Something Deep And Unseen


This is very difficult to describe or explain. Yet…I think there are at least a few people who will read this and know precisely what I am referring to. Or at least have a pretty good understanding of the probabilities.

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There is something welling up very slowly from the depths of a deep unknown and unseen realm. Even though it can’t be seen, it can be sensed by some and the power emanating from it can occasionally be felt. Whatever this is, it is of a very ancient origin. From so far back that its age would be simply incomprehensible.

This has lain dormant for eons, just waiting for the proper moment when it would be awakened and called forth to perform the function for which it was created. That time is apparently near for this ancient power is most certainly stirring.

What will this do in respect to each of us? We’ll just have to wait and find out. I don’t sense it being what some might call evil nor do I sense it being all love and light. Rather it seems to be neutral and unattached…almost uncaring. If it keeps building in intensity we may not have long to wait to see what the results may be.

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