Music can and is one of the best things that humanity has come out with. Good music uplifts and stirs the soul. Like beauty is to the eye of the beholder, music is the same to the ears. But like anything else in life there is a dark side to the music industry. In the last few years the envelop is being pushed to the point that’s ready to fall off the table. An example is rock music. What is regarded as wild in the 50’s and 60’s is pretty tame by today’s standards.
I say the music industry has changed slowly over a long period of time and in a deliberate manner. This is so that changes aren’t noticed right off the bat. No longer do I look at music as entertainment but as another mass marketing tool. I do like listening to the radio for what is going on in the community, radio talk shows or shows like “The Shadow”. But if I find myself using the radio as background noise, I get up and turn it off as it becomes a distraction. Silence doesn’t bother me in the least. Hearing but no listening is leaving  your subconscious open to information that has possible negative side effects.
A lot of music today reminds me a lot of the fast food industry. Lots of fill but little in the way of quality value. A number of these so call musicians are living proof that there’s not much depth in parts of the music field. Justin Bieber is trying to prove that bad publicity is better than no publicity. He is doing his best here to prove it but we have to remember how the media stretches the truth. Britney Spears once spoke about the sanctity of marriage and remaining a virgin until then. But on stage Spears acts and dresses like a cave woman in heat. Madonna is another one who pushes sexual boundaries to the limit. I hope, they probably don’t, act like that in their personal life.
The music field resembles the pro wrestling circuit in that so much is done according to the script. Musicians are little more than commodities to be exploited by corporations. So much for being rebels with a cause that fought the system and won. Record companies can easily control on who gets successful, so making or breaking a career is in their hands as musicians need to get their product known.
I know subliminal messages are used in recordings to some degree. Back in the 80’s two of us played “Another One Bites The Dust” by  Queen. We did hear the line “smoking marijuana is fun” twice. Bass volume when turned so loud eliminates all audio competition and is very hypnotic, especially in establishments where booze is served. Commercialized sex is extensively used in live concerts, music videos and magazine covers. It’s as if the dark forces are indoctrinating citizens in a global experiment of some kind. I wonder what this kind of continual mass exposure does to people on a long and short term basis. It might not have to be so subliminal after all, we just need to wake up and pay attention to what is going on around us.
I can’t see how much the forces of darkness have eroded our way of life but it sure does have a firm grip on religion, politics, entertainment, large media outlets and the fashion industry. I was told several years ago that the Rolling Stones sold their souls to the Devil to make it big in rock and roll. This could be a contrive story to enhance their image as rock and roll bad guys. It has been said that Jimmy Page used occult practices to augment his musical ability but it could have been no more than a hobby of his. Other musicians have been rumoured to be mixed up with the occult to some degree but is it used as a gimmick for career advancement or did they actually sell out to dark entities for material gain?
It’s not going into the rabbit hole that is a concern these day but what if coming out it that is.

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