Mysterious phenomena are all around us, and within us

Millions of people around the world are interested in unusual topics.

These subjects include UFOs, crop circles, ESP and “remote viewing,” near-death experiences (NDE) and life-after-death concepts and similar kinds of topics.

In some cases, modern science is starting to understand many of these phenomena.

Emerging understanding of physics explains the possible operation of some of these things. They may just reflect how the universe works, how Nature works.

Even our military and intelligence communities have investigated these subjects. The Army, CIA and Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) have been involved in ESP and remote viewing for decades.

Communication with other species and understanding the intelligence of other species is also an area of interest.

The Navy has been conducting a wide range of research and operations with dolphins and other marine mammals, as part of the Marine Mammal Program, based in San Diego. This effort, too, has been ongoing for decades.

Humans are a curious bunch. We puzzle over our place in Nature and the universe. We strive to understand our Earth and the creatures and life upon it.

The human mind and human psychology, of course, are subjects of great interest. In many ways, understanding in this area is key to unlocking many other mysteries.

What is the human brain and mind capable of? And what of the human heart and the human capacity for love and compassion? How are we different from and similar to the dolphins and other species?

Why have humans developed the way we have? Human consciousness, the human mind and the human heart are also mysterious phenomena in their own ways.

Is there a “collective consciousness” or a “zero-point” phenomena that we can tap into by going within ourselves?

Meditation, yoga, consciousness research, even the use of psychoactive plants, cacti and mushrooms have been explored by researchers and the general public.

What happens when people meditate and get into a so-called “altered consciousness?” How does prayer work?

What do Native American Indians experience when they use the peyote cactus in spiritual ceremonies? (Their use this cactus for spiritual purposes is legal for members of the Native American Church under federal law.) Does this make them feel closer to the “Great Spirit?”

What is the attraction of marijuana (cannabis) for so many people?

Another area of interest is ancient human history. There has been great fascination with the story of Atlantis and other possible “lost civilizations.”

Anthropologists have uncovered the remnants of great cities in the Americas. The pyramids of Egypt also seem to continue to hold secrets.

Was there a “pole shift” thousands of years ago when the Earth´s crust moved, and temperate areas of the Earth became frozen while the ice on the previous poles melted, creating Noah’s flood?

We wonder about the stars in the night sky and if there are intelligent beings out there. The many, many reports from credible witnesses about UFOs and “visitors” are fascinating to people around the world.

Have people really been abducted?

The Air Force, NASA, the military and our intelligence agencies have looked into this. What have they found?

Some say we are getting ready for further understanding of this phenomena. A new term, “exopolitics,” has been adopted, referring to diplomatic and cultural relations between humans and beings from other worlds.

People ask how these kinds of mysteries and unknowns fit into our ideas of God, “The Force,” the “Great Spirit” or whatever name we use for a higher being.

Is there a Heaven? Have our loved ones who’ve passed on gone there? If so, what is it like? Do they look down on us, help keep us safe and whisper in our ears while we sleep? Will they greet us when we, too, pass on to Heaven? And, could Heaven and Earth ever be joined in a more harmonious way?

Many questions. Good questions.

And the interest people have in finding answers seems universal. In every human culture and society, past and present, it seems there is a common interest in pursuing answers about our world and about ourselves.

Maybe these are the kinds of things that can bring the world together.

Maybe interest in unconventional subjects and mysteries can help the human race get to the next level in our development.

And many people wonder what is truly possible for the human race. Can we make a breakthrough that will truly represent a miracle for our species?

That is something to think about all right, something to meditate on, something to pray about maybe.


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