More UFO Activity Around Nelson, B.C.

At the end of August I wrote an article for UFO Digest on UFO activity over the skies of Nelson, B.C. I received an email from a resident in Balfour saying he had seen the same lighted aircraft I had observed on a similar flight path. Balfour is about a half hour drive east of Nelson. What some of us thought is that this craft is a drone operated by someone directing it from ground level via computer and is on the look out for marijuana grow-ops or other illegal activity. Similar sightings have occurred 12 miles east of Nelson. It’s been mentioned that whoever is behind the UFO activity here in the West Kootenays knows who is keeping an eye on the situation among the general population. But I can’t see why they would be concerned about this.

I was talking to a former co-worker and they told me some of the unusual activity around Nelson. One was an aircraft that was buzzing around a couples house one morning around 3 a.m. They were too scared to get up out of bed and look at what was making the noise. The same person relayed a number of sightings of a slender cigar shaped craft that makes the rounds between Nelson and one of the dams west of here. Most observations of this craft is on foggy mornings at around 5 a.m.

A friend of mine has a picture of three orbs in the sky that are of fair size. He has the photo on his cell phone. It was sent to him by a gal pal of his who took the photo somewhere between Nelson and Balfour. She was on the North Shore looking south when she took the photograph of the three objects. The middle object had a slight bulge on its top right, while the one on the right had a bulge on its right side.

The spraying of chem trails seem to be making a comeback in the Nelson area. They were a common occurrence up until two years ago before dying off. Just recently over early fall I’ve noticed a number of chem trails over Nelson. It’s been said that it is to combat pine beetles but there hasn’t been an outbreak in the West Kootenays for two years. I do ask what are the true effects of chem trails on the environment and on a persons health.

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