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HPI (Halo Paranormal Investigation)’s paranormal hotline is very active. When I became a paranormal investigator in 2006, I created the paranormal hotline. The hotline number is merely my cell phone number. My cell phone number is plastered all over the Internet. I receive calls from all around the world and the caller’s topics can be bizarre and strange. When the caller is calling me from a faraway location, the only thing I can provide the caller is advice on how to deal with his or her paranormal problem. Some of the reports are quite unusual and when they deal with high strangeness, I usually document those calls. Here are some examples of my paranormal hotline calls:

The Sanitizer

Paranormal Hotline Call: 9/26/2019, Time: 11:06 a.m. – Call from Hyde Park – South Central Los Angeles. Caller identifies himself as D-Zone. D-Zone makes claim that there is a ghost that is seen in the Hyde Park area that wears a black turtleneck, black pants, black trench coat, black gloves, black brimmed fedora hat. D-Zone says that when he was in the Hyde Park area, the entity snuck up behind him with two guns pointing at his head. The entity vanished after frightening D-Zone. D-Zone says that he was so scared after this incident, that his heart felt like it was going to beat out of his chest. D-Zone mentioned to his parents on what he saw and experienced. D-Zone was told by his father, that he was describing a character in that part of the neighborhood known as The Sanitizer. D-Zone’s father says The Sanitizer was a known drug dealer and part time hit man for the mob. The Sanitizer was working Hyde Park in the early 70s. The Sanitizer was always known to wear dark clothing, gloves, trench coat and black fedora hat, that was his trademark. The Sanitizer dealt heroin on the streets of South Central and when his rivals got in his way, he was known to squash the competition with his fire power. That is where he obtained his nickname The Sanitizer. D-Zone says that he has a friend that also came in contact with The Sanitizer. It happened on Crenshaw Blvd. D-Zone’s friend was driving his vehicle down Crenshaw, when all of a sudden the radio started playing Superfly by Curtis Mayfield, as heard here:

D-Zone’s friend could not figure out how his radio jumped to another station and this song was blaring out from his vehicle. As D-Zone’s friend was looking for a place to park, he looked to his left and saw The Sanitizer floating in the air with his guns drawn. It startled D-Zone’s friend so much he crashed into another parked vehicle. When this happened, he looked over to his left and this time The Sanitizer was no longer there. D-Zone’s father said The Sanitizer was a big fan of Curtis Mayfield and raved about the Superfly movie. The Sanitizer would also mimick the persona of Superfly. The Sanitizer was killed on the streets of South Central over a drug deal that went bad. According to D-Zone, his spirit is not at rest and wants HPI to travel to South Central to investigate. HPI declined this case and is looking for a Los Angeles paranormal team to investigate this very strange paranormal situation.

Green Parrot Saloon in Goldfield, Nevada

One of my guest paranormal investigators named Casey Saumure gave me a nice tip. She has learned that the Green Parrot Saloon in Goldfield, Nevada is haunted. Well, the penny bar inside this establishment is haunted for sure. I had to do some research and found out the Lady in Green at times is seen sitting at the bar when no one is around. When you approach the Lady in Green she will simply give you a slight smile and then vanish. Some comments I found about this bar on the internet. From Unknown: “This was my uncle’s bar back in the early 60’s. If you look in the window you can still see the penny bar. There used to be a motel in the back. The green parrot was Birdie- she would greet everyone who came in.” Added note: Found comments that disembodied footsteps are sometimes heard and sometimes the song Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash is heard. No one knows where the music is coming from.

June Reynolds says: We came across this place by accident, we stayed in the motel and had a drink in the bar that was covered in coins. The people were so nice and we bought everyone a drink. It was 1989 and it was like going back in time, we felt like we were in the 1940s. It was weird and seemed like another life time ago. A man at this bar gave me a live bullet. I have kept this bullet for a lucky charm for years. A friend said he will take the gun powder out of it and when I looked for it to give to my friend, it disappeared and I have not seen that bullet since.

The Phantom Milkman in Fresno, California

Paranormal Hotline Call: 8:47 a.m. Date: 10/4/2019 – Received a phone call from Staci Lineman. This is Staci’s story: Along Simpson Street in Fresno, in the early morning hours, around 4am to 5am, a Phantom Milkman is seen. Staci Lineman was staying with her brother on Simpson Street in Fresno for about 3 weeks. The year was 1993. On one particular morning, as she was getting up to go jogging, she saw a large truck/van that had the words “Producers Milk”. Staci thought this was quite odd, she remembered milk trucks when she was a little girl. Staci is now a full grown adult in her 60s and this vintage milk truck with its lights on, was in front of the house. The first thing Staci thought was that possibly this was a collector’s truck that is going to be restored to its former glory. As Staci watched, she actually sees a milk man carrying empty milk bottles back to the truck. As the milkman enters the truck, the whole truck started vanishing. Staci was floored at what she just saw. Staci told her brother and 3 days later, Staci and her brother stepped outside of their house and saw the milk truck again and in the driver’s window they could see the milk man, his face appeared to be glowing. The truck just melted away into nothingness. Staci and her brother attempted a few more times of going outside of the house to see if they see the ghostly milk truck and milkman. They have not seen it since.

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