Take a closer look at NBC’s ‘The Event’

By Steve Hammons 

A few of the puzzle pieces from several advance video clips and trailers came together in the premiere episode of NBC’s “The Event” on Monday, Sept. 20.

Yet, not surprisingly, new questions and mysteries emerged.

Foremost in many viewers’ minds: Who are the 90-plus detainees being held at a secret U.S. facility in Alaska?

Some speculation has focused on extraterrestrials, beings from another dimension or time travelers. Are they human, related to Earth humans or do they just appear human? Or, are they humans with special knowledge and abilities?

What is “the event” that their leader (Laura Innes as Sophie Maguire) cannot let the human race know about?

Cast members of “The Event”



But the detainees are not the only ones with secret information. A high-ranking intelligence advisor (Blake Sterling played by Zeljko Ivanek) to U.S. President Elias Martinez (Blair Underwood) seems to know a lot more. So does a CIA operative assigned to work with the detainees (Ian Anthony Dale as Simon Lee).

A hijacked airliner is used as a weapon, a flying bomb, and terrified passengers are about to be sacrificed. Yet, the airliner disappears.

The month of September will always remind Americans and people around the world of Sept. 11 and the subsequent developments in Iraq and Afghanistan. This element of “The Event” seems to do so as well.

The airliner is being used to apparently assassinate a president – a black Cuban-American president – who wants to make secret information about the detainees public. Does this scenario also have parallels or connections to our real-life history and current events?

And, can viewers connect the dots in this conspiracy theory from creator Nick Wauters, executive producer Steve Stark, director Jeff Reiner, showrunner Evan Katz, writers, consultants, cast and crew?

The show’s creative team says they are determined to make the story move along at a pace that audiences will find rewarding, rather than tease or confuse viewers.

Many media watchers have been waiting for, begging for, television that does not “dumb down” the viewing public. We have wanted TV that gives the American and international public credit for having adequate knowledge and intelligence. Will “The Event” meet these expectations?


For people who are somewhat educated, follow the news media (mainstream and otherwise) and have reasonable common sense, the basic elements of “The Event” presented in the first episode might seem to ring interesting bells.

If the detainees are extraterrestrials or some unique kind of beings, is this really that much of an imagination stretch?

Believe it or not, there are indications that this is not necessarily a far-out fantasy, but rather, a real possibility or reality.

And if so, how would the “powers-that-be” or average people react to such a situation? We may have an opportunity to find out, not only by following the story of “The Event,” but by also doing our own research and educating ourselves about what might be going on in real life.

A helpful resource that takes a look at this situation is the new book “UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record” by journalist Leslie Kean.

The upcoming book “A.D., After Disclosure: The People’s Guide to Life After Contact” by Richard Dolan and Bryce Zabel, due out in October, is probably another.

In “The Event,” the mysterious Alaska group’s leader seems to warn the CIA operative that there is hidden information so sensitive that the human public cannot handle it. Is this also the case in our current state of human activities on Earth?

She may be right that it is difficult for us to face the sometimes sad state of affairs on Earth – poverty, overpopulation, starvation, disease, suffering, injustice, unnecessary wars, threats of nuclear destruction, dangerous climate change and similar human-made problems.

Or, is she referring to some type of major change related to scientific knowledge? Developments and discoveries in quantum physics and forward-leaning science appear to be leading to speculation that our whole understanding of time, space, human consciousness, Nature, spirituality, a higher being and other fundamental beliefs may need a major update.

Maybe there is some kind of mix or interface of changes in our scientific knowledge, our spiritual consciousness and the current state of human development on this planet.

Maybe we will get to a tipping point of understanding that will lead to the next steps for humanity.

That tipping point could lead to an interesting emerging event.

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