The Montauk Monster

Back in July 2008 an unidentified creature washed up on the shore near the business district of Montauk, New York. Since then there has been much speculation on what the creature is. I first came across the story on the show Monster Quest which aired on OLN at the time. Since then I pulled a copy of its picture off the Inter-Net. A few of us looked at it to try to get a grip on its identity. The Montauk Monster seems to be a number of different breeds of animals mixed together. None of the “official” possibilities to what the animal is made any sense to us.

The head of the animal looks like it might be of a sea creature with a prominent beak where the nose is. The torso is smooth and hairless which could belong to any number of animals. There is a tail which looks like it belongs to an aquatic animal or of the deer family. I couldn’t get a grasp on what the hind legs were. I’m willing to risk by saying the upper limbs were arms with hands or claws that looked as if they could grasp on to things.

Talk has the Montauk Monster being a turtle, raccoon, rodent, sheep, sloth or member of the canine family. But what was in the picture doesn’t fit any one of the categories but like I wrote it looks as if it could be a mixture of several species rolled into one. Who is to say it wasn’t an experiment of some kind from nearby Plum Island or elsewhere like Area 51.

Watch video of the Montauk Monster: Click here.


Representatives from Plum Island along with state and government officials have tried to pass along information on what the Montauk Monster is. Analysis and studies were to be conducted on the corpse. But as usual would we hear anything after wards on what the Montauk Monster actually was? There could be a chance the body could have been tossed into an incinerator without an autopsy done.

But the official version sounds like nothing more than rhetoric from those wanting to cover things up or maybe they think we can’t handle the truth. Why not give us a try and see if we can. I bet we could. It would be better than being continually told partial truths and outright lies all the time by authorities.


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