Reports of Strange Sounds Oshawa, Ontario Jan.23, 2012

Reports of Strange Sounds Oshawa, Ontario Jan.23, 2012

I thought this interesting. With the many previous reports worldwide of strange sounds this Month January 2012. I had discovered something similar here at home. While driving to work I heard reports of strange sounds coming out of Oshawa, Ontario.

The source of the news report came from Oshawa’s local Rock station this morning after 8:00 am. Many residents had called Police that early morning in fright. This date being TODAY January.23th 2012..

Here are some similar sounds as heard worldwide from Oshawa.

Click here or on video above to watch.

This does not appear to be a hoax due to the magnitude of the sound harmonics.

Just a reminder that there was a spectacular multiple UFO sighting in two waves. This goes back Jan.1,2011 over Northern Oshawa at about 12:20a m. This incredible sighting was witnessed by hundreds of people local to the area. Exactly the same area I dropped off my youngest son for New Year’s.He and his friends had witnessed this sighting. How odd in timing!

Durham residents question a strange noise

Here is s clip of this aerial spectacle over Northern Oshawa Jan.1st 2011

Could this be a further sign by sound in the associated areas worldwide?

That these designated areas are leading to something MUCH bigger? Time will tell as the signs continue.

Keep your eyes and ears open to what’s next?



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