Photo taken by Colonel X prior to his retirement from Dulce Faclity.

In this final installment over the long history and saga of the Dulce Facility and the Archuletta Mesa we will explore what we know, theories about what we suspect, and the transformation of this underground installation that has occurred over the decades. We will discuss a dissection of the facility as well as the more exotic technology of the Greys who have occupied the subterranean environment for perhaps centuries prior to human interaction at the facility.

UFO Highway

According to author Anthony Sanchez of the book “UFO Highway” his primary source of revealing information, the anonymous Colonel X made some final disclosures about the Rio Arriba Aux, as it was known in many military circles, at the end of his lengthy interview. The colonel was retired from duty and his position at the Dulce Facility in 1983, but not before he waited until the inactive hour of 2:00 AM to take some photos of the underground complex that would, no doubt, be forbidden intelligence information. Using a Polaroid fixed focus black and white camera. Waiting until activity within the secret underground facility was at a minimum, the colonel snapped photos of a number of different aspects of the secretive complex.

Risky evidence

Taking photographic images of the long lighted TA-D1 underground tunnels, of the Grey human access panel, and the TA-D1 Hangar, Colonel X somehow managed to transfer from the Dulce Facility in possession of these essential pieces of visual evidence.  These are functional installations within the underground Archuletta Mesa complex essential to transport and communication links between human and Gray cooperatives who dwell and work in the 7 level subterranean base that lies hidden deep beneath the New Mexico geological landscaape.

Shifting directive

It is important for us to understand the transformation of the Dulce Facility from its originally intended purpose to its present incarnation, yet including some horrific developments that have plagued this facility and the uneasy alliance that still exists between the US government and the inhabitants who continue to exercise their own dynamic that continues to exceed the technical capabilities of mankind. You must realize the extent of change that continues to evolve between man and his cooperative arrangement with this enigmatic race that was created as a servant caste that now competes with their former creators who were forced to cross breed with Homo Sapiens to perpetuate their race.

Newly assigned mission

We know that the original intention for the Dulce underground facility was to be used as a weaponization installation that would implement the findings of the Manhattan Project. This original plan was transferred to the Los Alamos laboratories while Dulce was issued a new directive. Once the Muroc Expedition had explored, discovered, and penetrated the underground formations of the Archuletta Mesa. After the bloody skirmish encountered by the Muroc Expedition and their withdrawal, rather than carry through with a more heavily armed detachment that would mop up what was left of the badly mauled surviving inhabitants, the mission was re-designated under orders from high command.

Unorthodox Joint venture

The Dulce Facility would now become a joint operation based upon the mutually shared militarized development of technological advancement with a conditional agreement. This was the first human and extraterrestrial diplomatic venture based upon mutual interests. The Greys wanted to continue to survive in order to perpetuate themselves and their existence on earth in exchange for the mutually agreed disclosure of their technology for the privilege of co-existence with their more primitive counterparts-mankind. In exchange for some concessions by the existing American administration, a treaty was developed that would constitute forbidden knowledge for decades.

A revolt among ranks

As a literal uprising emerged between the older generation of Greys and their younger more rebellious descendants, a question of loyalty became an issue between those who had forged an agreement with the humans, and those who chose to reject that alliance. This rebellious faction of Greys were responsible for the underground battle that had occurred when Phil Schneider and elements of US forces engaged these new Grey rebels in 1979, who inflicted grievous casualties upon US Special Forces and civilian defense contractors deep beneath the surface in close proximity to the Dulce Facility.

Today, as per the last information gleaned from Colonel X, a certain configuration has been defined in establishing the current arrangement between US government and the inhabitants who remain entrenched deep in the lower corridors of the Archuletta Mesa. The upper four levels are now allowed for the control of and habitation of totally human technological and experimental operations. The lower levels involve gene splicing and interbreeding research being pursued by the Greys and being shared on a limited basis with their human counterparts.

Forbidden levels

 The last 2 levels of the deepest corridors are allegedly occupied only by the Greys, and it is questionable whether any human has been to this deepest extreme of the Archuletta underground formation, and if they have, they were probably not allowed to live as the one unfortunate soldier of the Muroc Expedition had found out when he had stumbled upon the inhabitants who had grabbed him once they had discovered his presence and then had pursued his buddy all the way to a full-fledged fire fight with the main body of the US expeditionary force on the upper most levels that was fought back in 1940. Since that time, under a mutual agreement, human access to the lower levels was extremely limited.

There are all kinds of horror stories that have emerged from the Dulce area from cattle mutilations to out-right abductions and disappearances of human residents of the region to monstrous genetic experimentation of cross species between animals, man, and the alien genome that are the stuff of tabloid rumors and the fabricated lore of hoaxes and opportunistic hacks. According to author Anthony Sanchez, one particular tabloid, Weekly World, that shows the disturbing half human half alligator freak beast, was not based upon fabrication. It was a true product of the Dulce Facility genetic experimentation level that had produced it! Luckily Counter Intelligence operatives presented it as the work of sensationalized tabloid fiction.

Negotiated peril

Through the diplomatic agreement between the US government at the time and the inhabitants, by the late 1950’s through the Eisenhower administration, a limited arrangement was agreed upon that allowed a certain number of human abductions provided that these abductees were returned to their homes, and the unrestricted abduction and mutilation of cattle, a revision was forged. Yet, as time went on, it was quite apparent that violations of the terms of that agreement had been reported. In fact, there was little that the Eisenhower White House could do as humans were still at a technical disadvantage, and did not want to lose the exchange of instrumentality that the US was profiting from even if it meant that some innocents would suffer. This is a hideous aspect of this unholy  alliance that existed at the time. With the advent of the hostile Greys who refused cooperation with humans that were now increasing the stakes and challenging the American military for superiority.

A secret assault

During the 1960’s a wave of incredible abductions that involved policemen, mutilations involving US servicemen and pilots, civilians, and the widespread mutilations of bovine livestock began to surface. The story of a US soldier having been mutilated and killed near White Sands proving grounds while his commanding officer watched, Police Sergeant, Herbert Schirmer reports missing time after witnessing UFO sighting in 1967, the multi-state cattle mutilations, along with the infamous Betty and Barney Hill kidnapping in 1962, the breach of air space over several prominent SAC missile bases through out the US, had all  set the stage of the increasing pressure being exerted by the hostile Greys, who showed little respect for a mutual diplomatic agreement of co-existence. The Air Force officer who watched his subordinate mutilated and killed near White Sands Missile Range was actually put on trial over suspicion of murdering the soldier, but was acquitted. An understandable amount of denial and frustration ran through the ranks of the US armed forces as US installations were breached by UFO incursions.

Implications of unknown technology

This was not the only thing going on in the vast grid of interconnecting corridors beneath Archuletta Mesa. The Greys were continuing their developments of spacecraft using physics that have been yet to be addressed by human scientists. Having interplanetary vessels capable of warping time and space around them as they idled their operating systems and then launched into their intended propulsion envelope emitted effects that were measured by the human occupants of the Dulce facility in terms of instrument readings as well as disruptions to the equipment of the human research staff there. It was unclear if authorities had entertained the idea of utilizing powerful targeting radar to resume its role in disrupting alien atmospheric vehicles. Yet, it is apparent that the hostile Greys learned to counteract the destructive effects of radar beams being directed at flying saucers while under in-flight conditions.

Another technical threat

This was not the only concern of military leadership of the era to have to deal with when it came to the emerging aggression of the rebellious Greys who had adopted a hostile policy toward humans. It was discovered by the US contractors and scientific consultants who had determined that the Greys were conducting even more advanced research. Apparently the extraterrestrial servant class had developed a tractor beam, a way of using directed energy beams to retrieve or pull subjects into their atmospheric crafts! This was how many of the cattle that had been mutilated had been apparently lifted, incised, and then dropped to the ground leading investigators to theorize that mutilations were conducted while airborne until the procedure was completed than ditching the carcasses at altitude!  This was determined by the extent of the injuries observed during autopsies performed by veterinarians.This crude and ambivalent conduct greatly concerned military command in ascertaining to just what degree of hostility that their Grey adversaries were capable of.

Unsuspecting victims

It must be noted that as the vast majority of the American public went about their business unaware of the nocturnal, alien threat that loomed from above that would inevitably harvest some of them along with livestock. The US government allowed the disappearances, mutilations, and the memory erasing victimization of abductees and others of the unsuspecting to occur. This they did while they disavowed any knowledge of the atrocities and even ridiculed witnesses while the news media, under US government pressure, marginalized those people making UFO sighting reports, and implied that these witnesses were pranksters or mentally unstable. This was the multi-pronged threat that loomed over the American public as our government condoned and hid the true danger facing US citizens in rural or urban environments.

A new era of investigators

As Colonel X went about his retirement from active duty and returned to civilian academic life after 1983 a new generation of UFO investigators embarked upon the scene as they pursued the enigmatic mystery of mutilations and abductions. Linda Moulton Howe would achieve national recognition in her ground breaking findings involving the massive cattle mutilations that were being minimally acknowledged by authorities. She appeared in HBO’s America Underground and wrote the first of many of her books, “An Alien Harvest”. Norio Hayakawa would lead a courageous and confrontational investigative effort into the events in Dulce, New Mexico as well as Area 51 in Nevada, another deep underground military facility that was not supposed to officially exist until recently acknowledged by the federal government.

Those pushing the boundaries of the unknown

With other whistle blowers such as “Robert Lazar” whom Norio Hayakawa acknowledged as a worthy witness while critics attempted to discredit him over his revelations on Area 51, and the investigative  files of former State Trooper Gabe Valdez, who conducted detailed mutilation investigations in the Dulce vicinity for decades, we are gaining ground but still groping for answers to this day. Author Anthony Sanchez goes on to elaborate on his report on the implications UFO influence over religious texts and how this esoteric influence might explain the supposed ancient voices of God to cryptic cultures.

We are indebted to the efforts of those such as Stanton Friedman, Charles Berlitz, John A. Keel, Linda Moulton Howe, Norio Hayakawa, Bud Hopkins, Leonard Stringfield, Anthony Sanchez, and so many more who have ventured into the darkened waters of forbidden knowledge and suspicion to help all of us understand an enduring enigma. Some brave investigators have died in pursuit of the truth behind UFO’s such as Frank Edwards, Edward J. Ruppelt, Karla Turner, Phil Schneider, Ivan T. Sanderson, Doctor James McDonald, and many others whose suspect deaths simply do not fall into the normal statistical realm of actuarial charts used by insurance companies to establish risk and liability assessment according to age and other factors.

Those who dare

When we open the ethereal door to the unknown and dare to confront an enduring mystery that carries with it secrecy, official denial, and other covert threats it takes a uniquely gifted and brave individual willing to put oneself on the line and take on the pervading air of the mystical realm that eludes our normal sensibilities and presents us with a whole new set of uncertainties that force us to question the reality we have always taken for granted. I salute these pioneers in human understanding who assist all of us in the pursuit of truth!

Until our next safari into the darkest regions of the unknown, remember to take a deep breath and relax.





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