Still they try to dispute the Roswell Incident Part-II

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In July of 1947, the world as many knew it changed forever and unlocked a new age of uncertainty for America and the world. From that new age of uncertainty arose a security state like no other in the world, especially in America. For maybe the first time the US government grappled with the concealment of a discovery that could dissolve our belief systems and challenge our concept of just exactly who we are in relation to the universe. An extraterrestrial crash and the recovery of alien bodies did not fit into the realm of accepted normality, nor did it bode well with a government maintaining control over its people.

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An ominous transformation in official secrecy

Never before had the US military in conjunction with extraordinary measures of compartmentalization been called upon to utilize such an extreme veil of secrecy over such forbidden knowledge. Yes, there had been the Manhattan Project, effectively covered up by conducting the operation beneath a sports stadium, but to have to hide the existence of an event that caused humanity to have to second guess its own beliefs and assurance of its place in the cosmos? Not only was it unthinkable, but it was potentially dangerous if the population was so stunned that a social break down could occur that would nullify the relevance of major social institutions like governments, religion, and philosophy. Yet, this is exactly what the post-World War II leadership was forced to deal with as a result of the Roswell Incident.

With the re-discovery of the Roswell incident thanks to a book written by Charles Berlitz and Stanton Friedman in lieu of former Major Jess Marcels public admission of an alien crash recovery, events began to move rapidly to a reconstruction of history that had been suppressed by a cover story concocted by General Roger Ramey from Carswell AFB in Ft. Worth, Texas. Witnesses were to come forward, more site forensics were undertaken, and US government records came under scrutiny. A long dead cover-up had been resurrected and would need an explanation along with continued official denial.

Dallas FBI office involved

It was found that the city of Dallas also played a role in UFO history, particularly Roswell, when a teletype memo concerning the Roswell crash was found to have been sent and received by the FBI office there. It seems obvious the FBI director, J. Edgar Hoover, was not only interested in the wreckage debris of a crashed disk, but was also frustrated over the US Armies refusal to share what they knew with his bureau! The infamous Guy Hottle memo comes to mind when we search for corroborating government documentation that acknowledges the existence of recovered disks, and this is such a document even though some people have attempted to dispute it as being speculative instead of a factual testament to an event that remains controversial to this day.

In the early 1990’s Steven Schiff of New Mexico, acting on the concerns of his constituents felt pressured to make inquiries on their behalf over the Roswell Incident. He immediately ran into a roadblock. In what he characterized as a tersely worded bureaucratic run-around, the Congressman then ordered a GAO investigation into government documents relating to a Roswell cover-up. If anything could cut through the official denial, a Government Accounting Office audit could track down project funding and expenditures related to US Air Force operations at Roswell Army Air Field and Walker Air Base. It took weeks for results to surface. Apparently, the routine records of base operations that should still have been on file at the time had been illegally destroyed!

Witnesses begin to emerge

Witnesses began to come forth such as Mortician, Glen Dennis, who testified that a call had come into his business from the US Army Air Force for hermetically sealed, child sized, coffins. Glen assumed that a fatality crash had occurred. When he went out to Roswell Air Field he saw that the base seemed under some kind of alert. He tried to find out more when he was accosted by a red headed Captain who reportedly harassed him and had Dennis immediately escorted to his car with a warning not to return!

Dennis knew a nurse who worked there and met with him later that evening at local bar and grill, obviously upset and nervous. She claimed to have been present at an alien autopsy and had seen small non-human bodies. She gave Glen a sketch depicting the general appearance of what she had seen, and then immediately burned it. Dennis noted that she was scared. He would never see her again. Some investigators say she was killed in a clandestine crash that had been designed to liquidate witnesses. There were records of a geneticist who specialized in recombinant DNA, who was placed at Roswell, and other military hospitals, but records on him are also sketchy as best. If nothing indeed had happened over the Roswell Incident, then why, researchers ask, were seemingly unremarkable records of supposedly routine operations completely expunged?

Roswell Fire Dept.

Retired General Exxon gave testimony that has was on an over flight of the purported crash site in 1947 and witnessed a large gouge in the ground that he attested could only have been caused by the crash of an aircraft of some kind. Then there is the Roswell firefighters, who were notified of a crash and drove out to the crash site en-route to, what they had thought, was a crash. Along Pine Lodge Road they drove several miles and were met by military presences that forbid them from assisting. The crew reported that they witnessed small bodies being recovered from wreckage before being ordered to vacate the area by MP’s who had cordoned off the area. Brush fires were frequent in the area, and airplane crashes could definitely start them, but the Roswell Fire Department was ordered from the crash site!

Sheriff denied access

Sheriff Wilcox and his deputies were forcibly denied access to the crash site despite his county jurisdiction, further corroborating an event that surely had little to do with a weather balloon or a high altitude testing system known as “Mogul”. The sheriff had been forced to answer a deluge of calls from all over the world concerning the news of the Roswell Crash prior to General Ramey’s weather balloon cover story.

FBI censorship

Frank Joyce of the local radio station in Roswell stated that the FBI had interrupted one of his teletype messages in mid transmission ordering him to cease sending of further information on the Roswell crash. Joyce later interviewed a dazed Mac Brazel, who had been held incommunicado by the military for more than two days after refusing to cooperate with the authorities. Quoting Brazel, Frank Joyce claims that after completely denying that he had found a crashed disk to the radio audience when interviewed on the air, Mac said, “you know those little green men? They’re not green,” he allegedly told the radio station owner upon leaving the studio. Local people wondered where Mac Brazel had gotten the money to buy a new truck. His son testified years later that as a little boy, the military had come to their house and demanded that Mac return the rest of the debris that he had been keeping.

Mac Brazel has brought a shoe box full of the amazing material from the crash site initially and had shown several of the townspeople what he had discovered on his property. If Brazel had happened upon a weather balloon or the supposed project Mogul debris, that as a matter of fact, showed no official record of having been launched in the area at that time, why would the authorities have come to Mac’s modest little house demanding that he turn over the rest of what he had?

The dying bed testimony of several airmen who were involved in the recovery and transport of materials from the Roswell crash site began to become known. One woman said that when her ailing husband had read one of the stories published in a grocery store news rack while checking out at the cashier. He sighed and mentioned finally he could get it all off his chest now that the story was out! He, among many other veterans, had been carrying a huge burden under an oath of secrecy for decades. The old veteran told his wife and family just what he has seen in 1947.

What happened to the recovered artifacts?

What happened to the original crash debris? There is a partially underground storage area right off the old flight line where in 1947 the debris had been deposited as it came in from Mac Brazel’s ranch where it would be packed aboard a B-29 bomber that was headed for Carswell, AFB in Ft. Worth. Major Jesse Marcel was aboard that flight even though he was not photographed by J. Bond Johnson with the originally recovered wreckage. It was there that General Roger Ramey pulled the switch and sorcery that became the weather balloon cover story that would defuse the mass hysteria that had fueled the sensation over a crashed disk supposedly recovered by the 509th Bomb Group stationed at Roswell, New Mexico. That below ground storage area I spoke of at the old flight line on what remains of the old Roswell Airfield runway has since been filled in with concrete.

Marcel, who if he had blundered in his judgment over the handling of the whole affair or argued with Ramey’s orders to appear alongside the switched weather balloon debris could easily have been reprimanded or demoted for his part in the Roswell Incident, but was instead decorated and retired with full pension and benefits. It seems Jesse Marcel had been rewarded for going along with the cover-up as ordered by his superiors just as was his immediate superior, Base Commander, Col. Butch Blanchard.

More military testimony

Then Colonel Thomas Dubose, who had posed with Major Marcel when Fort Worth Star Telegram photographer J. Bond Johnson took the photos, admitted to Kevin Randle, a former US Army Intelligence Captain, who wrote 3 books on the Roswell crash in a personal interview that the Army had conducted a cover-up. However, quite strangely, Captain Sheridan Cavitt, who had accompanied Major Marcel to the Roswell crash site never would comment or acknowledge details of the incident, and carried his intimate knowledge of the event to his grave. After 3 interviews with Kevin Randle, Cavitt, a former Counter Intelligence Officer, twice denied he had been at Roswell and to the debris field, but on the third interview did finally acknowledge that Marcel’s testimony had placed him there in that time frame.

There are numerous civilian witnesses whose testimony indirectly corroborates the crash at Roswell, but only gives us a circumstantial insight into the whole secretive affair. As I have always stated over and over, the military will always be the best source of documentation on UFO incidents no matter how hard they try to deny it. Their resources, their level of qualified observers, as well as officially acknowledged standards of operation are above reproach, but not the official denial of the government when it suits their convoluted interests.

More CIC denial

There have been many attempts by the US government and the Army to offer conventional explanations, to discredit eye witnesses, and even disrupt the timeline of events with irrelevant circumstances using typical well known methods of counter intelligence. In 1994 the US Army’s published rebuttal to the growing case being made for the reality of the Roswell event had interviews with Sheridan Cavitt that contradicted Marcel’s claim that he was accompanied by the CIC captain at the time, though his previous statements contradict themselves while he finally does admit to being in Roswell at the time of the crash.

In another government published attempt at debunking the crash, “Roswell Case Closed” more of the same is disinformation this time using unrelated events and conflicting timelines. Everything from the use of anthropomorphic dummies in high altitude tests, to the swollen head injury of one pilot, to the use of Chimpanzees in early space craft re-entry tests were mentioned as possible sources of misidentification by untrained observers (civilians). There many problems with the intentionally deceptive assertions by the government that the Roswell crash was a product of a combination of confused timelines of unrelated events attesting to the poor memory of witnesses over a decades old recollections. In truth, the government attempted to create doubt by trying to introduce possible explanations that did not coincide with the proper dates of these historical operations conducted by other agencies from NASA to White Sands proving grounds.

Conventional  absurdity

The use of anthropomorphic dummies in high altitude tests that had fallen out of the sky by accident or design and were recovered by mobile teams did not begin until after 1950, a full 3 years after 1947. These dummies approximate the size of a normal airman, around six feet all, not the diminutive, child sizes bodies, of the recovered alien remains noted at Roswell and a number of other crash sites. The uses of Chimpanzees as substitute astronauts for the dangerous testing of such platforms as the A-9, a vehicle that served as the second stage of a V-2 launched spacecraft that many times catastrophically failed and caused catastrophic decompression for the occupants of the test bed did occur. Several years after Roswell in the early 1950’s it might have been possible for some passer-by to witness the grotesquely disproportionately large heads of Chimps in space suits, who had died when a landing had tragically malfunctioned.

The recorded incident of one astronaut who suffered a traumatic head injury after an ejection prior to escaping a crash and the resultant swelling of the cranial proportions with an attached medical device around his neck, according to “Roswell Case Closed” could have stoked conspiracy theories of alien body recoveries. Once again, even if some inadvertent civilian had stumbled across such an event, the size of a human Air Force pilot would not have evoked the small gray alien recollection shared by so many witnesses in 1947. Once again the timing is wrong. Although there were manned rocket plane tests over Edwards AFB and Muroc dry lake bed in Nevada, such upper atmosphere testing of re-entry vehicles did not occur in New Mexico until the early 1950’s. Yes, there is Holloman AFB in southern New, Mexico, but in 1947 prop driven conventional World War II era fighters were being primarily flown.

Used widely today in the political arena as well as a tactic used in military disinformation such as in the CIC (Counter Intelligence Corps) attacking witness credibility rather than attempting to dispute the accuracy of the information itself is always the easiest way to dissuade people of the facts staring them in the face by simply ridiculing the testimony of the witness. This works, it’s time tested, and when the weight of proof is often on those who would be on the defensive, they will go on the offensive and use ridicule in the place of arguing evidence which is a much more difficult strategy to pursue as you may lose the argument while accusing someone of being an incompetent witness is much easier and effective. Our government specializes is such practice.

Secret German technology

There have been further attempts to cast doubt over the Roswell crash as some people have attributed the source of the crash as having been some Project Paper Clip version of a World War II design of a German flying disk. Whether under the tutelage of Werner Von Braun at the secret base at Peenemunde or at the premises of the Horton Brothers whose advanced flying wing designs resembled those of Jack Northop’s that were pioneered about the same time for the US military, it appeared that no flying models were confiscated.

 When the US military entered Peenemunde with the fall of Berlin, there were plans on the drawing boards for flying disks, but no evidence they had been built or successfully tested. Some partial prototypes of flying wings by the Horton Bros. were found, and it was discovered that in order to make extremely light, durable, and streamlined fuselages, a type of multi layered plywood construction was used. Once again, were there flying prototypes? There is no evidence. There were numerous other German aircraft manufacturers who were also developing advanced designs, but not flying disks.

The persistence of denial

Again and again we will hear from skeptics, who just won’t accept that an amazing event occurred in the arid landscape of New Mexico that the crash of an alien space craft just couldn’t happen, so it didn’t. We will hear from the government using faulty and misleading arguments that the witnesses have feeble memories and were actually seeing X-plane programs and space agency experiments! We will continue to hear the voices of ridicule and suppression that will tell us that our government is in control and can’t possibly be spending billions in defense of our nation without being in command of the skies, but guess what? Even though billions have been spent in the development of air defenses, something very real did happen 75 miles north of Roswell in early July 1947, and it was not the mundane explanations concocted by the government experts to distract us from the truth, and make us doubt the testimony of literally hundreds of people who have come forward tired of the secrecy used by our government.

Final commentary

The questions still remain, why were base records dating back to July 1947 illegally destroyed? Why did people disappear connected with the medical autopsy procedures of the recovered bodies? Why were witnesses threatened with their lives? If there was nothing to the flying disk story or a crash near Roswell, why were radar installations through-out the southwest ordered on high alert in the days preceding the Roswell event?  Why was the late Congressman Steven Schiff of New Mexico stonewalled by the federal government over a weather balloon? Why was Mac Brazel held against his will and interrogated? Why was Jesse Marcel’s original assessment dismissed despite his expertise? Why did so many veterans connected with the recovery of the bodies and debris wait until their death bed confessions to come forth? Could it be that they took their oaths of secrecy very seriously and did not want their families threatened. These all important implications are not only far reaching, will not go away. The unanswered questions will haunt the US Air Force and federal government until such time as disclosure is finally achieved.


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