The lost continent of Lemuria was located somewhere near the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. The tectonics plates show no indication of a lost continent in the Indian Ocean or surrounding Pacific Ocean, even though continents like Zealandia and Mauritia of the Pacific did actually exist and the Kerguelen Plateau of the Indian Ocean existed. Some ancient alien theorists believe that Lemuria was a gigantic mother ship that stayed stationary in the Indian Ocean and after the Great Flood the mother ship departed. Because of the gargantua size of the mother ship, early man considered this to be a large island or continent. The other theory is that due to a pole shift, Lemuria sank beneath the ocean waves, but like I previously said before, there is no indication of this, unless of course you consider the Yonaguni Monument off the coast of Japan to be Lemuria.

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Now, you are probably wondering what this has to do with Mount Shasta. Legend has it that the last of the Lemurians migrated to the underground caverns of Mount Shasta. There have been reports that mystical beings have been seen wearing robes coming out of the caverns. They are described as tall, having what appears to be a third eye on their forehead. Reports say that they have pale skin. In 1962, Roger Hemmings and a group of camping friends saw 3 robed men come out of a cavern and descend down the mountain by floating 2 feet off the ground, all 3 beings had what appeared to be a third eye on their forehead. Hikers make claim that they hear running machinery inside the caverns. There are even reports of hikers and campers hearing the sounds of human moaning and at times screaming coming from the caverns.

Mount Shasta: Mystical Mecca By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective

Theory has it that there is an underground UFO base in Mount Shasta. UFOs are reported coming in and out of this mystical mountain. Some UFO theorists believe that Mount Shasta like many other volcanoes contain the necessary energy for UFOs to recharge. Volcanos may be the gas stations for UFOs. 


According to Guy Ballard, while hiking on Mount Shasta he encountered a man who introduced himself as Comte de Saint-Germain. Saint Germain is said to have started Ballard on the path to discovering the teachings that would become the I AM activity religious movement. If you never heard of Count Saint Germain, he happens to be an immortal. He was a European courtier that had a strong interest in science and the arts. He achieved prominence in European high society of the mid-1700s. Prince Charles of Hesse-Kassel considered him to be “one of the greatest philosophers who ever lived”. St. Germain used a variety of names and titles, an accepted practice amongst royals and nobles at the time. These include the Marquis de Montferrat, Comte Bellamarre, Chevalier Schoening, Count Weldon, Comte Soltikoff, Graf Tzarogy and Prinz Ragoczy. In order to deflect inquiries as to his origins, he would invent fantasies, such as that he was 500 years old, leading Voltaire to sarcastically dub him “The Wonderman”.

His birth and background are obscure, but towards the end of his life he claimed that he was a son of Prince Francis II Rakocai of Transylvania and some people have taken that claim as a hint that his immortality derives from being a vampire. Another high strangeness is the story of JC Brown.

JC Brown a British prospector that was hired by the Lord Cowdray Mining Company of England claims that he went into a cave and found gold, shields and mummies that were 10 feet tall. JC Brown after making this claim vanished and was never seen again. An unknown source claims that he saw Bigfoot walking around a landed UFO near Mount Shasta and inside the UFO was one Reptilian, one Gray and one Nordic. It appears that Bigfoot has a strong connection to UFOs and many witnesses claim to have seen Bigfoot or Sasquatch during the same time they were witnessing the appearance of a UFO. UFO theorists think that Bigfoot was a rejected alien experiment that is interdimensional and lives in the caves and caverns of the world. There are plenty of caverns at Mount Shasta that would be a perfect hiding place for a Bigfoot community.

There has been 3 witnesses to Batsquatch in Mount Shasta. Batsquatch was first sighted at Mount St. Helens and later it was sighted at Mount Shasta. The Batsquatch actually was lofting in the high trees when 3 campers spotted this creature. The creature swooped down and scared the campers so bad, they ran down the road into the awaiting their trucks.

Besides the fact that you have all kinds of paranormal activity on this mountain, it also attracts ‘strange people’ from druids conducting chants to Wiccan groups conducting ceremonies. The flower children and hippies of the 60s would flock to this sacred mountain and be one with nature. A group called the Shining Armor of Sacred Vows were known to have their meetings at Mount Shasta. Lester Myers of Burbank, CA once saw a group of men wearing silver garments and holding swords in the air. He heard the men chanting about the Knights Templar and how they safeguard and protect mankind. Could the Shining Armor of Sacred Vows be some kind of branch of the Knights Templar? Could there be hidden relics inside of the mountain? Another mystery that belongs to Mount Shasta.

There is all kinds of ghostly activity near and around Mount Shasta from sightings of an ethereal Saber tooth tiger to the sighting of a little boy with solid black eyes lurking in the neighboring woods. Could this be a Black Eyed Kid? Also, there has been reports of a ghostly lumberjack looking man with a plaid shirt, beard and holding an ax. GHOSTS IDENTIFIED: THE PHANTOM SABERTOOTH TIGER; MOUNT SHASTA BLACK EYED BOY AND THE LUMBERJACK.


“The area around Mt. Shasta, CA has been inhabited for thousands of years. The peak the city is named after has long been viewed as a sacred place to Native American tribes in the area. It was thought that the mountain was the center of creation, and the Great Spirit created it by pushing ice and snow through a hole from heaven and then using the mountain to step onto the earth. It was also thought that the Great Spirit, known as Skell, dwelled on the mountain after creation. It even has a story of a great flood attached to it.

New Age groups have regarded the mountain as a sacred location as well. It’s been claimed that beneath the mountain is a very ancient city called Telos, which is allegedly where people from the ancient lost continent of Lemuria (a.k.a. Mu) settled after Lemuria was destroyed. Allegedly, they continue to live beneath the mountain in a utopian like civilization. Sometimes it’s claimed they are physical people, sometimes it’s claimed they dwell on a different plane of existence, perhaps as 4th or 5th dimensional entities (4th dimensional denoting a higher awareness of spirituality/consciousness, 5th dimensional meaning a non-physical intelligent entity). The story of Telos actually comes from a fictional novel called A Dweller on Two Planets that was written in 1800s by Frederick Spencer Oliver. It was thought that the author must have ‘channeled’ the story because he was only 17 and the depth of the topics covered seem to be beyond what a 17 year old of the time would have been capable of writing. Decades later in the 1930s, the secret society known as the Rosicrucians would popularize the belief that advanced Lemurians lived beneath Mount Shasta.” Special Note from Paul Dale Roberts: I am a Rosicrucian, but have no connection to the Lemurians living beneath Mount Shasta.

From Paul: When my group HPI conducted an investigation at Mount Shasta, one of my psychics told me to take a picture of her, she felt something nearby. When I looked at the picture there was a silver disk UFO tilted in the sky behind her. This picture went coast to coast in distribution.


It is said that the lenticular clouds on Mount Shasta are at times natural, but sometimes a UFO mother ship will cover itself with cloud vapors and look like a lenticular cloud. Charlotte Stanton claims that she observed a lenticular cloud on Mount Shasta and as she watched it for a while, she could see the outline of a large silver ship inside the clouds. Doris Mayweather says that she once saw tiny glowing blue fairies while she was out camping with her family. The fairies were male and female and actually had dragon fly wings she says. She goes on to say it was something right out of Disneyland and that the fairies were about an inch in length. They would fly around quickly darting here and there and hover at one spot and then take off, she saw a total of 7 fairies. PHENOMENON IDENTIFIED: BLUE FAIRIES OF MOUNT SHASTA.



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