Alien ET humanoids observed on planet earth daily is normal. We are all part of the cosmos connection with various levels of understanding observations and perceptions. One may want to begin waking up to the fact that everyone around you that is observed is different. Each humanoid on this planet is unique. Sure we are all in a humanoid physical body with a head, torso, and limbs and most of us may walk around like we know what we are doing here on this planet. Chances are that each person one observes has no clue what they are doing here on this planet and are here to find out what they are doing here as an alien ET in a humanoid form observing others in the same scenario.

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Being that I too am here on this planet as an alien ET humanoid I have learned about extraterrestrials that are not as normal as what we believe we know is normal inside this world we call home. There are some of us here to observe others who come and go from this planet. Some humanoids are able to cohabitate with other humanoids in a culture with traditions accepted as a normal way of life. When a humanoid does not fit into the culture to which they were born too they are considered different and treated as such. This can be disturbing to those knowing the humanoid in question as not normal to their native born culture based on location and ethnic origin on this planet. This in ways makes life a little less tolerable under what we call normal circumstances for said alien ET humanoid normally thought of as a normal person born on home planet earth.

We are just now waking up to the fact that all of us are not originally from this planet. We are now understanding that we are those who are the creations of others who were the original co-creators of our alien ET humanoid species that is just visiting planet earth for a short time as humanoid sentient intelligent beings of a known species of humanoid types of creatures. We believe that on this planet we are at the top of the food chain but in the wild with animals there are some of us who would not survive. We now have ways of knowing how to survive and it is due to our ancient alien ancestors who came before that shared clues on how to survive on this planet while we are here in body-mind-spirit form. We all know that our energy will leave our body when the physical body can no longer sustain our life in a container made for housing who we are as a humanoid. We are alien ET humanoids observed while here. Life is one big experiment we now call “The Game of Life”. Who is to say that we are only made to be born, live, and die only? What if there is more to life than we have been told in the past? What if this is only a proving ground for all alien extraterrestrials?  ©TJ Morris ACIR

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