Strange Lights Witnessed and Filmed over Oshawa for many nights

Since this year May 2011 Patricia has witnessed an assortment of lights in color of white, orange and multicolored lights. She observed this phenomenon from her home in northeastern Oshawa. There have been many recent sightings seen nightly when the night sky is clear. Many times have been attempted in filming with poor quality results.

The last sighting Patricia witnessed and filmed happened on December 1st 2011. This recent sighting brought in better photographic results. Here is what Patricia has witnessed in account her own words .

“Good morning Paul”

“I can’t say how far away they were- and the orange orbs weren’t visible to the naked eye- only my camera picked them up.  Weird eh?  I saw the large white one again last night, even though it was quite cloudy.  It was very strange how it happened- I was looking out my window about 7:30 or so (earlier than usual) and wondering if I’d see “my friends” (that’s how I refer to them to my family) and no sooner had I thought that to myself. I  then could see them  They were higher than normal, same general location though.  I usually see them after 10 PM and they stay until I go to bed – usually around 11.  You want to hear something strange , though? On at least one occasion I’ve gone to bed, and then got back up about 30 minutes later to use the bathroom or get a drink of water- I’ll go have a quick look outside, and they are not visible, but within seconds they appear.  How strange is that?”

Close-up of Patricia’s Possible UFO

I asked Patricia if May 2011 was the first time witnessing a UFO.

Her response again in her own words are the following:

“The first sighting I had was in May of this year, yes- but I’ve always believed they were real. I’ve never had any doubts – but this year was the first time I’ve seen something.  I do remember, though, when I was a child back in the 1970s that there was a UFO sighting over the highway 401 near my house – it was cigar shaped and descending (I did not see it).  The next day there were rings imprinted on the grass in the ravine at the end of my street. I remember being too afraid to go see them but my older siblings did.  They described three equidistant rings pressed into the grass.  I went later- much later- a few weeks maybe- the rings were gone but the grass was all weird looking.  I was quite young at the time-maybe 8 so it was no later than 1974 or 1975.” 

I find Patricia has now become more curious attentive in watching them, as they appear curious watching Patricia; and or are interested the area.

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