My Take On A Few Conspiracy Theories

I like keeping track of the conspiracy theories making the rounds. Some are entertaining, others are work of a delusional mindset. I’ve found a few conspriacy theories stretch the imagination and truth to the breaking point. So I would suggest some more research needs to be done to make the claims more credible.. There are conspiracy theories that are a lot closer to the truth than the official versions that authourities would have us believe. An example is the JFK assassination. How many of us believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was the only gunman who pulled the trigger?
Regarding NASA faking the moon landing, I do have one question that no one I asked has been able to answer. When Neil Armstrong first stepped on the moon, the camera that took Armstrong’s picture was away from the craft. Was the camera attached to the craft somehow? If not, who snapped the photo?
With the diseases that have been spreading thoughout the world, I have to wonder how many of them are natural occurrences or man made. This isn’t to belittle the effects these have on people but are there doctors or scientists creating things like the various HIV strains to thin out the groups they want to get rid off? These doctors and scientists need to be reminded that all diseases are equal opportunity illnesses as they will infect anyone regardless of their sexual, social, politicial or religious persuasion.
I remember back in the late 60’s there was a lot of media hype about the alleged death of Paul McCartney. A Vancouver rock station provided detailed reports on his “death”. Even as a 11 year old lad I had doubts about McCartneys passing. One teacher I had told the class that the reason for Paul’s death was that the Rolling Stones had been caught up to and surpassed the Beatles in popularity and record sales. I think this was a far fetched reason and a bit drastic to start death rumours just to keep pace with your main competitors at the time. Like the rumours that Mark Twain had died, I think talk of McCartneys death were greatly exaggerated.
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