We are faced with a new reality in an old paradigm involving ancient traditions. New views on what alien contact and UFO sightings means to us all. There is transpersonalism and panpsychism meeting head on in this new way of being. We are more than the old paradigm of science and religion. We are now entering a phase that our ancient ancestors dealt with in commonality over time as magic.
The world of magic and knowing what part of the “Cosmos” to pull into one’s own individuality. The soul has to deal with the consciousness that is defined as our outer reality which is not necessarily all there is. There is spirit which connects directly from our consciousness to our soul. This may be likened to our spirit which could be likened to the screen of the mind as a whole way of thinking. It is up to us to use freewill and to create who we are now inside and outside of us. Critical mass mind has a meaning.
This screen of the mind that is like our very own video camera inside our pineal gland may be telling our spirit what to fell like our own personal wiring system to soul somewhere else in the universes. 
The new world of alien contact involves knowing the fact that we do not know anything the way we thought we did inside what we now regard as the matrix in western culture or the western working world. The ancient eastern philosophies, traditions, and cultures tell of ancient artifacts including the places on the planet that existed in physical form. What about the immaterial that was passed down by word of mouth due to the conquered cultures? Many world religions have disappeared and we will too if we are not careful enough to learn from our ancestors mistakes over time.
Ancient Aliens coming and going from this planet is now taking on the old yin and yang, duality of what is good and bad, positive and negative, benevolent and malevolent. We are now responsible of not only ancient wisdom but new thought teaching. Most important is “NEW HISTORY WRITING”. This is truly the Ascension Age for the awake and aware humans who can step outside of the known reality we all co-created inside the matrix. One has to stop looking at all that is inside the last 100 years and begin again since at the very oldest 1947 when after World War II the aliens allowed us to know of five (5) main spacecraft not of earth origin brought to this level of existence on this planet to monitor our outcome. Shamanism and Science makes more questions that we will tackle with technology. Do memories mean something?
We are being observed and it is nothing like our Alien ET UFO Community has created with tales of Reptilians, Mantids, and Evil Grey Aliens that eat humans or have underground wars in undisclosed facilities. Granted there are underground facilities all over the world and some may be due to being built over thousands of years for humanoid species to protect themselves from various factions that warred on planet earth and came from the outer regions of space. The truth is coming and will set us free!
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