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The exchange of alien technology

After the 1940 Muroc Expedition who had engaged in a vicious firefight with the inhabitants after the removal of artifacts and instrumentality belonging to an extraterrestrial source, major policy changes were adopted. After the special-forces group who had arrived from Edwards AFB to establish a site for a secret base withdrew in lieu of returning with a more heavily armed unit. Plans to wipe out the remaining inhabitants had been thrown out in favor of an unprecedented approach. A diplomatic solution was adopted instead. The treasure trove of technology that had been recovered from the underground complex of Archuletta Mesa was simply too promising to jeopardize.

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Original source of accelerated technical advancement

Thanks to Author Anthony Sanchez we have clarification of just how the human race was so rapidly thrust into a high tech status in such a short span of time. Whereas many of us may have attributed the first alien technology to the acts of General Nathan F. Twining, who had taken recovered artifacts from the Roswell crash in 1947 and placed them under the control of the Foreign Technology Division which effectively hid these highly prized items under the nose of not only the public and media, but also from the prying eyes of other armed forces agencies competing for the back engineered results of these intriguing artifacts. However, little known was the fact that some of the first back engineered alien technology was derived from the Dulce Facility in 1940.

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Effective decoding by US Army

Once the metal tablets had been deciphered by US Army intelligence and high command knew more about the inhabitants, a strategy for contact was developed. This strategy would hinge upon peaceful negotiations and leverage because the US armed forces had gained the upper hand for 2 reasons. 1) There were very few of the inhabitants and they could be contained very easily where they were. 2) A succession of UFO crash recoveries in the coming months had revealed the source of those crashes. The powerful new generation of targeting radars such as at the El Vado site had inadvertently knocked down flying saucers, and could now be used as a weapon against them if policy deemed it necessary.

Within one swift transformation of events, humankind had gained the upper hand though we were still at a technological disadvantage. All this information came from Colonel X, the retired officer who had agreed to do a revealing interview with Author Anthony Sanchez to expose the events at Dulce and Archuletta Mesa. Though these events had occurred some thirty years before the Colonel had gotten access to them through an official release of the files directly to him shortly before he was deployed to the Archuletta underground complex, they had been effectively covered up for decades without being revealed.

A number of disturbing events would transpire during the exploits of Colonel X as he was actively placed on the roster of personnel deployed at the Dulce facility. In 1979 shortly after the deadly firefight with hostile Greys that had killed over 70 US black ops security officers, Green Beret, and US Air Force personnel even contacting specialists such as Phil Schneider who was severely wounded in the skirmish, Colonel X was ordered to conduct debriefing of those who had survived. Being that Colonel X was a psychological specialist, this assignment was right up his alley. In the 48 hours that elapsed after the deadly battle and alert that had been placed upon Dulce, the Colonel interviewed those who had been in the midst of the firefight to describe the event as well as the effects it was having upon those who had witnessed the struggle.

Unlikely alliance

It is amazing to think that during the battle that had killed many US special-forces officers Colonel X had been on routine duty underground at the Dulce facility unaware until alerted to the fact that the conflict had occurred. How could this have happened? According to Colonel X there were 2 factions of the inhabitants. One group of Greys had formed a cooperative agreement with humans and had demonstrated their loyalty when several of them had actually fought the inhabitants that had attacked Phil Schneider and the staff who had drilled into a new pocket of underground inhabitants who were hostile.

Colonel X tells the intriguing story of being taken into the confidence of one of the long time Dulce Facility officers who had an excellent working knowledge of not only the facility but the inhabitants who now peacefully coexisted with their human counterparts. Whereas the US Army and joint agencies were allowed to use the upper caverns of the Archuletta Mesa subterranean complex, the lower extremities where the two soldiers had wandered in 1940 were to remain in the possession of the inhabitants solely, with access only allowed upon request. One day Colonel found himself on an unexpected guided tour of that forbidden area, and was astonished at what he found!

Forbidden knowledge from deep within Archuletta Mesa

At first, when the officer led the Colonel through a passage way that led to the forbidden lower levels there was a great amount of heat at the entrance, but he was reassured it would not be so bad once they descended deeper into the normally off-limits area. The lighting was different. A sort of overhead neon lavender colored light source was used. He was led to a specific room. He was told to remain calm and to have his inner thoughts collected in the presence of the inhabitants. Suddenly, after standing alone in the room waiting he was suddenly confronted by a Grey. Around four feet tall, wearing a white lab coat with an IBM emblem on it, the Colonel could not help but being stunned by the irony of the situation. The Greys used a wireless keypad that translated language and made it possible for them to communicate to humans even on a vocalzed level through the wireless device that even reproduced life-like voice inflections that expressed emotion. As the colonel and the Dulce facility officer chatted he noticed that the Grey remained very busy using every moment of its time to be productive while multitasking. They supposedly had greater brain capacity than mankind possessed. To his astonishment, the Colonel was welcomed by the Grey technician as part of the team.

So, how could a deadly firefight have broken out between the inhabitants and US special-forces and engineering contactors in 1979? The colonel explained to author, Anthony Sanchez that a kind of internal war had broken out between elements of the Greys themselves, the more highly evolved species that accompanied them, and those who had revolted. This civil war between alien factions who had once been part of the same effort had resulted in a hostile segment of Greys that were in direct conflict with humans as well as the inhabitants that had once been on their side. However, the Colonel had stated that the Dulce Facility that there was no doubt among US Army command that the Greys they worked with there were trustworthy.

Events that led to a deadly battle

Those who had revolted were those that Schneider and his people had fought deep underground near Dulce. The entire conflict began after probing holes had been drilled to establish the composition of underground rock strata formations in order to establish the best method of excavation. When soot began pouring out of those drilled tunnels, Phil Schneider in a protective suit, mask, and a sidearm was lowered down by basket to see what w as going on. When he spotted the rogue Greys who had begun to attack, Phil drew his hand gun and shot 2 of the entities to death but another who was taller and had no apparent weapon simply passed its hands in front of itself. Schneider said he was hit by something like a lightning bolt that opened up his abdomen, sheared off fingers on one of his hands, and severely burned one of his legs. Phil was knocked backwards where he fell sure that he would die.

If not for the heroic actions of a Green Beret soldier, according to Schneider, who picked him up into a seated position and operated the basket control to raise back upward to the surface, Phil knew he would have died right then and there. Sadly that brave soldier was killed after sending Phil’s basket back to the surface. Acting as a whistle blower for some time later Phil Schneider’s lectures gave people the first uncovered facts that surrounded secret underground bases that already existed in many unsuspected locations within the US. However, the cost of the truth is sometimes a high price to pay. In 1996, Schneider was murdered in his apartment.

A book draws ridicule

When Philip J. Corso, a former Army intelligence Captain who served in World War II in Europe before experiencing his extraterrestrial awakening as he was stationed at Ft. Riley in Kansas in 1947, would release a book, “The Day After Roswell”. In that book Philip J. Corso speaks of how alien technology recovered from the Roswell crash played a crucial role in launching mankind into digital technology, integrated circuits, fiber optics, along with pilot and aircraft interface. Under the direction of his superior, General Trudeau, Corso became the go between for US defense contractors who back engineered the Roswell artifacts into human technology. Such useful applications as night vision and even powerful lasers were attributed by Corso to what he delivered to our defense contractors to put into a workable apparatus for the military.

Philip J. Corso, however came under fire. Such UFO authorities as Stanton Friedman ridiculed Corso saying that it was human ingenuity and university research groups who had devised these innovations. According to Anthony Sanchez, Colonel X acknowledges Philip J. Corso’s name appearing on one document after another under the task of conveying the secret technology to the military industrial complex for practical application to US military usage.

Former professor who served at Bell Northern Labs weighs in

I personally, can also vouch for a certain amount of corroboration to this end as my brother once graduated from a 2 year video technical school whose professor had served in Bell Northern labs for 50 years. This American laboratory owned by Bell Telephone was the originator of all inventions of telephony for decades and electronics, but the professor was troubled, according to him the sudden development of integrated circuitry, fiber optics, lasers, and digital technology was decades off, and mankind’s best efforts were not taking America or the world in the proper direction that had suddenly been exploited and brought to fruition. In his 50 years as a researcher he had not seen anything so revolutionary materialize with such speed and purpose. He was convinced that this was an example of the impact of alien technology being conveyed to human industry.

How the military disavows knowledge to maintain secrecy

Corso spoke of Project Horizon, a supposed early endeavor to inhabit the moon by the US Army in 1960 predating the Apollo Project as the Mercury program was just getting off the ground. Sanchez claims that Colonel X was briefed on Project Horizon and that Corso had also played a part in that prgram as an actual attempt to recover alien artifacts from the lunar surface as US astronauts had already seen such evidence and installations as they orbited the moon. According to Corso, Project Horizon had been characterized by the Army as being a proposed program that had never gotten off the ground and had been beyond the technical grasp of the US at the time, but the truth is that it had definitely been implemented. Philip J. Corso did reveal, however, that Horizon had actually been proposed to maintain a military presence on the moon in order to discourage aliens from using the lunar surface a s a staging area for operations on earth.

Space makes it necessary to reveal more in Part VIII as more illuminating and sinister findings emerge.


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