Roads To Nowhere

US Highway 50 across the vast emptiness of Nevada is designated ‘The Loneliest Road In America” and I would say it is an accurate description.  I’ve traveled it several times and the starkness of the landscape is severe.

Although US 50 does run for mile after mile through moonscape-like desolate country it still manages to eventually get a traveler to areas of civilization without any unscheduled or unexplainable side trips or puzzling blocks of lost time.

There are, however, other roads in this same general area that may not be so friendly.  Roads that will get you lost.  Roads that you will lose and have trouble finding again…or at all.  Tracks that may take you to seemingly non-existent locations that fade in and out.  And when you turn around to re-trace your route the road is no longer there.

I call those byways roads to nowhere.  Does all of this sound like some sort of horror story or Hollywood script?  Well, I will assure you there are many places outside of stories that defy reality.  At least reality as we know it.  I’ve been down some of those roads and fortunate enough to be able to find my way back.

I seem to be attracted to these strange places.  If there’s any sort of weird phenomena near where I happen to be I usually end up having an experience with it.  I suppose a big part of the reason is due to my extreme sensitivity to things usually unseen.  Fortunately I don’t tend to freak out and panic easily.

What are these places?  Why do they exist?  Are they dangerous?  What is it like to experience them?  All good questions I’ll attempt to answer in forthcoming articles.

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