Same Sumerian Symbol ( High /God ) Used in Today’s World of Authority

Back in 2003 while researching our ancient human history looking for answers about higher intelligence. I found it very interesting the Sumerians had started our civilization back 7,500 BC. They brought to our world A START to what it has become today – Agriculture, Language/Symbols, Mathematics, Art, Music and higher awareness.

Sumerians were said to be also  ‘sky watchers ‘ and would chant during full moon cycles and eclipses.

Chanting was said to scare off evil demons in those given times way back when.the priests would tell the people when to plant and when to harvest their agriculture.added that their God or the High Symbol was just a ordinary cross + and X sign = combined.

See Sumerian tablet below – top left

Symbol appears like a snowflake.

This powerful symbol representing GOD and or the HIGH.

As mentioned when taken apart, we would decipher these two signs  as plus + symbol merged with a X multiple sign symbol. These two sign symbols  [ +  x ] would represent two of today’s math symbols.

Plus sign adds ++++

The x sign to multiplies xxxx

Both these symbols obviously  ‘create ‘ expansion in math.

Not divide or subtract

Just like the expansion in our creating universe.

I’m sure you will find this a interesting discovery uncovered and observed.

This symbol is very close to Alexander The Great  Empire

This symbol  can also be found on today’s Macedonian Flag

This illustrates past power symbol used in our human history since the Sumerians

Let us look further of today’s Sumerian symbol used in today’s world of power structure.

You can find this POWERFUL symbol on the United Kingdom Flag logo

The United Nations Flag Logo that has ‘added’ the world continents on a TARGET illustration.

Note the circles added in like a TARGET

Also the World Health Organization Flag Logo

As one can see the symbol for WHO exactly similar as the UN, except we can see a serpent or snake wrapped along the center vertical added like the UN, yet why place the serpent on the World’s Health Organization symbol?

The serpent symbol is another story IN REASONING. It would appear that ancient powerful symbols are applied in today’s world. One will also notice this symbol even in a BIG Corporation. Example- US based Multinational Corporation  Walmart

I find this ancient God/High symbol created by our Sumerian Ancestors. It continues to be found in powerful organizations in our daily lives for purpose.


Did the Sumerians have outside help in setting our civilization that go back 1000’s of years.

Just a sign or symbol  of interpretation  in times like these?  Eye see a pattern *

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