In early December Nick Pope wrote a good article on Roswell. I would like to add a few comments of my own. In the 66 years since the incident at Roswell I wonder how much has changed from what actually happened. Everybody has put their own spin on it whether it is UFO buffs or government agencies. It’s the same with those living in an apartment complex. One tenant passes a statement to a neighbour and tells them to pass it along. By the time it gets back to the original tenant the statement will have been totally different.
Unless one was actually at Roswell who really knows what did happen. A lot of people with an opinion on the incident weren’t even born until well after the situation was long over and done with. I’ve gone on record saying just how much information is being kept in the dark by government and similar groups. But then UFO organizations could very well be pushing their own agenda and telling us anything that fits their own bill. Though it would be incredible to confirm that life on other planets exist but it may be time to give Roswell a permanent vacation. I say this in light that the debate over what happened at Roswell has gone on since 1947. It’s time to get on to other recent matters.
There are those who knows exactly what happened at Roswell. But for the rest of us it remains speculation. It would be appreciated by many if case files would be de-classified so all would know the truth. But we could be waiting a long time for that to happen.
One thing for sure is how the us versus them mentality has raised its ugly head once again. We really don’t need another topic that either side is trying to out prove the other. I wind up tuning both sides out. A lot of what has been passed off as the truth regarding Roswell sounds too fantastic to take at face value.
Roswell needs to be put to rest. I don’t see the truth coming out anytime soon on this subject.
Ron Murdock


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