And then Darwin received a couple of other surprises. “It seemed that I caught a glimpse of Jolene standing in the doorway of her bathroom,” he recalled. “How could this be, I wondered, because she is lying right there in her bed, right in front of me. And then I thought I saw the glowing outline of another person standing in the shadows off to the right of Jolene’s bed. There was a soft, hissing sound from the direction of the bathroom, and where I thought I had seen Jolene, there was now only darkness.”

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Darwin left his older daughter’s room convinced that his eyes had been deceived by patterns of light and shadow. He had been working too hard, staying up too late, and suffering from sleep deprivation–all of which had caused him to see things that weren’t there.

The trouble was, the “things” really were there.

The slumber party seance quickly became a psychic disaster. Twelve-year-old Joy begged to be included, and Michaela agreed, stating that a child’s openness toward such matters could very likely provide the circle with greater energy.

At the stroke of midnight, they began their attempts to contact the entity that had attached itself to Jolene during her out-of-body projection. All the girls knew from watching various television programs and reading certain books on the occult that midnight was the “witching hour,” the time when doorways to the unknown opened a bit wider.

At first the planchette under the girls’ fingertips moved smoothly from letter to letter on the Ouija board, blithely spelling out a quaint tale of a young seamtress named Suzette who had been killed by runaway horses in the streets of their city in the 1880s. Her spirit had remained earthbound for many years, pining for her love, Raymond, who remained devoted to her memory.

Just as the five girls were growing teary-eyed over the sad tale of a young woman deprived of life and love by a cruel accident, the board suddenly began to spell out lewd descriptions of Suzette’s and Raymond’s sexual techniques. At once repulsed and fascinated, the girls were soon learning how the spirit of Suzette had continued to make love to Raymond from beyond the grave–and how they, too, could receive passionate lovers from the Other Side.

Heather moved away from the board and began to make strange noises as she dropped to the floor and started to twitch spasmodically. When Jolene and Michaela knelt beside her to see what was wrong, Heather sat up with a leering smile and greeted them with a string of obscenities.

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Later, the other four girls would all swear that Heather’s face was changed, altered into the features of a profane stranger.

Heather put her arms around little Joy and tried to kiss her. Jolene stepped in and pulled her away from her sister. Melanie screamed that she could see the image of a horrible, ugly woman superimposed over Heather’s face and body. Michaela gasped that she, too, could see the wretched hag.

“Begone, evil demon!” Melanie shouted, holding one of her occult charms at arm’s length before her. “Begone and leave us alone!”

Heather snarled and reached out for Melanie, seizing her by the throat, seemingly intent upon strangling her.

When Darwin and Aileen finally pushed open the door to their daughter’s bedroom to see what was going on in there, Joy, Jolene, and Michaela were screaming hysterically and trying to pull Heather off Melanie. Darwin immediately interpreted the scene as a teenagers’ squabble over hairstyles, boys, rock stars, or lord-knows-what, so he insisted on driving Heather, Melanie, and Michaela home at once. It was when the always well-mannered and polite Heather spat in his face and swore at him in a hoarse, croaking voice that he knew that something was very wrong.

Once again–sadly a bit late in the course of events–Jolene suggested that they all join hands and pray for Heather to return to them as she was. As Jolene began the prayer, Heather fell to her knees and began to make growling and hissing sounds. Joy screamed in horror, and Aileen carried her out of the bedroom.

A few minutes after the prayer was concluded, Heather blinked her wide hazel eyes at her friends and Darwin, who stood ringed around her. She appeared to have no memory of the bizarre performance that had brought the slumber party experiment to a screeching halt.

Darwin changed his mind about taking Heather, Melanie, and Michaela home at two o’clock in the morning. Later, he admitted to me that he was embarrassed about the incident and worried about what the parents of the girls would say if they were awakened in the middle of the night to be informed that unsupervised activities at the K household had driven the girls into hysterics.

When the girls arose the next morning about ten o’clock and had some breakfast, everything seemed back to normal. But after her friends had gone home, the K’s had a lengthy discussion with Jolene and decided to call me for advice in acquiring some preventionary measures against a repetition of such an event. Little Joy had slept between her parents until morning, crying, shuddering, and lapsing into nightmares that caused her to wake up screaming. Neither Darwin nor Aileen were eager to endure a repeat performance of a teenage activity that would traumatize their twelve-year-old and transform Jolene’s normally courteous friends into crude, shrieking wackos.

When I arrived at the K’s home on Sunday evening, I was informed that Joy was at a friend’s house so we could all speak frankly about the frightening occurrence on Friday evening. After only a few minutes of conversation in the K’s’ living room, I soon determined that neither Darwin nor Aileen were aware of their daughter’s experiments with the Ouija board.

As Jolene began to feel more comfortable with me and with her parents’ disapproving, but supportive, attitude toward her adventures in the occult, she told of the dark entity that had apparently attached itself to her after one of her Ouija board sessions.

“Such an entity is what I have come to call a spirit parasite,” I said. “They may once have been humans and wish once more to occupy a physical body or they may be regarded as the classic demons, who wish to invade and control a fleshly vehicle to experience human passions and emotions. Generally, these parasites of the soul cannot achieve power over humans unless they are somehow invited into the person’s private space–or unless they are attracted to a human aura by that person’s negativity or vulnerability. Unless you have made your prayer for protection and alerted your spirit guide, you are extremely vulnerable during a conscious out-of-body projection.”

Jolene lowered her eyes and seemed to be studying my comments. “I guess I just thought that angels and guides were out there always looking after me.”

“They are,” I agreed. “But remember that there are always negative entities looking out for vulnerable humans.” I went on to say that humans are most susceptible to spirit invasion when they are abusing alcohol or drugs and have lowered their normal boundaries of self-control. Spirit parasites, eager to experience the passions of the flesh, may enter the human vehicle at that time and encourage the possessed human to indulgence in all sorts of excesses of sex, gluttony, greed, and ego aggrandizement.

“So many beginning students of metaphysics make the mistake of assuming that their good intentions protect them when they enter trance or deep meditative states,” I continued. “These individuals may find themselves particularly beset by spirit parasites because they are seeking to follow the path of Light. They present a challenge to negative entities. And when these beings from the darkside find a chink in their armor–such as inadequate spiritual preparation–they are quick to zero in on those students too impatient to take the time to pray or to surround themselves with the Light of protection.”

Darwin wondered what it was that he had seen in the hallway and in Jolene’s room on Wednesday night.

“Jolene told us how she felt as though another being was somehow influencing her thoughts and causing her to fantasize sexual images regarding her friends and classmates,” I said. “Later, as she stared into the mirror, a kind of dual consciousness enabled her to perceive the thoughts of the spirit parasite as it admired the body in which it found itself. Still later, she saw the other face in the mirror, the face that resembled her own, yet was also reflective of the negative entity. It was that awful face that caused her to pray for the creature to leave her.”

I went on to explain that Jolene’s prayers had probably been quite effective in discouraging the spirit parasite from making long range plans about inhabiting the teenager’s body. If Jolene had continued to draw upon the Light, her spirit guardians would probably have been able to banish the negative entity within just a few more days. On Wednesday night, however, the spirit parasite was still able to draw energy from Jolene, and it was able to externalize itself while she slept.

“The other entity that you saw hovering near Jolene’s bed,” I told Darwin, “the one that seemed to be glowing, was quite likely her guardian angel or spirit guide. A spiritual balance would probably been achieved very shortly if Jolene had been talked into that séance with the Ouija board. The combined energies of all those young women–especially young women open to communication with the Other Side–brought the spirit parasite renewed strength. Thank heaven, Jolene conducted that prayer circle and performed a kind of impromptu exorcism.”

Darwin and Aileen asked me if I believed that the entity had left their home. I redirected the question to Jolene, asking her if she still sensed the spiritual interloper around her.

“I…I really don’t think so,” she answered after a moment of thought. “And I have been praying my knees off ever since Friday night!”

I shared the following prayer with Jolene if she should ever be aware of the return of the spirit parasite: “Beloved Angel Guide, charge me with your great strength. Charge me with your light and your love. Charge my mental, physical, and spiritual selves with strength and energy. Keep me ever sensitive to your guidance and your direction and banish all evil and negativity from my presence.”

“And what about us?” Aileen wanted to know. “What if we should sense that evil presence anywhere in our home?” I told them that If any of them should still sense the negative energy of a spirit parasite or any discordant entity, they could employ the same affirmation. I also advised the three of them to visualize their spirit guardian around them moving a soft, violet heavenly light over their physical bodies.

When I left the K’s residence that night, I felt confident that a spiritual balance had been reinstated both in their home and in their daughter’s personal province of psychic development. And I had Jolene’s promise that she would not continue her experiments in any facet of the paranormal until she had undergone a process of disciplined study that would enable her more accurately to discern between the various shadowy residents of the world of the supernatural.


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