All of us at one time must have wondered what is really going on in our world. It’s like no one is leveling on the line with us. If we are being lied to for any number of reasons, it’s no longer funny as we lose a lot of our humanity in the process.

It must be a well-known fact that we’re being watched by any number of agencies or law enforcement groups. Big Business in one of those agencies I suspect they want to eliminate as much competition as possible so they can raise prices and rake in more mega bucks. Since heartless and souless corporations don’t do much for me, I’ll spend my money in the ma and pa stores where I’m more than just another face in the crowd. I don’t want to wind up being just another statistic on a graph or pie chart.

Back when I was a teen I observed that almost as soon politicians were elected they started to break their campaign promises. It didn’t make any sense to me that people in positions of trust would do such an abrupt turnaround. I asked why this was so. The primary answer I got back was that this was just the way it is. I thought this was too passive of an answer and politicians needed to hold accountable just like anyone else. Besides who can trust a liar. I have come to the conclusion that politicians are little more that hand puppets of who is really in charge. In recent years I started to wonder if elections are rigged especially if the counting was done electronically. If so, then elections are pre determined as to the winner is and leaders of any political parties are handpicked by the powers to be so they get their man or woman in no matter what party is in power.

I believe that several types of drugs or viruses to keep us docile so we can be controlled easier are either poisoning our water. Same as our food, which most of it are pumped full of chemicals and other forms of crap. Genetically modified blood must contribute to a lot of unhealthy bodies and getting people to act in strange and/or erratic ways. I wonder when it will all end and how it will.

We can’t let it get us down. We need to fight back, be assertive and stand up for ourselves.

Ron Murdock

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