Many of us have come across situations where we’ve been around an individual or any sized group and felt drained. It doesn’t matter if you know the psychic vampire(s) or not, they will suck as much energy out of you as they can or are allowed to. It leaves a person feeling tired to the point of no return, a severe case of brain fog that clouds ones thinking ability or lashing out at anything are just some of the symptoms of being around a psychic vampire. The best way to deal with these parasites is to evacuate the area immediately then find a calming activity that brings your energy levels up to par so you don’t feel like someone’s junk food. A soothing activity that works varies from one individual to another.
Setting firm boundaries with a toxic person is vital to your well-being. I don’t recommend a combative attitude but one that lets the vampire know their way of doing things isn’t welcome. Soul suckers are experts at manipulating others to the point they can’t see the relationship is past its expiry date. You’ll never make a psychic vampire happy as they’re quite a miserable bunch. It’s up to them to change their ways. They claim to be joking around but really they just want to pull others down to their level with their demeaning talk. Honesty and having morals are foreign concepts to them. Psychic blood suckers are ace gossipers, so who wants to listen to a bunch of idle rumours that contain little if any truth.
Psychic con artists are great cold readers so they can figure out rather quickly who the easy touches are. Keep your hands on your wallet and your debit or credit cards hidden. Learn to say a firm no to mooching vampires.
Who wants to be around people who are continually negative and second guess the abilities and strengths of others? No one in their right mind that is. There are those who lie constantly and bully others into submission by any kind of abuse they can muster to dominate those around them. They enjoy, in a perverse manner, controlling other’s lives down to the smallest detail. Yet a good look may show that narcissists aren’t too good in running their own life.
There are times to check out who you are hanging around with whether it’s an individual or in a group setting. Psychic vampires come in various shapes and sizes. They’re also could be known as confidence busters or trust betrayers. Whatever you call them it’s wise to limit your time with them or just eliminate them from your life. It’s not worth the time being with energy drainers and if you let them they will gobble as much of your time as possible.
Doing the above is a sound idea and practical as some of the vampires have the I.Q. level of a piece of fungus. Instead of being dragged down into a gutter mentality I’d rather continue to learn how to think and develop a sense of good ethics and not deal with narcissists with a personality disorder.
Other psychic vampires are master manipulators as they don’t take any initiative to improve their life circumstances. They use others to get a job, scamming the system for what they can get without giving anything in return, getting money they never intend to pay back or extract personal information to use against a person.
So the bottom line here is to protect yourself from psychic vampires and their toxic venom. Everyone has enough stress in their life without taking on more. Who needs someone’s luggage, dramas and issues on their shoulders. Nobody in a good frame would be willing to do such a thing. Instead of building barriers between you and them, keep your distance as it provides a great perspective on what is really happening.

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