Communication with the “Jexovah” and their plans for a prophesied “rapture” of hybrid humans unravelled in the finale’ with the appearance of Page St. John‘s congregation at the site. A surprising “resurrection” of Joe Green took place from a fatal rifle shot. 


Steiger/Fouche’ had developed a stirring tale of intrigue, murder and worldwide mystery that will carry the reader from beginning to end. Many will have to discover the many levels of drama for themselves. One of the stentorian representations in the book is Majestic-12 documents that alluded to being real secret manuscripts. 

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How much “fact” is embedded in the Steiger/Fouche’ “fiction” is an investigative, forensic task the reader must set out to accomplish. Are the UFOnauts from an unknown “initial point of origin” that came to Earth during a period of devastation to restore Earth and experiment occasionally with the creatures who were its progenitor?  Are “android” biological entities, “Jexovah,” emitted from “massive mother ships” (p.161) at some real interstellar location? Are there human hybrids waiting for resurrection in some celestial “rapture”? Will science fiction, as had happened in the past, become a pattern realized in the present?

 “When I began researching Alien Rapture – The Chosen I had only read one book on UFOs, and that book was Project Blue Book,” said Fouche’, “so it was an amazing coincidence that Brad Steiger, the esteemed author of  Project Blue Book, ultimately became my co-author.”

 “I am not a conspiracy buff, nor am I an UFOlogist. In 1990, you could not have convinced me that some of our most advanced technology was derived from reverse engineering of alien technology and alien artifacts. 

“Five of my close friends, some of whom had also worked much-classified exotic black programs; one who had flown the SR-71 Blackbird spy plane and been Air Force Test Pilot; and another who had been a National Security investigator, shared information with me, which had not previously been revealed. I interviewed a number of their closest and most trusted friends to gather even more startling information. These additional connected individuals trusted me not to reveal my sources because I had been vouched for by my contacts and friends.”


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The SR-71 was designed as a spy plane for the CIA in the 60s and designated the A-12, said Fouche’, and the Mach 3 plus aircraft first flew in 1962, taking off from Groom AFB in Area 51. Later, once the Air Force operated it as a reconnaissance plane, it was designated the SR-71 blackbird. Early UFO stories involving the SR-71 paved the way for his interest:

“My friend Chuck, an SR-71 pilot, related to me an in-flight incident he experienced in the 1970s,” said Fouche’, “he was returning from a reconnaissance flight, and, while at an altitude of 74,000 feet and at the speed of almost Mach 3, (3 times the speed of sound) he noticed something flickering in his peripheral vision. Hovering over his left wing tip was a ball of dense plasma-like light. It was so bright, that when he stared at it for more than a few seconds, his eyes hurt.

“Chuck tried to use his UHF-HF and VHF communications sets to no avail. There was nothing but static. Repeatedly glancing briefly at the ball of light, he watched in amazement as it moved effortlessly about his aircraft.

“At one point, the light positioned itself a few feet in front of the large spiked cone at the air Intake Inlet. The enormous amount of air rushing into the engines should have sucked in and shredded almost anything in its path, but the light orb was mysteriously unaffected.

“The light, he noted, acted in a curious manner, if something inanimate could act at all. It moved from time to time to other parts of the vehicle, staying with him until his approach to Beale AFB in California. He was in sight of the Air Base when the light swung away from his aircraft in a wide arch with ever-increasing speed.

“Of course, after reading his incident report, his Operations Commander told him not to ever speak about his experience. When Chuck related the story to me, he told me he was absolutely convinced that the ball of light was controlled by some form of intelligence. I have about two dozen stories from pilots of similar in flight incidents with UFOs and plasma balls.

“There have been thousands of reported sightings of plasma balls, energy filled orbs, or foo fighters as they were named during World War Two.”

Fouche’ told of another UFO sighting: “One night in the mid-seventies a longtime friend of mine and I were standing on top of the Fairchild A-10 hanger at Edwards AFB in Southern California. It was about 2 AM, and it was a clear night with millions of stars visible to the naked eye. I noticed a group of stars that seemed to be shifting in color. I pointed out to my friend that the three bright stars in triangular formation were not part of the big dipper.

“We watched as the strobing stars shifted from bright blue to reddish -yellow in color. After a period of about 20 minutes, we could tell that the objects probably weren’t stars because they were getting larger. This was somewhat unnerving. It was further unnerving when the space in-between the enlarging lights began blocking out the stars in the background.

“We decided it probably was a Top Secret Air Force vehicle of some type. Still, we weren’t sure. The vehicle had gone from half the size of the big dipper to twice its size in under a half hour and had moved from the west to the east towards the base. About the time, we could make out a silhouette or outline of the triangular vehicle, the lights, or possibly exhausts, flared brighter and vanished from the sky in an instant. This experience wasn’t my first sighting, but it was one of the few where I had a witness.”



“In the 1960’s, having completed his High School education Ed was drafted from college during the Vietnam conflict,” said journalist Andrew Johnson, “Ed  was selected for the U.S Air Force Par rescue field and then, following an injury, retrained as an electronics and cryptographic specialist. His continually growing skills and knowledge in these and other areas lead him to gain a top-secret ‘crypto’ clearance. He then spent about 20 years in the US military and another decade working for defense contractors.”

Fouche’ worked in many positions in the military, gaining many awards for brilliant work, pleasing people high in his chain of command. In the 1970’s, Fouche’ briefly worked in the Nevada Test Site of Area 51 on some advanced digital technology. He came to know many people in the U.S military that he could trust. In time, they told him of their own information on fantastic technologies and programs that they had worked on and witnessed. 

In the early 1990’s, Fourche’ worked with friends in the High Security levels to combine their knowledge of what they collectively knew to be the truth about UFOs and hidden technology; some were very sensitive documents that had had names deleted or blacked out.

“After years of careful research, interviewing, writing and preparation, Ed made his first disclosures in 1998. Fouche’ made a number of public presentations – including MUFON and IUFOC events in the USA,” said journalist Andrew Johnson. “Ed had also written down much of the information in the form of a book, also published in 1998, called ‘Alien Rapture – The Chosen’ and it used Ed’s life as a ‘canvas’ on which was ‘painted’ the information he was disclosing. Due to the legal advice he received, most of the characters and scenarios in the ‘painting’ are presented as fictional, but essentially, they are based on real people and true events. The only thing in his book that was fiction was the ‘Alien Agenda’.”




It started when some old friends of mine met in the spring of 1990 in Las Vegas,” said  Fouche’, “there were five of us then; all of us had remained close following the Vietnam War. I’ve always been the networker for my DoD, Military, and Contractor friends, so I’m the one who set up the meeting with the five.” 

Fouche’ explored his association with his friends: (*All names and identifying factors had been changed.) 

The first friend, Jerald*, was a former NSA or TREAT Team member. TREAT stands for Tactical Reconnaissance Engineering Assessment Team.

“He worked for the DOE as a National Security Investigator. That was his cover, but he really worked for the NSA. His job required him to manage a team to ‘watch employees’ with Top Secret and ‘Q’ clearances in the mid-west, at the Los Alamos, Sandia, White Sands, Nevada Test Site, and the Nellis Range, which includes Area 51. 

“Area 51 is where the most classified aerospace testing in the world takes place. You may know the base as Groom Lake Air Base, Watertown, the Ranch, or Dream-Land. He was found dead of a heart attack a year after our last meeting.

“The second friend, Sal, was a person who had worked directly for the NSA with Electronic Intelligence (E lent) and became a Defense Contractor after his retirement. 

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