A Secret Group of Alien Trackers

Deb’s communication reminded me of a series of letters that I received in 2010 from a group of scientists who had previously been connected with a major university and who now said that they had left the educational establishment to track and to study the very type of alien, extraterrestrial, or multidimensional beings that Deb had encountered so often in her life.

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One of the scientists, who seemed to be the leader of the group, told me that some of the entities that Deb had encountered were alien-human hybrids. For obvious reasons, I am using pseudonyms for the members of this group of scientists.

According to my correspondent within the group, whom we will call Benjamin, they had recently encountered a family of aliens living in a Midwestern state: Last summer, we were [in the upper Midwest], connecting with a young man of unusual capacities, and we ran across a couple of [aliens] (male-female with a child) at a soup place off the highway. My companions were two others from the scientific investigative group.

[The aliens] were already in this restaurant when we entered. My colleague Brian elbowed me lightly and motioned my attention toward them. They too took notice of us, so we proceeded to get our food (it was a self-serve type of place) and found a table almost across from them.

All the while, we are being “checked out,” because none of us were experiencing fear or friction toward them. We noticed, though, that they were not making any sort of contact with anyone else in the restaurant.

All of us, to a man, were more curious than anything, and they knew it. So I tried mind-on-mind with the male and, lo and behold, I get an answer.

This surprised them to no end, and they immediately began to make preparations to leave.

By then we were seated, and I smiled at him, telling him inwardly that they had nothing to fear from us. So he calmed down, she calmed down, and the little girl with them (couldn’t have been more than five years old, by appearance) began to quiz me about how is it that I (we) knew they were not from here. All of this, mind you, is taking place telepathically in the midst of the usual decibel of noise in a busy restaurant.

I answered all of her questions, and then turned the tables on her. I asked her if I could ask her questions. The male, whom I took to be the biological father, said it was OK, and I proceeded to engage in a most disconcerting conversation:

Yes, they were not from here.

Yes, they’ve been here for a while.

Yes, she was born here.

Yes, they come from another place.

She didn’t have a clear notion of what to call where they were from, until the father stepped in and informed me they were from a planet in what we know as the Lyra system.

I asked them about a certain “project” we knew to be ongoing in that part as more or less of a test. Much to my surprise, the woman begins to tell me about it, chapter and verse, as if it was already public knowledge (maybe to them). This to us established their clear bona fides.

By then, they were getting ready to leave. I asked them a couple of final questions, one of the female and one of the male. I asked her where they lived. She said it was south of there, near a lake. I asked him what they were doing there, and he replied that he worked as engineer making carriages (which on image I understood it to be recreational vehicles), but that he was preparing to go work on the north end of the west coast.

I asked if it was California, Oregon, or Washington state. He replied it was Washington, but wouldn’t clarify location. I didn’t press, and then he told me that now that they knew “us” (i.e. the three of us), that they would remain “in touch” with us from time to time. They have!

Oh, he also told us that there were many more of “them” here in the region. So, tell Deb she did not have an unusual experience at all!

From time to time, I hear from Deb, who tells me that on a number of occasions she has detected alien vampires who appear to be enjoying a night on the town in their stylish disguises. On Halloween, these bizarre alien visitors are certain to be in a party mood.


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