd believes that due to the superiority of speed in movement, ability to move through dense vegetation with deer-like agility, possessing excellent night vision, and having the enhanced hearing and sense of smell, the reason we have not yet bagged one of these creatures is because they are 5 steps ahead of us in their own environment. Any expedition, of which there have been many, is incapable of catching up with them. It is only through accidental contact that we can ever have a sighting. These accidental contacts do occur in remote areas enough to allow us to speculate that there are still significant populations that prefer to remain hidden and undisturbed.

Our supposed ancient ancestors still here

So, with the wealth of reported modern day sightings, Lloyd Pye concludes that there are most certainly viable numbers of the walking upright apes still in existence under a variety of tribal descriptions given by aboriginal tribes, such as Sasquatch and so forth. Another common characteristic that differentiates modern man from his supposed ancient cousins is the gift of language or speech. As he will allow, primates can make a number of different noises such as shrieks, squeals, and growls, they lack a voice box, a larynx that enables speech as in language. Anyone knows that from Gibbons to Chimpanzees these primates can evoke many noises, but not speech. That gift among the primates does not exist only in Homo sapiens do we find that quality.

Significant differences in physiology

Examining the skulls of our supposed ancestors yields other clues to the non-relationship of man to the upright walking apes that science continues to associate with Homo sapiens. Pye shows that the skull of the Homo sapiens is shaped in a much different fashion with a narrower jaw, non-protruding brow line, and a nose that is smaller and placed higher up on the frontal region of the skull just as the cheek bones are differently shaped and positioned. Our supposed ancestors have thick massive skulls, wide jaws that protrude lower on an almost non-existent neck with wider noses and flat foreheads, as opposed to Homo sapiens with a sleeker skull sitting on a longer neck with a thinner bone structure.

So, the question remains, how does science continue to justify that man evolved from the more rudimentary upright walking ape, who has no gift of speech, is more suited to the landscape of earth than we, is muscled and boned more massively, and did co-exist with man according to carbon dating of the fossil record. All of these facts tend to contradict the evolutionary theory. Why would conventional science continue to adhere to a flawed concept? This is the nature of consensus theory and teachings. Consistency among supporters is more important than contradictory evidence. A genre or belief system becomes entrenched and very hard to change, especially when the fame of those who have helped build a theoretical model are at stake.

Science manufactures a term to label disproving evidence

In archeology they even provide a term for contradictory evidence when something turns up at a site or “Dig” as scientists call them that proves to be problematical. If an artifact that does not match the date, composition, or civilization of the rest of the ancient record it is called an “Erratic”. This means it does not fit the rest of the evidence, so it is regarded as a curiosity and merely ignored as having any impact over the site or discoveries there. This faulty method of self-justification, this dogmatic form of building a case for itself is the major flaw of science as we have witnessed to the preset day. Lloyd Pye uses his contrary evidence as a case in point regarding his interpretation of man’s true origins.

In Part II we will explore further the controversial evidence that points to another origin of man.



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