Prescription For The Drearies

You say your head aches?  You’ve got a runny nose and your ears are stopped up so bad you can’t hear yourself burp?  Add to all that you got the bloat and your back hurts something terrible?  You’ve taken aspirins for the headache, used up a whole box of tissues on your nose, and took something to make you burp louder but overall you still feel like something the cat dragged in?  And this describes one of your better days?

Well, why not shun the pills, the gas relief glop, and all the other do-nothing remedies for awhile.  Instead, limp on out to the car, groaning loudly of course, and head for an appointment with Momma Nature.  I have found that sometimes even a very short commune with the fresh outdoors can accomplish more for a person than all the “wonder drugs” in the world.

If at all possible try to find a grove of trees where you can be alone.  Just you and the natural world.  Find a tree that seems inviting to you.  Sit down and lean back against it.  Maybe take off your shoes and socks and wiggle your toes in the dirt.

Try and relax your body totally.  Talk to the Nature Spirits.  Talk to the trees.  Talk to the dirt.  Talk to God.  Whatever seems right for the moment.  Even if you feel silly, do it anyway.  Enjoy yourself and don’t worry about anything.  Breathe deeply of the fresh air.  Try and feel all the pains, stress, and whatever else is bothering you begin to seep out of your body.  Close your eyes and allow it to happen.

The results may surprise you.

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