Mind Control: How Prevalent Is It?

“Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason so few engage in it.” – Henry Ford
It could be asked on why people do the things they do or just go along with the party line. Those skilled in the art of mind control or social engineering could tell us. That is if they decide to come clean on their motives. For those waking up to what’s going on around them it could be a scary thing to see what is happening in our world. But most humans seem to be content to sleep walk through life and never get out of dreamland.
Of course it is to wonder who is behind the reasons to control peoples minds and for what purposes. It’s as if those in power are scared of diverse and independent thought. Or maybe they just want to perform any number of experiments on humans to keep us in line. So out comes the drugs, TV, peer pressure, electronic devices and so on to keep as many of us as possible in a boxed in mentality. Even these positive thinking movements can be used to have people believe every piece of happy crappy from la-la land that comes down the road. Too much of this and it becomes too easy to brush off issues like poverty, unemployment and abusive situations. Then a person can go to the other extreme and get so involved with negativity they become mentality ill if not suicidal.
Even a lot of the positive thinking movements have their drawbacks. Some of it would present the Universe or God as ones own personal servant when it should be the other way around. People need to give as they want to receive, quite generously and within their means.
I’m willing to bet good money that there are those working behind the scenes, those with the real power, who have been implementing the system in Orwell’s “1984” into real life. It’s been said that Orwell wrote “1984′ not from imagination but from inside knowledge of the Global agenda. Orwell’s book is a perfect example of how lies are put forth by the powers that are and how citizens monitor each other through spying and themselves via doublethink. Any dissidents were tortured and humiliated to the point they gladly adopted the party line. I’ve wondered just how many “Ministry of Love” offices are out in the world.
I’ve noticed the last few years on how groups are demonized to the point they appear to be more dangerous than they are. It’s done to keep us in a state of fear of those considered different when in reality we have more in common no matter where we live in the world.
The difference between freedom fighters and terrorists depends on whose side you’re on. Same with gun control laws. I can see gun control laws being enforced in cities of any size where it’s necessary but not in rural areas where livestock needs to be protected from wildlife. Circumstances are different so we don’t need to be forced into group think where everyone is programmed it believing the same thing.
It appears that a lot of our “problems” are created or allowed to happen before being presented to the general population. The various outlets like the media, education system, organized religions are used to further the global agenda. The global elite produces the message that our world is no longer a safe place to be in and they are the only ones who can fix things and protect us. Welcome to the world of the “Ministry of Truth” and Big Brother who will do all your thinking for you if you let them.
It looks like a lot of our political leaders, sports figures and entertainment stars suffer from some form of messiah complex. Some say our way is the only way. Uh-huh and I have a mountain near where I live for sale. Plus I think some serious ego trimming is in store for our “heroes”. What has been filtered into our subconscious mind so we can be brainwashed more effectively?
Just where will it all stop, if it does? If doublethink can be presented to the general public as a game to be tried out, how many would use it as a form of mental gymnastics? I’ve heard of a program that involves psychosurgery for control of the global community through their mind. For those who deviate form the norm will be subjected to brain scans that will be able to read people’s intentions. It remains to be seen just ethical it is to develop the technology to scan deep enough into a person’s brain to distinguish a person’s thoughts from their intentions. To me it sounds like a highly advanced form of finding out who the “thought criminals” are. So much for personal privacy. Can we trust who is doing the probing and what they will do with with the information that is gathered?
The system we live in is highly flawed and enslaving. To effectively change it long term we need to change ourselves and start waking up. Arguing or debating anyone into the same viewpoint doesn’t work as all it does is create more hate and resentment..So this is one reason why change must begin in ones own mind and heart.
Once one starts on this path of life, they probably will get a lot of questioning and second guessing form peers, family and friends. Just think of all the programming everyone has gone through since birth that keeps them from breaking out from the matrix like atmosphere. If one wants to break out of this system they have to be very strong and patient with themselves. Reality exists outside of this matrix world that has been set up by the powers that are.
Waking up to what is really going on takes time and comes in stages. So it will take longer than a day to do it all. I can imagine it’s worth it all.
Ron Murdock
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