Population Control Isn’t Necessary

By Ron Murdock

I don’t see the need to keep the majority of the worlds population in submission and uneducated. I don’t understand the basis of keeping scientific and spiritual knowledge under wraps or have them at odds with each other. They both can be used to lessen the burden of human ignorance and gain an incredible amount of enlightenment.

Population control is used as a very sickening way to keep us in herd mentality, especially if it’s used to maintain genetic purity of some kind. I read that an Anglican clergyman called Malthus said that disease and appalling living conditions were essential to stop over population. With comments like this coming from so called leaders, it doesn’t do anything for me to trust any of them.

An effective way of controlling people is through the problem-reaction-solution method. Authorities create or magnify a problem. Then it’s seen how people react so they can be herded into a particular path before offering or pushing through a solution that fits the hidden agenda or changes that authorities want all along.

A current example is a bill recently introduced in Canada that would enable the federal government to monitor every computer across Canada. It’s under the guise of finding out who and where the child molesters are. As much as I would love to see those kinds of people put away forever and the porn industry come to an end, I suspect the Canadian government is more interested in setting up a Big Brother type of security system.

Another way of controlling people is through religion. The various religions are a great way of setting up another us versus them mentality. I’d like to know how much information is being suppressed by religious leaders in the name of non-believers don’t know what is good for them. I overheard two “Christians” in Nelson say non-Christians shouldn’t have the right to decide what is good for them. So much for democracy, it sounds as if they want a theocracy instead.

Controlling the population is a lot easier than most think. TV, media outlets, advertising and so on are great ways to keep people hypnotized. Authorities must love those who essentially are sleep walking through life. I’m all for freedom of expression but not when it is imposed on others to toe the party line.

I believe there are those who are working behind the scenes to lock up as many humans as possible into mental, emotional and physical prisons. I would say there’s not very many of the manipulators or their stooges around. They get us humans to police each other through social conformity. It’s time to rid ourselves of the mental shackles that bind us. Living in perpetual fear and servitude numbs a person out. How you live your life shouldn’t be decided by anyone but yourself. You can start recovering control of your mind at anytime.


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