The baffling stories of alien abductions

Thousands of reports of alien abduction cases come in from all over the US alone.

From all over the world bizarre witness reports of strange aerial objects and the kidnapping of hapless victims from China to South America, spanning the United States and Europe make their way into the media. On this article, however, we will concentrate our sightings to Texas and it’s residents.

In one of his last books, “Sight Unseen”, the late Budd Hopkins and wife Carol Rainey, did some fascinating work interviewing UFO witnesses. Under his famous regression therapy Budd Hopkins uncovers the root causes of many people coming to him with unexplained anxieties and strange personal issues needing further explanation. Many individuals described disturbing chapters in their lives that are unanswered yet completely filled with dread.

One woman explained that she had gone to a job interview as a teenager looking for work fresh out of high school, yet was perplexed by a large gap of missing time on two occasions she could not account for. She never got the job, but remembered strange dreams associated with the job interview with a very unusual looking man, but simply brushed off the experience and went on with her life. Many years later the dreams began again, and she sought out Budd Hopkins for clarification. What was revealed upon an in depth interview as well as bio on her life was that she had experienced an abduction disguised as a job interview and had been given an artificial implanted memory that in itself was odd and did not fit conventional parameters.

Budd was able to fill in the blanks, so to speak, by removing the false memory that was implanted. Now the woman saw that her employer was really a non-terrestrial being, and appeared more like one of the infamous Grey aliens, that she had been set up purposely, that she had been asked very inappropriate sexual questions, and had succumbed to a form of hypnotic control. These same beings had also maintained contact with her over the years. As a result she was subject to seemingly unprovoked insecurities along with neurotic fears that plagued her as the years went by. By removing the mental block, thus, completing her recollections, and assuring her that she could take back her life, this lady did regain normalcy and insight. She attained the self assurance that she had a right to a normal existence. Budd Hopkins encouraged his patients to fight their hidden oppressors.

This is one of many cases where abduction victims are plagued with chronic, unexplained, emotional problems that only improved after a regressive approach to therapy. Pioneered by Budd Hopkins years after the infamous Barney and Betty Hill abduction originally treated by Doctor Benjamin Simon, new and  important ground was broken in addressing the post traumatic stress of abduction victims who had no where to turn. Ufologists simply had no experience in dealing with this disturbing aspect of the UFO phenomena. Appropriate treatment for such bizarre affliction simply unavailable.

From the web site “Lights In The Sky” the Texas connection, comes another bizarre abduction report that happened years ago and has been carried around in the memory of this man is finally making his solemn recollection public. As is common, the man clearly remembered the circumstances and has a certain amount of guilt associated with his and his brother’s experience, having not done anything about his bizarre encounter such as reporting it to the authorities.

Having occurred in 1965, the incident is of considerable age, yet quite clearly recalled by the percipient. According to this somewhat tortured individual, who felt as though he had an obligation to come forth to law enforcement or some responsible institution, it all took place in a trailer park in Bossier City, Louisiana not far from the southeast Texas border.

The family lived near an Air Force Base where his father spent extended periods of time underground working with a missile silo crew. The 2 brothers along with their mom were especially excited to see their father who was on leave for a three day weekend and had worn themselves out playing with their dad all day long. So, after a long day of fun and excitement with their beloved father, there were exhausted and were in a deep sleep that evening. This man was careful to make a point that he and his brother were allowed to watch cartoons such as Disney or family shows like the Wild Kingdom, but were especially forbidden to watch science fiction, horror movies, or anything about spacemen or UFO’s. The boys were just not predisposed to having any fantasies about the odd or unknown.

Sometime around 3 or 4 in the morning the two brother were suddenly awakened by a thundering noise. When they crept toward their bedroom window to peer into the strange night they witnessed a classic disk shaped UFO descending to the ground, stirring up the dirt field below, and emitting a bluish light. The outer rim of the unearthly vehicle had small lights that encircled its perimeter. Afraid that if they alerted their father he might grab a weapon and bloodshed could result, the two youngsters settled down and observed as the unknown aerial object landed on 4 landing struts that extended outward. The surrounding landscape was lit up by the brilliance of this craft.

An entrance opened with a ramp that stretched out to touch the ground. This revealed a lighted interior that seemed to emit an electrical crackling sound. Then, a pair of entities walked from inside the ship down the ramp followed by two more pairs, making six beings. Each pair of aliens appeared humanoid with the exception of having colored flesh such as blue on the first pair, red on the second pair, and green on the last two. The witness recalled that the UFO crew reminded him of the Las Vegas act known as the Blue Men. He noted that these humanoids walked robotically.

Once assembled on the ground, the six spacemen walked toward the next door neighbor’s trailer, climbed the steps, and literally melded right through the door without opening it. Two young girls lived there ages 10 and 7. The boys knew them well and played regularly with them. In a few moments the odd beings emerged from the neighboring trailer passing once again right through the door along with the little girls, who seemed like they were sleep walking, but still able to move correctly though their eyes were closed.

This is when it really got weird. Up until now, the two brothers had watched thinking they had not been detected, and felt relatively safe though they were frozen in awe. Minutes later the UFO occupants were exiting their craft and taking the 2 girls beck to their home passing right through the door again. Suddenly as the aliens left the neighbor’s trailer, the 2 boys were shocked even further as each alien being slightly crouched, looked directly at their window, and waved. Now the two young lads were beyond wide eyed and open mouthed as they watched the entities re-enter their spacecraft. Once inside the ramp retracted, but as it did, the trailing spaceman once again waved to the 2 little boys.

Now the lights of the disk shaped object flashed on, glowing across the darkened landscape. The bluish object rose some 25 feet into the air slowly, but then shot off into the night sky at terrific speed and vanished. Leaving the 2 brothers astonished and talking about what they had just seen for many years to come. The witness claiming that his brother died in 2009 leaving only him to finally decide upon filing an official report through MUFON.

Sadly to this day, the witness who reported this story regrets not taking action before now. He wonders whether or not the two girls, whose names he can’t remember anymore, ever sought treatment or therapy for their abduction experience or if they simply tucked it away in their minds too bewildered and frightened to do more than try to forget that it ever happened. Even when most people, too uncomfortable to re-examine the experience simply live silently with the awkward memories unwilling to reawaken the frightening past, they suffer long term psychological effects that haunt them their entire lives. Much the same as those who have suffered sexual and physical abuse, abductees too live with chronic fear and stress that emanates from the unknown. Only now in recent years are we finally seeing some effort by medical practioners to provide treatment for these unfortunate sufferers of a very unusual syndrome.


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