More UFO Activity Over The Night Sky Of Nelson

I was coming home one evening in late January after a dinner out. It was a clear evening in Nelson, the first one in weeks. The moon was near its last quarter phase, on each side of it was a planet. One was Venus, the other was too bright to be Jupiter nor did it have the reddish tinge of Mars. Between the moon and the planet to the left of it I noticed another steady light. It was much fainter than the other two planets. Using overhead wires as a point of reference I kept an eye on the third light. It coasted lazily in the sky before fading into the blackness of deep space.
A woman I know told me that about 10 days prior to my sighting she was outside watching Orion The Hunter. A UFO flew adjacent to Orions belt buckle. Once this UFO was in the area of the middle star it abruptly changed direction and flew back in the way it had come from.
Back in 1991 I was watching an episode of Unsolved Mysteries. One of the segements featured a woman who had several pictures of lighted objects she claimed to be UFOs. These photos were taken from where she lived in Richmond in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Since I’m from Burnaby, just across the north arm of the Fraser River from Richmond, I was waiting for the punch line. It didn’t come. Nothing was mentioned of flights in and out of the Vancouver International Airport fly right over Richmond and the womans house.
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