Oshawa Image Filmed UFO Craft or left over contrail?

I thought this interesting to share in observation.

On Tuesday, February  28th 2012 after leaving my home in Oshawa I was driving going to work, southward and noticed a strange ‘bright’ line in the eastern sky. It appeared strange due to it’s bright white brilliance and appeared as almost if stationary. I quickly grabbed my camera and took six pictures to capture the moment at 7:18 am. (Four of the photos are below)

It appeared strange enough for me to take notice and photograph. When arriving to work in Scarborough after one half hour I met a coworker who said ‘what’s up with the two black helicopters following close to each other‘?

I then asked him when did you see this and where?

He said he noticed them heading north above Warden (Ontario) and were quite low.

Before turning down our work place street.

He even went back outside curious of what was up with the black choppers

I sort of wondered once again about this aerial display in the area involving helicopters. Later on ,I examined the photos taken earlier of this bright white line on my camera. Thinking it may well be a left over white contrail as a plausible explanation

Once on the computer to see the images of what I had witnessed. One can see a slight dark line above this white line. Is this a outline of a unconventional craft caught on film? Now I do wonder if these pictures taken might well really be genuinely unconventional .

I leave it up to you to judge in examining these four images.

PS It ‘s a real ‘ zoomer ‘ to evaluate detail of this possible UFO at the top of the brightness.

Enjoy Paul


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