Recent at Interview: Nancy Garcia, Paul Dale Roberts, Melody.

Location of Interview: Starbucks, Howe ’bout Arden – 2100 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA

Time of Interview: 1930 Hours

Question: Before we get this interview started Nancy, let’s ask a few personal questions. Where were you born and raised? What are your hobbies and recreational activities? Where have you traveled to? What are your favorite movies, TV shows, and books? Your family life?

Answer: Traveled to 4 corners

Fav movies Fallen, Exorcist,

TV Millennium, X Files

Books any metaphysical, historical, conspiracy theories

I love to spend spiritual time w family native sweat, native ceremonies rituals

Born and raised in Sacramento, fashion/design artist and cultural art /ceremonies and activities

Question: It appears you had a lot of paranormal experiences, can you tell me your first one and how old were you?

Answer: I know when people are going to die, I told my family my uncle was going to pass and killed by his wife, I was five and it happened the next two years I had other experiences where the person who was going to die would come to me and just talk to me like it was their last day, and they would pass a week later

Nancy Garcia Talks:

Question: Can you list all of the most significant paranormal experiences that you had?

Answer: Knowing when folks where going to pass

Able to feel spirits in houses and land

Seeing spirits n houses from Masonic cemetery Broadway Sacramento CA 

/BK knowing of a curse with our family with the number 13

Seeing a demon come after my first born 

Living in a haunted house /demonic house 

Children have psychic gifts and are tested

Ghost come to me after they pass, some family, some random

Unsolved deaths traumatic ones the spirits come to me 

Having Bruja in family who cursed and killed family member

Attachment to serial killer Dorethea Puente through family connection

Curranderia cleanser and healer

Question: Why do you feel you had so many paranormal experiences? Do you think you are psychic and that entities are drawn to you like a magnet?

Answer: Yes, I am psychic and now able to hear them and see some spirits and I carry 

My dad is psychic all his life he seen UFOs in Vietnam and was taken by govt to forget I was born after, grandma on mom’s side couldn’t have flowers brought to her or someone would die.

Question: You have done some ‘ghost hunting’ can you tell me about it and what group did you go out with?

Answer: APIS (Absolute Paranormal Investigations Sacramento) sensitive 21 cases, my senses are growing stronger I am now able to hear spirits and to clean out places or at least detect problems where clients need to be at, to live in habitat I got really sick after an investigation from a ladies house I got sick for a month and wasn’t able to really function health wise, I see elemental forms some demons. I felt a connection to the Rosicrucian’s on a recent investigation in Pen Valley CA. As it turns out the client has worked at the Winchester Mystery house and found that Sarah Winchester was a Rosicrucian. The number 13 was continually coming to mind and the lady said she kept seeing #13.

Interview continues:

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