Teamwork, readiness needed for further UFO disclosure

By Steve Hammons

Over the decades and in recent years and months, many military officers have come forward with solid information about unusual unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

In many cases, the information includes direct sightings and experiences. In other reports, intelligence information on UFO incidents was compiled, and tentative or limited conclusions reached by very senior military officers.

Some U.S. astronauts and Russian cosmonauts have also reported similar observations and encounters.

The intelligence community, being discreet as is required, prefers to work behind the scenes, both gathering and disseminating information on this and other subjects.

Closed-loop compartmentalization and “need to know” protocols attempt to maintain security on sensitive topics related to national security, including the UFO issue.

At the same time, the task of appropriately disseminating information could also be challenging in the case of unconventional and anomalous phenomena which include, but are not limited to UFOs.

Safety is an important element of UFO disclosure



Evaluating potential dangers and threats of various kinds can be a complex task in both conventional and unconventional scenarios. The safety and well-being of the American people and our friends require that caution is paramount on the issue of UFO disclosure.

We have only to look at the apparent psychological denial by many people about UFOs to realize that this can be a difficult situation to accept.

Some of this denial may be due to years of security and secrecy measures. But part of it may also be emotional and mental readiness to accept unusual, surprising and possibly disturbing or dangerous elements involved.

As a result, a decades-long period of safe, steady acclimation and preparedness may have been going on using various media platforms. At least this has been theorized about.

For UFO disclosure to continue to unfold, there will probably need to be ongoing teamwork among various aspects of society. Citizens, media, public safety personnel, professionals of all kinds, educators, government officials and others will need to work together as a team.

Effective leadership and guidance, from wherever it may be found, will also be very helpful.

Is there a schedule, time constraints or some kind of master plan on an increasingly overt disclosure process? There has been speculation that this might be one factor involved. If so, then increased readiness on the part of many aspects of our communities and societies is also helpful and necessary.


Learning more about this subject is not as difficult as we might think.

One recently-published book is a good starting point. Journalist Leslie Kean’s “UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record” contains valuable factual information that includes a minimum amount of speculation.

The new book “A.D. After Disclosure: The People’s Guide to Life After Contact” by Richard M. Dolan and Bryce Zabel, on the other hand, does speculate about the possible or probable impacts on society from more open awareness of the UFO situation.

This book is also a comprehensive real history of the many complex circumstances and theories involved. The authors look at other unconventional phenomena that could very well be related to UFOs, or are just more scientific mysteries that we are gaining an understanding of.

Zabel’s and Dolan’s website is a good place to gain additional information about the subject.

Will some kind of event require government officials in Washington, D.C., to address the issue in a more open way?

Dolan and Zabel propose that it is possible. They also point out that a public explanation of the overall situation could be very difficult because of sensitive security issues, complex scientific unknowns and the information management challenges involved.

This, again, is where a certain level of cooperation and teamwork might come into play. Many elements of society will need to both try to absorb certain new information and also realize that some intelligence must be kept secure.

And, as noted, there probably are simply mysterious unknowns that cannot be fully answered at this time.

By working together, we may be able to expect more disclosure about unconventional subjects such as UFOs, unusual visitors or beings, new discoveries about the physics of multiple dimensions and many other advanced topics. 

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