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The point of the article really isn’t to lay the blame at any one person or groups feet. Just like a cold or flu virus moving through a population, apathy can eventually have similar results. Apathy is contagious, is spurned on by INDULGENCE. The Government was set up to serve the people. We were supposed to remain part of the procedure that builds society, not just become sheep in our own lives. From the moment we set up our union it was in a state of change, one dictated, not by the original precepts and design, but, by the swaying changing roles of both the people, and our officials.
We allowed that, we pressed for it, throwing more and more responsibility into the leaderships lap, and they absorbed this , and changed to fit their changing role. We can’t damn them for doing the job we gave them and designing policies that made it easier for them. What we can grow impatient with, is our own lack of unity as a people, our willingness to come forward with sure strong opinions and not be wishy washy about the results. IF WE WANT CHANGE THERE NEEDS NOT TO BE THOUSANDS OF VOICES, BUT MILLIONS, UPON MILLIONS OF VOICES. If only a small portion of the public is willing to go on record with their opinions their gripes and suggestions , then out of the hundreds of millions of us any thing less is just not a strong enough voice.
This shouldn’t be a matter of protest, or negativity, but instead a unified civil effort to convey a unanimous opinion. You say “well that’s hopeless, we’re all too different”.  I never said it would work. The success or failure of this country will not be a responsibility laid only on our leaders but just as equally a load on ourselves. We can agree on some things. We don’t need to change our beliefs or our political loyalties to agree a breathable environment is not just a plus but a necessity, that our symbols are just that; ours as long as we fight beneath them, as long as we support them.
There is a quagmire of problems lying at Americas door.That pile will only enlarge unless we find less pride on the table and more willingness to work together. We escaped our own form of bondage as a country, ourselves, not in a perfectly cohesive group but one with different ideas. They found a way to survive our greatest initial struggle to triumph in it. We shouldn’t wait till the the midnight toll, because it may be too late, and the proud experiment that was America can fail.



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