# Such actions were seen as part of the overall Doomsday communications network, known most recently as the Continuity of Government (COG) network. James Mann, for example, had referred to the COG network overseers as “part of the permanent, though hidden, national security apparatus of the United States, inhabitants of a world in which Presidents may come and go, but America always keeps on fighting.”

http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=16978&page=3(Posted by Thomas Graves on November 18, 2011.)


Scott tells of additional curious mysteries (The JFK Assassination as an Engineered ProvocationDeception Plot: A Study in the Sociodynamics of Invasion Pretexts [Addressed to COPA], November 2010 [As Amended Dec. 13, 2010]):

Amongst the lists of the false evidence – such as the Kostin letter – including the typed version found by CIA Operative Ruth Paine only hours after the assassination – as well as the erroneous Kostikov visit and telephone call – and the Marina statement – there exists some nagging questions in regards to John Crichton of the 488th Intelligence Unit:

“Of interest still today is the coincidence that the same 488th Army Intelligence Reserve unit helped generate the false Marina story, as well as the false Stringfellow report. The interpreter who first supplied the Marina story, Ilya Mamantov, was selected as the result of a phone call between Deputy Police Chief George Lumpkin and Jack Crichton. We have already seen that Crichton commanded the 488th; and Lumpkin, in addition to being the Deputy Police Chief, was also a deputy commander of the 488th under Crichton.

“John Crichton was the kind of figure Malcolm Gladwell in The Tipping Point described as a ‘connector…people with a special gift for bringing the world together.’ Some of his contacts are figures who should be familiar to students of the JFK assassination. His superior in the Army Reserves, Lieutenant Colonel George Whitmeyer, was on 11/22 in the pilot car of the Kennedy motorcade along with DPD Deputy Chief George Lumpkin; the pilot car is of interest because of its unexplained stop in front of the Texas School Book Depository. D.H. ‘Dry Hole’ Byrd, owner of the Texas School Book Depository, was a director of Crichton’s firm Dorchester Gas Producing.” 



Assassination investigator John Newman told Frontline News about the taped calls in question: 


“The cover-up was apparently put in motion the day after the assassination by Anne Goodpasture (unless someone else altered the cables she sent after the fact) in the CIA station in Mexico City. But it was a sloppy cover-up. Files released in the mid-1990s show she sent a cable at noon (1pm EST) on Nov. 23 stating that a voice comparison (between two intercepted phone calls) had not been made at the time of Oswald’s visit because one tape (presumably of the Saturday, Sept. 28 call) had been erased before another had been received (presumably from the Oct. 1 intercept). It was unlikely this would have happened, however, as tapes were kept for at least two weeks before erasure. It was necessary to deny that a voice comparison with the Cuban consulate tape had taken place, in order to facilitate the cover story that the station had not realized that Oswald had visited the Cuban consulate.”

(A voice analysis by a CIA translator [a Mrs. {Finglass} Tarasoff] did demonstrate that operators handled the tapes in responding to a CIA cable; Goodpasture, in changing her story, suggested to the possibility that cables were altered.)

James DiEugenio (continuing in his review of Jefferson Morley’s book Our Man in Mexico) further highlighted the antics of Anne Goodpasture:

“Besides the seventeen months of missing reports, the results of the other three programs are also either lacking or questionable. As many know, to this day, the CIA has yet to produce a photograph of Oswald either entering or leaving either compound. And the photo they turned over to the Warren Commission in this regard does not even resemble Oswald. (In the Lopez Report-which is scathing about her–Anne Goodpasture tries to state that she did not realize this grievous error about the wrong photo of Oswald. until 1976. The authors make it clear that they find this suggestion not credible, as they do much of her testimony.) Since Oswald frequented the compounds a total of five times, there were ten opportunities to photograph him. What happened, and why there has never been a picture produced, is one of the great mysteries of this case.”


Newman said that FBI records indicated at this point that President Johnson, Attorney Katzenbach and FBI Director Hoover were switching to a “lone-assassin scenario,” made on Sunday, two days after the assassination.

Newman added: “But for the lone-assassin scenario to stand, the Mexico City evidence at CIA — the tapes of the impersonation and some cables — had to be destroyed or altered. The problem was that news of the impersonation was spreading.” (Frontline: Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald? Oswald, the CIA, and Mexico City, November 19, 2013, 5:26 pm ET, John Newman.)



Arturo Rodriguez, a former Cuban security agent who was intimately familiar with security apparatus, tended to confirm the Part One/Part Two Intelligence plan. We repeat Rodriguez’s remarks almost in their entirety (a presentation given in Rio de Janeiro, August 1995):

“As known by those present here—having been informed by the Select Committee—the photographic post across from our embassy, located in the street Francisco Marquez 149-1 Colonia Condesa, was operated by a Cuban, posing as a Colombian named Augusto Cesar Rodriguez Gallegos, from where everyone entering and leaving the diplomatic office was photographed.

“Oswald visited at least three times the Cuban consulate (or, someone impersonating Oswald…SE) and on one or two occasions the soviet consulate that was also ‘covered’. However, after the assassination none of the photos appeared and the one that did was strange. (Emphasis added…SE)

“‘If the CIA obtained photos, information, telephone recordings, and microphone recordings placed in the sofa of the Cuban consulate, years later uncovered – why did all this evidence disappear? (Emphasis added…SE)

“Reflecting on all of this we make the following hypothesis. Everything was arranged to document Oswald’s visit, therefore there was a plot to involve Cuba in the assassination that was to later “unchain” the American reply.

“However, almost immediately after Oswald’s arrest in Dallas, when the requests for Oswald’s Mexico material starts by the ‘principal center’ (meaning an official agency) – incorrect information was given.  Was it that the arrest was not planned by those who plotted, threw out (did away with) the well-conceived plan to blame Cuba?  The truth is that almost immediately after Oswald’s assassination, in the coarse and precipitated conditions known to all appeared the theory of the ‘lone assassin’ and the ‘Cuban plot’ took second stage.  What are the reasons?  What are the motives?”



Scott has clearly spoke of the wide swipe of government Intelligence, the Mob cartel, drug trafficking, and the brotherhood and cooperation between these elements (even beyond boarders) going back to the turn of the turn of the century and clearly up unto the present day:

“In Mexico, to be sure, a DFS scandal involving forged and altered document will seem almost trivial in the light of later DFS scandals,” says Scott. “The DFS was already linked to drug-traffickers by the late 1940s, when the DFS founder retired to work with Mexico’s leading international drug kingpin. The Chicago mob had been supplied with drugs from Durango, Mexico, from as far back as 1947, to a major Mexico government-protected connection that appears to have involved Jack Ruby…By the 1980s the DFS commanders along the U.S border were all suspected by DEA officials of complexity in the growing drug traffic…”

Recently, the Antifascist website questioned the continued arming of these questionable elements, in pointing out the  U.S. State Department “plans to award a contract to provide a Mexican government security agency with a system that can intercept and analyze information from all types of communications systems,” NextGov reported (this, despite recent reports that the bodies of four Mexican journalists were discovered in a canal in the port city of Veracruz, less than a week after another journalist based in that city was found strangled in her home). 


Why Is the State Department ‘Arming’ Mexico’s Intelligence Agencies with Advanced Intercept Technologies? Anonymous “American officials” cited by the Times “declined to provide details about the work being done” by a team of spooks drawn from the Drug Enforcement Administration, the CIA and “retired military personnel members from the Pentagon’s Northern Command.” They said that “the compound had been modeled after ‘fusion intelligence centers’ that the United States operates in Iraq and Afghanistan to monitor insurgent groups.”

The “fusion centers” in the heimat, of which the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) has amply investigated, and said: “Americans have been put under surveillance or harassed by the police just for deciding to organize, march, protest, espouse unusual viewpoints, and engage in normal, innocuous behaviors such as writing notes or taking photographs in public.”


Antifascist said: “Despite alarms raised by a score of federal law enforcement agencies, including the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), fearful that sensitive wiretap information was finding its way into the hands of international narcotrafficking cartels, virtually nothing has been done to halt the outsourcing of America’s surveillance apparatus to firms with intimate ties to foreign intelligence entities. Indeed, as America’s spy system is turned inward against the American people, corporations such as Verint work hand-in-glove with a spooky network of security agencies and their corporatist pals in the telecommunications industry.”

These Intelligence Units constituted hundreds of billions of dollars. They involve a “drug war” that favors one group of criminals over another to obtain leverage over corrupt politicians. They also constituted an endless source of funds for intelligence-connected black operations. “The Verint deal seems like a slam-dunk.”

“After all, with powerful communications’ intercept technologies in the hands of the Mexican secret state, ‘national security,’ on both sides of the border,” says Antifacist, “is little more than code for business as usual.”

Http://antifascist-calling.blogspot.com/2012/05/why-is-state-department-arming-mexicos.html. (Antifascist: A researcher and activist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to publishing in Covert Action Quarterly, Love & Rage and Antifascist Forum, he is the editor of Police State America: U.S. Military “Civil Disturbance” Planning, distributed by AK Press. Sunday, May 13, 2012.)


Said Larry Chin, Online Journal Associate Editor of Rense.com (April 4, 2007): “The Dallas-Watergate-Iran-Contra connection has been thoroughly documented by the key JFK researchers, and in particular, in the work of Peter Dale Scott, one of the very first to show the deep political continuity across three decades. Daniel Hopsicker’s Barry and the Boys goes into even more detail on the players.” 

Chin talked about the George H.W. Bush connection: He was a Texas oilman (Zapata Oil) and a CIA operative, involved with the Bay of Pigs. “Bush’s name was found in the papers of George DeMohrenschildt, one of Lee Harvey Oswald’s CIA handlers. As documented by Pete Brewton, author of The Mafia, the CIA and George Bush, Bush was deeply connected with a small circle of Texas elites tied to the CIA and the Mafia, as well as the Florida-based CIA/anti-Casto Cuban exile/ Mafia milieu.” 

Busch had his fingers into all circles. He was Richard Nixon’s selection for the Republican National Committee chairman, later a CIA director. “Bush constantly covered-up and stonewalled for his boss about Watergate, which itself (by the admission of Frank Sturgis and others) was a cover-up of the JFK assassination.” 

“Tracking any of the individual CIA operatives involved with the Bay of Pigs, it is impossible to ignore or deny direct connections to George H.W. Bush and his crime family, across the Kennedy assassinations, covert operations in Indochina and, later,  Latin America.”



General Fabian Escalante, former chief of Cuba’s G-2 intelligence agency, had intimate knowledge of Oswald and the Kennedy assassination. He joined the Department of State Security (G-2) in 1960. At the time of assassination of John F. Kennedy, Escalante was head of a counter-intelligence unit and was part of a team investigating a CIA operation called Sentinels of Liberty, an attempt to recruit Cubans willing to work against Castro. Escalante spoke extensively here: 

“Not long before his death in 1993, Col. Bishop confirmed to this writer that he had knowledge of the JFK plot. The Cubans indicate that the Vidal-Bishop Dallas trip concerned plans for re-taking the island once Castro’s people had been implicated in the assassination. (David Atlee Phillips was really ‘Maurice Bishop’…SE.)

“…Oswald was an intelligence agent of the US—CIA, FBI, military, or all of these, we don’t know. He was manipulated, told he was penetrating a group of Cuban agents that wanted to kill Kennedy. But from the very beginning, he was to be the element to blame Cuba. (Emphasis added…SE.) 

“Not less than 15 persons took part in the assassination…At the same time, knowing a little about CIA operations, we see how they used the principle of decentralized operations—independent parties with a specific role, to guarantee compartmentalization and to keep it simple.”

(Fabian Escalante was the author of several books, including The Secret War: CIA Covert Operations Against Cuba, 1959-62 [1995] and CIA Targets Fidel: The Secret Assassination Report [1996]. In 2006 Escalante published JFK: The Cuba Files. In the book Escalante described the conspiracy uncovered by Cuba’s investigation, which reviewed declassified US files and reports from Cuban intelligence units that had infiltrated anti-Castro groups in Miami.)

(U.S – Cuban intelligence conference on JFK assassination, July 21, 2005 by I-taoist in Cuban History: JFK and the Cuban Connection: Havana’s Spies Spill the Beans at TopLevel Conference! Dick Russell.)




Journalists Arthur Hulnick and Daniel Mattausch succinctly wrote about the CIA:

“Professional standards require intelligence professionals to lie, hide information, or use covert tactics to protect their ‘cover,’ access, sources, and responsibilities. The Central Intelligence Agency expects, teaches, encourages, and controls these tactics so that the lies are consistent and supported (‘backstopped’). The CIA expects intelligence officers to teach others to lie, deceive, steal, launder money, and perform a variety of other activities that would certainly be illegal if practiced in the United States. They call these tactics ‘tradecraft,’ and intelligence officers practice them in all the world’s intelligence services.”


“Scott’s analysis suggests the evidence from Mexico City as part of a frame-up, making Oswald, Mexico, and Deep Politics an essential piece of research and analysis,” says the headline-cover -comments, “shedding new light on the Communist conspiracy allegations behind the JFK assassination.” 


(Footnote: Unfortunately, Scott’s English training hasn’t allowed him to write in common but clear English: there is always a layer of silted, staid and dry techno-lingo through his work, often preventing smoother reading, usually hop-scotched back and forth through his writing. Probably not intentional, but such rhetoric would tend to camouflage that many of Scott’s ‘inferences’ are not complete, hard evidence, but only reasonable suspicions. 

Despite this failing, however, Scott may be onto conspirators hiding in the bushes and having fooled the public, if he could only tell us about it [despite the highly technical and elusive subject matter] in comfortably plain English.) 



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