Mars: Man’s Ultimate Hope For Life In Our Solar System Part III

This mysterious figure could be either an entity or a statue figure.

Upon considering the prospects of mankind as an imperfect and aggressive civilization facing the very real existence of extra solar life, I think the issue encompasses more than meets the eye. Our very own bloody history haunts us, it stalks our civilized intentions, and it taints our ability to effectively arrive at coexistence. Our attempts at galactic diplomacy may have already failed due the human weakness for power. Just as President Ike Eisenhower warned of the military industrial complex dictating our foreign policy so it seems we have followed suit in our attitude toward extraterrestrial life as well. When former US Representative Neil H. McElroy retired in May of 2010, he admitted that Ike had indeed met and negotiated with a civilization from another planet.

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Eisenhower era White House official admits alien existence

However, there are two very different versions of the story. McElroy claims that these aliens from another world presented no threat to us or ever will, while others state that Eisenhower negotiated out of disadvantage knowing that the Germans prior to World War II had had the same opportunity and had taken power and weaponry over peaceful coexistence with other nations. The unprecedented technological developments of the Germans seem to indicate this premise. So, in view of the Soviet threat, they say Eisenhower was compelled to do the same as the Germans did. Does this sound farfetched or beyond reason? I don’t think so given our well justified mistrust for one another on this violent planet of hatred, starvation, and oppressive government. That being said, how does this shape our policy toward Mars or any other alien world?

1947 becomes the beginning of a new awareness for mankind

Throughout the “Age of Uncertainty” since the UFO enigma became prominent after 1947, we have been forced to view ourselves as a civilization in a very different way. We have been forced to evaluate our violent past and to even expect no better or worse from any other civilization when considering our actions toward an alien life form that we might encounter. How do we know that we could possibly encounter such a scenario? Well, we have been advertising our presence ever since at least 1935 when the German government began commercial television broadcasting and, no doubt, audio visual Nazi propaganda. These transmissions would go out into space. However, the most dramatic announcement of our arrival as a technical civilization would have to have been the detonation of nuclear devices from experiments to the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Nuclear testing, both atmospheric and underground would continue for decades afterward.

Is it any surprise that since 1947 or even earlier that the governments of the world have engaged in secrecy and denial when addressing the UFO issue? Pilots have been told to remain silent. Citizens have been afraid to come forth until recently. TV broadcasters have actually participated in government sanctioned ridicule of the subject. Actual sightings have been repudiated by US armed service policy. 60 years of counter intelligence, intimidation, and secrecy have brought us to a very warped mindset when considering who we really are, what do we bring to the table, and why would any alien civilization want anything to do with us? The other major consideration as voiced by imminent astrophysicist Steven Hawking’s has been that our society would collapse once faced with superior technology that trumps our dearly held beliefs, or even worse, the aliens behave just as we have with primitive societies here on earth! We suffer the very fate we have imposed upon those weaker than ourselves even though we have inadvertently advertised our existence, our location, and our weaknesses for decades now.

Military warnngs over extraterrestrial hostility

It doesn’t help that our very own great generals of the US and Great Britain alone have expressed worry that an extraterrestrial confrontation might be the very next great conflict that would unite humanity in a common struggle, according to General Douglas MacArthur and Ronald Reagan. Even more compelling are the comments from military leaders that the actions of UFO’s time and again seem intent upon a global surveillance, testing our capabilities to defend ourselves. So, can we realistically expect anything different from our celestial counterparts?

On the question of Mars and whether or not life may exist on a primitive scale, whether it was more advanced than we are now but for some catastrophe that caused Martian extinction, or whether or not something even more sinister is going on, I have this to say.

Compelling photgraphic evidence

There are a number of very compelling photographs taken by JPL satellites that have mapped, landed, and surveyed the Martian world that seem to indicate a cosmic cover-up. One of the first findings by the Mariner flyby missions was that the Martian surface was not only pockmarked by craters, had a thin atmosphere with low pressure, little if any detectable water, and volcanic activity. It seemed that the “Red Planet” was a dead planet.

Yet, beginning with the Mariner and Viking missions, signs of life began to emerge. Subsequent JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratories) of NASA has initiated multiple programs, and maybe not all of the programs. Perhaps there are secret programs, black programs, that are just as hidden as Area 51, DUMB (Deep Underground Military Bases) and the events at Dulce, New Mexico which some have described as frightening and highly classified at the very least. \\

New Mars exploration missions uncovering important evidence

Such known JPL Martian missions as Mars Global Surveyor, Mars Pathfinder, Phoenix, Spirit and Opportunity Rovers (100,000 photos taken), Mars Odyssey, Mars Express, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, and Mars Science Laboratory have successfully arrived at and performed their intended objectives. Between these satellite probes weather, soil samples, geologic data, search for water, topographical mapping, and many other prerogatives are being pursued. Just one question. Why is there not a further quest for underground life, life that is not necessarily carbon based a search for archeological artifacts from past perhaps extinct civilizations? It seems to me that either we have arrogantly overlooked these capacities or have intentionally ignored them because of something that remains disturbingly hidden.

One planetary researcher reported that a detected geyser of gasses several miles above the Martian surface was found streaming from an opening in the Martian surface, but it was not volcanic in nature! He believed it was from an industrial source! What can we deduce from that? That there is underground activity beneath the surface of Mars?

An entity found on the surface?

January 2008 an intriguing photo from the Mars Rover “Spirit” reveals a figure apparently walking along a ridge of grayish rock jutting out from the reddish sands. Another figure which seemed to have fallen horizontally lay a short distance below. The walking figure seems perhaps to be sculpted like a statue maybe as is the prone form that lies just a few feet away, appearing like a child. The upright figure seems feminine with visibly long hair draped around the face, wearing a flowing robe. It is a truly arresting photo that enthusiasts spent 4 years enlarging from the original NASA image file. Could this be a contorted piece of rock? Upon examination it is hard to dismiss as just an outcropping of rock.

In 2006 one analyzed photo shows what appears to be a fossilized carbon life form on a boulder, a circular moss-like plant large enough to be clearly seen. Other very porous rocks appear like tumbleweeds on a jagged slope. This would point to the existence of a significant life supporting atmosphere.

Another NASA photo reveals what appear to be a couple of carved blocks of a greenish volcanic variety of rock lying in much different colored surroundings. Elsewhere are carved looking pieces of smaller rocks resembling arrowheads or tools that have been eroded but still recognizable. Many of these artifacts appear as ancient evidence of a cataclysm of immense proportions, perhaps destruction from an asteroid strike eons ago.

Structures found on Mars landscape

In one particular piece of footage taken by one of the Mars Rovers, what appears to be a building constructed of stone that has been broken by a great force is evident in the dusty landscape. Somewhat like viewing ancient Roman or Greek ruins, these structures speak to the observer from long ago of some terrible destruction that wreaked havoc over the surface of the planet, shattering everything on the topography of the Martian terrain.

A reality stranger than fiction

In Ray Bradbury’s “Martian Chronicles” he describes the last survivors of a dying race that witness the first human explorers. As time goes on and new earth space missions follow their predecessors, only spirits or Martians that have evolved beyond physical form are left to greet the pioneers from another planet. The new arrivals realize that they have now become the latest incarnation of the Martians guided by the ancient spirits of a now extinct race. Soon we will fulfill that destiny, transforming fiction into reality on the Red planet.

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