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In our last segment of a remarkable journey taking us back to the darkest moments of unofficial history where government policy was forged from mysterious and critical hidden knowledge that shaped our society in many unseen ways, more facts are unearthed. In the wake of a ferocious firefight waged by the non-human underground inhabitants of the Archuletta Mesa and elements of the 1940 Army Air Corps Muroc Expedition, a new approach was adopted.

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Rethinking the results of the Muroc Expedition

After withdrawing from the Dulce Facility as many would later call it, an analysis of the artifacts began. Instrumentation was back engineered, the motives of the inhabitants was rethought, and the metal tablets containing a highly sophisticated type of cuneiform language that had been imprinted into the metal surface  was subjected to intense efforts at de-encryption. A little known Army agency specializing in decoding began work on the unorthodox metal tablets of the inhabitants.

Two departments same task different adversaries

Just as in the US Navy’s little know decryption department that was famously responsible for decoding the secret communication codes of the Japanese Navy in World War II which led to a savage vengeance by US aviators who intercepted a flight containing Admiral Yamamoto in 1943, the architect of the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. After a brief dogfight with his escort formation he was shot down and died in a flaming crash thanks to American pilots in their P-38 Lightnings. The Naval decoders went on to undermine the plans of the Japanese Imperial Navy through-out the bitterly fought Pacific theater. The secret Army decryption agency did much the same type of work, but was not officially acknowledged for the crucial decoding that they were tasked with over the recovered metallic tablets removed from the subterranean caverns within Archuletta Mesa.

Glory was denied the Army’s special decoding corps who continued working to establish an understanding of the alien language that had been recorded on those enigmatic metal tablets found along the underground caverns near Dulce. Now a differing train of thought now coursed through the minds of American military leaders privy to the results of the Muroc Expedition. As opposed to forming a more lethal expedition to finish wiping out the remaining inhabitants living deep within the Archuletta Mesa, analysts were planning something of a completely new mindset as results form back engineering the weaponry and instrumentality of the inhabitants began to produce intriguing results.

Change of directives

No longer was the intention of establishing an underground nuclear facility tasked with weaponizing atomic research the ultimate objective. Now a new prerogative was established. That was to communicate with the inhabitants if possible and establish a beneficial link with them that could enable the US military to continue to develop a technological edge over its enemies in the world. This little known motive now became a driving force when another expedition was planned two years later to make contact rather than wipe out the enigmatic subterranean dwellers who had originated fantastic technical capabilities that appealed to an ambitious US armed forces command that sought superiority over its foes.

Removing traces of a hidden operation

As for the soldiers who had been involved in the intense conditions within the underground caverns in Archuletta Mesa and had experienced the fierce subterranean firefight with non-humans, had been subjected to the unearthly psychological warfare, and had seen the hardware from an origin not of this earth-they were debriefed. Those who had suffered extreme mental duress were institutionalized at a brand new hospital recently staffed with specialized personnel. That was Bethesda Naval Medical Center. Some questioned the wisdom of having Army personnel stationed there, but it was soon apparent that Bethesda was not a normal type of infirmary. It had been designed for new challenges.

Those soldiers that were willing to continue with their careers were reassigned while those who had expressed resentment and a disregard for the oath of secrecy placed upon them were charged with insubordination and imprisoned in a naval prison. Once again compartmentalization effectively reduced the odds of the secret at Archuletta Mesa from escaping to the American public. Secrecy, once again, had been maintained as plans moved forward.

A DMZ in the middle of the US?

Few are aware that shortly after the deadly firefight and withdrawal of the Muroc Expedition, a demilitarized zone was established at the location of the Archuletta Mesa. Unlike the DMZ that existed between North Korea and South Korea or in Vietnam, this DMZ was established right in the heart of the domestic zone interior of the American Southwest under the very nose of the public in the midst of a brewing world war as our government scrambled to manage and fund a war effort aimed at two different theaters of global conflict. As Author of UFO Highway, Anthony Sanchez made clear, perhaps the most secret operation so far in US history, maybe in the history of mankind, was being actively conducted near Dulce New, Mexico from 1940 on.

Establishment of classified infrastructure

As is the nature of an ongoing secret military deployment or domestic operation, the use of the CIC (counter intelligence corps) as well as specialized and little known units such as the DSD-3 who have acquired such legendary nicknames by their contemporaries as “Spooks” or “Spook units” who are part of a deeper and darker intelligence and security classification than even the CIA form out of necessity. All of these covert operations units would interface to one degree or another as the final incarnation of the Dulce underground mission unfolded.

It is noteworthy for us to look back in history at the role played by Bethesda Naval hospital, a seemingly conventional facility, which in reality, was anything but. Yes, many well-known Presidents such as Eisenhower and Truman would be treated there, but this was a psychological treatment facility, highly specialized for the use of DOD (Defense Department) casualties and victims of lesser known classified operations who could not be allowed normal public access due to what they had seen, heard, or experienced. A type of medicinal communicado was established there to minimize damaging leaks by mentally unstable individuals involved in highly sensitive operations.

Suicide or assassination?

In the John A. Keel book “Operation Trojan Horse” we are reminded that some of our most important leaders have fallen victim to the pressures of what they knew to the point of irrationality. Secretary of State, James Forrestal, who had endured a stressful 5 years of conflict during World War II was apparently pushed to the breaking point after the Roswell Incident, according to John Keel, who reported that Forrestal ran through the floors of the White House screaming that, “ we’re being invaded by flying saucers!” Secretary of State, James Forrestal was later hospitalized at Bethesda, supposedly while recuperating from severe depression, jumped to his death from a window in the upper stories. One of our top political leaders left unattended to the point of committing suicide? Not likely. Apparently Bethesda served another purpose, and that was to isolate high risk officials who would leak important intelligence.

Two secret departments dealing with the same thing

Just as the US Navy’s decryption group had succeeded in breaking the Japanese Imperial Navy operational codes, the US Army’s own specialized decoding arm too had begun to break down a language interpretation that established clues about who these inhabitants really were, where they actually were from, and what their present operation was here on earth at this time. Now the DOD could establish a game plan. An undisclosed Brigadier General had been assigned to this project by now according to the anonymous Colonel whom Author, Anthony Sanchez had been interviewing. Now a clear agenda was being materialized by US high command as this highly classified project was planned.

Emergence of a new plan

Another very carefully guarded operation was being simultaneously conducted at Los Alamos, New Mexico as once again select individuals were being accumulated through a secret personnel pool of hand-picked specialists, scientists, and contactors for the nuclear research that was being conducted there. A conventional bomb that could release a thermo nuclear reaction that would result in an atomic explosion would be undertaken at Los Alamos, but after the strange developments at Dulce, a new and highly reformed operation would replace original intent. Los Alamos would now handle conventional weaponization of the findings from the Manhattan Project, but a new mission would evolve out of the Archuletta Mesa underground complex.

We shall explore the shocking implications of whom and what the US military was dealing with from 1940 on near Dulce as World War II raged.

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