Readers weigh in with more evidence of UFO reality

The classic elipsoid configuration of an airborne UFO commonly seen.

Over the years in writing newspaper columns, interviewing UFO witnesses both civilian and military, as well as composing articles on the internet, I run into the bizarre stories shared with me by my readers. Some accounts can be riveting while others seem mundane, but all in all they are quite informative. People from all walks of life from career professionals to blue collar workers just trying to get by have related sometimes fantastic stories that would make a great TV re-enactment or talk show testimony occasionally come into my purview thanks to my readers. Below is such an example that was sent to me weeks ago. Submitted for your approval another post card from the unknown. I left it in the exact form in which it was received, no editing, just the raw account.

1) Research scientist at Tracor in Austin TX. Related to me at Thanksgiving dinner at bosses house in ’86 or ’87, in front of his young son. Can’t remember his name: Stationed at Big Spring AFB (or was it a SAC airbase near Big Spring TX?) in the mid-1950s, he said that three flying saucers crossed the base’s electrified perimeter fence in a triangular formation, all three dipping a few feet in unison as they crossed the electrified fence. They proceeded to fly to the center of the base runway, where they hovered stationary for 10 to 15 seconds. They had silver-metallic skins, and as they hovered, their skins went through the colors of a prism, from reddish to violet. Then they shot up vertically in unison, disappearing from view straight up in the sky. A base radar operator reportedly tracked this, tracking their vertical flight, saying, “1,000 feet, 3,000 feet, 7,000 feet, they’re gone.”

2) About two years later in early 1989, my late step-mom told me of her UFO encounter. She was flying in the mid-1970s on a commercial flight at 35,000 feet between New York and Atlanta (on it’s way to Houston, her hometown). The pilot came over the intercom, reporting a UFO up ahead, telling the passengers not to be frightened, and he was going to turn the airplane so passengers along both sides could see it, so don’t everyone rush over to one side, everyone would get a chance to see it. Of course, the pilot turned the opposite direction from the side on which my step-mom was sitting so she rushed across the aisle and looked out. A huge (and growing larger) globular, silver-skinned UFO was directly ahead, and as their plane approached the UFO, it became evident it was larger than the plane.

Also, she said that it’s silver-metallic skin changed colors through the colors of a prism, red to violet. Then, it shot off in an instant, appearing as just a glowing dot on the horizon, where it hovered for a second, then shot off out of sight. (Note: I had not told her about the Tracor scientist’s encounter and the changes in the UFO’s skin color beforehand that he saw). All the passengers, to say the least, were excited. The pilot radioed in the UFO sighting to the Atlanta control tower,…leaving the intercom connection open so the passengers, and my step-mom, could hear his report.

The Atlanta controller responded by saying that this was the second UFO report they’d received in the past 30 minutes, with an earlier report about a similar UFO radioed to them from another commercial flight off the East Coast, also at 35,000 feet. My step-mom’s flight landed in Atlanta, and then flew into Houston, with the pilot and many of the passengers who saw the UFO still on board. She said they talked about how the newspapers were bound to pick up on the story and the pilot said he would file an official report. Nothing happened. No newspaper stories and no pilot report. Anyway, what struck me as compelling was both UFO sightings indicated that the silver-metallic skins of the UFOs changed colors through the colors of a prism, and in the same sequence…as if maybe the UFOs were drawing energy, or maybe recharging their energy fields somehow. Just thought I’d pass these stories along. Have you heard anything similar?

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