New book ‘A.D. After Disclosure’ examines UFOs and human race

By Steve Hammons

A new book by a historian and a Hollywood writer-producer about the complex issues of the UFO situation seems to be both radical and conservative, vast in scope and specific in detail.

This book provides a valuable, mind-expanding look at a significant scientific and cultural issue facing us today.

In previous article, I wrote an overview, preview or preliminary review of this new book, “A.D. After Disclosure: The People’s Guide to Life After Contact” by Richard M. Dolan and Bryce Zabel.

Working from the press release about the soon-to-be-published book and an advance look at a pre-printing nearly-final PDF, I was able to get a good feel for Dolan’s and Zabel’s valuable information, perspectives and theories.

When I obtained a hard copy of “A.D. After Disclosure,” held it in my hands and began a detailed reading and study of it word for word, I was struck by how comprehensive the book really is.

It is not just about more disclosure on UFOs. It is also a solid look at the current state of American and global society and the human race on our planet. The book helps us examine where humanity has been, where we are now and where we are going.

Much of the book is actual fact. Other parts of it are logical conclusions or theories based on known fact and reasonable circumstantial evidence. And yet other elements go out on a limb about what the mysteries of the UFO situation might involve and how they could unfold.

Co-authors Bryce Zabel and Richard Dolan



When I finished reading the final page, the next phase was trying to absorb and organize in my own mind about the many points, scenarios and circumstances that the authors look into. That’s not easy, though it may be one of the most interesting aspects of reading the book.

Dolan and Zabel invite readers to think seriously about the possibilities.

How will we humans respond to the many possible situations and outcomes if more information becomes public about UFOs and visitors or “others?”

How will I, as an average human being, react? In fact, how I am reacting now to the apparent steadily emerging open source intelligence (OSINT) on this subject available to us at this point in time and in coming days?

Why do I say that, to me, “A.D. After Disclosure” seems both radical and conservative? This is because the authors look at a very unusual unknown, or really a complex set of many unknowns, from the viewpoint of our current everyday life and the present state of affairs on planet Earth.

Although Dolan and Zabel certainly expand readers’ thinking tremendously, the fact is that human consciousness, with or without more revelations about the UFO mystery, could change in ways that would be more fundamental and more significant than even these authors propose.

They don’t pull many punches. They speculate about the significant changes and adjustments that could occur on virtually all levels of society and in our lives once we reach a tipping point of learning more about these interesting, important, complex and sensitive situations.

Dolan and Zabel don’t sugarcoat it. In fact, many of their proposed scenarios give us reasons to be very careful and even understand the alleged need for decades-long information security on the UFO topic and other possible surprising discoveries.

While the authors obviously advocate for more public awareness about a variety of down-to-Earth subjects and various unusual phenomena, they are not naïve about possible difficult and problematic outcomes. Dolan and Zabel seem realistic. They look at some best-case scenarios and some worst-case outcomes as well as the middle ground.

In some of the more theoretical sections of their book, the authors are giving it their best educated guesses, based on reasonable and logical aspects of history and current events.

And, they freely admit that they may be wrong about some of the possible effects of more public knowledge about UFOs, various kinds of other intelligent beings and the way planet Earth is currently being run.

Cover of “A.D. After Disclosure”



From our day-to-day routines to changes in our understanding about Nature and the universe (or even the “multiverse”), our viewpoints will develop further, possibly quite a lot. That is one of their main messages.

In many ways, “A.D. After Disclosure” reminds me of a well-known chapter in the 1992 firefighter training book, “Fire Officer’s Guide to Disaster Control” by Charles Bahme and William Kramer.

That manual mainly looks at the conventional situations that fire agencies and firefighting professionals can face.

But in the chapter “Disaster Control and UFOs,” Bahme and Kramer also address unconventional situations that could require special training and awareness by public safety officials.

These include public psychological reactions as well as the kinds of physical dangers firefighters often encounter such as hazardous materials (hazmat) precautions and mitigation.

In other words, it is about preparedness and readiness on many levels. Dolan and Zabel focus on this too.

Psychological and emotional factors, social and cultural issues, defense considerations, public safety elements, intelligence community participation and mass media’s handling of ongoing new knowledge and understanding are just a few of the areas explored in “A.D. After Disclosure.”

The book reminds us that we must be adaptable to change while retaining our fundamental identity as human beings.

Qualities like basic human decency, honor, strength, compassion and similar positive human traits will serve us well in a variety of possible future situations, whether they are unusual and unconventional or more conventional and normal.

In the closing words of their firefighting manual chapter on “Disaster Control and UFOs,” Bahme and Kramer remind firefighting professionals about the crucial importance of planning, adequate resources and good leadership.

Dolan and Zabel also advise us to consider these factors, and others, as we move inevitably toward change and new understanding of UFOs, several kinds of unusual phenomena and the state of the human race on Earth. 

If you would like more information or to purchase this book simply click on its title: A.D. After Disclosure: The People’s Guide to Life After Contact

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