Spirituality Your Own Way

The world is chock full of religious, new age, and other spiritual paths.  All of them are clamoring for more students, members, followers, worshipers, and commitments.   Some organizations are of the opinion they have a direct line to the Creator and will assure you that they, and only they, can tap you in to the Deity.  Oh, and most of them would also appreciate some of your money.  Just to meet expenses, you know.  Chauffeur-driven limousines and private jets require lots of upkeep dollars. 

These are all OK as far as they go, but they all have one major, common flaw.  All organized religions and paths are the product of the human mind and no matter how well intentioned the founders may be, God eventually takes a back seat to the doctrines and dogmas put forth by the elders or whoever.  And no matter what they tell you, rest assured that God does not endorse any religion or spiritual path as being the preferred and required one.  That attitude is strictly a human ego based belief intended to control the membership via fear.

Now I’m not saying these organizations are all bad.  They can be a good starting point in your spiritual walk, but I would point out that they have their limitations, many of which can end up quashing an individual’s spiritual education and advancement.  So, if you involve yourself with one or more of them, it’s a good idea to resolve to step away and bid them farewell when they have served their purpose of pointing you in the proper general direction.

Always remember that no religion, temple, nor individual can walk your path for you.  You hear a lot about “being saved” but in the end you are responsible for whatever salvation you may need.  Neither Jesus nor any of the other masters will do all of the work for you.  Instead their aim is to teach you how to sanctify yourself.  It takes some effort on your part to accomplish this but it’s certainly worth it.

Truly the very best path to connecting with the Creator is that path which each individual sets up for his or her own self and is comfortable with.

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