Replacing Religion With Spirituality

“As I embrace the Divine, I receive insights, guidance and goodness of every kind.” – UCRS Daily Affirmation

I’d like to see the day come when people drop the religious claptrap and actually develop a spiritual practice. Religion isn’t good for anyone but for it to succeed it has to be marketed so that people feel they need it. Too many people have lost faith in themselves so they look for outside sources to fill the empty void inside them. So many things keep the issues and dramas going so that people get tangled up them. Then they get bombarded by information that comes from all directions. Some of this information provide answers without a question or work back from the answer to formulate the question.

Though there is nothing wrong with attending church but how many people check their critical analysis and thinking processes at the church door? People need to develop their intuitive ability but it seems as if Big Religion doesn’t like anyone doing this as a person just might discover the truth instead of the tripe that Big Religion barfs out and expects us to believe it at face value.

When people start to question and think, they start to wake up to what is really going on in the world. The more people wake up, the more they break off the shackles that hold them back.Then they start knowing about the Creative Energy that is availiable to all and speaks through a persons conscience.

Instead of using fear and burdening people about God’s wrath, churches can be a gathering place where people can meet and share/care with each other. Instead of being told one needs a to go through an intermediary to reach God, one can connect with Spirit anytime, any place, under any circumstance.

I said often enough in the last few years that Spirit doesn’t prefer one group or person over the other. Yet how much of the religious hierachy is there for the ego gratification and keeping control over peoples lives. It must make God look bad, being so called, represented by guys who would be better off male bonding at a Promise Keepers Rally in the middle of nowhere.Which might be the best place for them.

The good news is that it’s never too late to connect with Spirit. We can’t avoid Spirit, it’s there around us no matter where we go. No excuses no matter how much strength we give it can separate us from Spirit. We just have to say no to the excuses then release it out of our minds. Spirit will always be there for us, to guide us to a full life.

Ron Murdock

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