The Octopus from Hell


Cheri Seymour’s prologue to The Last Circle overviewed how versions of PROMIS software were a “two way” backdoor integration for tracking money laundering and intelligence data of countries:  Danny Casolaro’s investigation into this led to his death.  The overall operation was compared to an Octopus with many tentacles, “…highest levels of government allegedly in collusion with Organized Crime….it all boiled down to money laundering….use of PROMIS…” in a much larger program where the National Security Agency and Canada spied on both American and Canadian citizens through Echelon Intel/spy satellite and crime cartels such as the Music Corporation of America. “Danny Casolaro’s Octopus….has reached Jules Verne proportions and grows daily….” 

(The last Circle, Cheri Seymour, Trine Day LLC, P.O. Box 577, Waterville, Or. 97489,, publisher, 1-800-556-2012,2010, 599 pages, $24.95.)


Seymour started with mystery deaths and drug dealings in Mariposa County, California and recounted comments by Vivian L. Wagner of DIG (Decency in Government) and her letter to President Reagan about the missteps DIG encountered in the court system.  Her frank opinion was rewarded by a prospective meeting, but her husband, attorney Chuck Wagner decided to “close shop,” deserts his practice and disappears. Seymour never found out why.

Former FBI and CIA agent, Ted Gunderson laid out the territory of underground operations paying for arms with drugs, cocaine or heroin: The Company handled the drug end of it in the U.S as self-supporting outside of Congress.  Michael Riconosciuto implicated Wackenhut Security Corporation.  The mystery led to “government sanctioned drug operations” (p. 39-40).  “….illegal overseas arms shipments, espionage, CIA drug trafficking, biological warfare development, computer software development…theft, money laundering and corruption at the highest levels of government.”

Danny Casolaro referred to it as “The Octopus”:  Inslaw software, Iran/Contra, the BCCI scandal, the MCA Entertainment Corporation, Cabazon arms on the reservation and desert land near Indio, California.


A joint business venture between Wackenhut International and the Cabazon Indians allowed high-tech arms exported to third-world countries from their Federally-exempt reservation. Wackenhut compiled “dossiers” on 2.5 to 4 million Americans in 1966 – one in 46 Americans then living.

Casolaro claimed to have inside information about Inslaw-PROMIS, October Surprise Scandal, BCCI, Iran/Contra Affair, and other front companies. Adnaw Khashoggi had connections with Dodi Fayed who dated the late Diana, Princess of Wales, and died in a car crash on August 31, 1997:  Adnan and Dodi were both involved in “front companies.”

The “web” of the Octopus led to drug trafficking in the Golden Triangle and the Nugan Hand Bank, as well as the CIA-owned Air America. Michael Riconosciuto, who played intimate parts in all aspects of the Octopus Mysteries from the PROMIS software to the Wackenhut/Cabazon cabal, lived near Tacoma, Washington in 1991 and had connections with the famed 1947 Maury Island UFO Incident and Fred Crisman, intelligence operative. Seymour mentions none of this, however. 


Fred Crisman was a Korean War veteran and OSS (precursor to the CIA) operative that was party to the June 21, 1947 Maury Island, Washington UFO incident. Crisman obtained and camouflaged UFO residue that led to the deaths of Army Air Corps Officers Brown and Davidson.  Because of Crisman’s intrepid history (going back as far as a fire-fight in a Burma cavern with mysterious Hobbit creatures) within the intelligence community in several situations, Crisman was called before New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison’s John Kennedy investigation as a person of interest. 

www.ufoevidence/ron halbritter/before-roswell-maury-island.

Clay Shaw, a suspect in the Garrison trial, was stationed in Washington State in 1947, as was detective and FBI agent Guy Banister, who was later connected to New Orleans/Kennedy tie-ins.  Shaw called Crisman shortly after Shaw’s arrest by Garrison.  All had prior Intelligence connections.

Later, Michael Riconosciuto was described as a “young electronics ‘whiz’ from Tacoma”: and Riconosciuto knew Fred Crisman.


The Wackenhut-Cabazon Joint Venture served the interests of the U.S intelligence community for many years. Michael Riconosciuto became intimately involved in the workings of  “the Octopus,” from Inslaw, the Cabazon-Joint Venture, Wackenhut, PROMIS software, The Company, government-sanctioned CIA, Food Machinery Corporation (FMC), FIDCO (First International Development Corporation), and world-wide front groups ringing Syria, Beirut, Cyprus and other countries.

“I handled communication protocol.  All the communications and financial transactions,” said Riconosciuto. “If I could get my records in line I could show all the money flows, everything.” (P. 77.)  He spoke of Swift Chips – Clearing House Interbank Payment System, Workers Bank in Columbia, dead-drops, Fin Cen, Octon Potnar, the Fresno Company, J & G Aviation, Gilbert Rodriguez and the Cali-Columbian-Drug-Cartel.

Gilbert Rodriquez and his cohort Jose Londono may have had CIA connections, operating through Miami banks such as the Northside Bank of Miami. Danny Casolaro’s investigations also focused on drug connections. Casolaro mentioned the Kuhn Sa Golden Triangle drug trade (August 8, 1991). He received death-threats on August 9. His body was found on August 10. He had mentioned a Cali-Cartel money laundering connection with attorney Mike Abbell.  Riconosciuto mentioned the Cali-cocaine-Cartel and Columbian kingpin called Gilberto (Rodriguez).


Riconosciuto suspected that Casolaro had come across dire things such as germ warfare technology, as found in Danny’s notes, as well as comments about slow-acting brain viruses, Mod Cow Disease, Robert Booth Nichols, Glen Shockley of FIDCO and Meridan International Logistics; the Japanese Yakuza.  Casolaro said:  “…its origins spawned thirty years ago in the shadow of the Cold War.” Casolaro’s list of names grew: Richard Helms, Howard Hunt, and Robert Chasen. Riconosciuto said: “…I know PROMIS, I know FOIMS (Field Office Information Management System – SE) inside out.  I helped develop that internal tracking audit trail…” 

Clint W. Murchison had connections with strong right-wing influences; connections with FIDCO, and Robert Manheu of Howard Hughes fame.  Seymour went through a list of CIA-connected operatives at FIDCO places were DEA and CIA agents could deal in arms, use as transit points, and bootleg computer software.  “…Euramae, as run by El-Jorr, was more like a low-life social club than a secret intelligence centre….”  (p. 102.)  FIDCO was said to be a National Security Council “front corporation.”

“Front organizations” often dealt in “technical wizardry” – or prototype military or combat equipment; Hoffman electronics (p.103). Robert Booth Nichols was also known as “Mr. Big” – and his ROM importing business was a cover for big-time heroin trafficking from the Golden Triangle. Booth was also a suspected hit man for the Tongs.  He had offices around the globe. He was on the Board of Directors of FIDCO.


The Liberation of Palestine-General Command and the Syrian kingpin Al-kassar had DEA and CIA drug trafficking ties, bypassed airline inspection, and placed a bomb on board the ill-fated 747 in a “controlled delivery.” Al-kassar also worked with Oliver North and Richard Secord in their weapons-contraband.

The Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) was a prospective client of PROMIS in its world-wide money laundering.  Said operative Lester K. Coleman:  “…I became aware of the fact that DEA was using its propriety company, Euramae Trading Company, LTD ., to sell to agencies of various countries in the middle east, including Cyprus, Pakistan, Syria, Kuwait and Turkey.” The United Nations Fund for Drug Abuse Control in Vienna, Austria, was a typical front company.  


The deaths of Ian Stuart Spiro and his wife and children in 1992 followed his connection with Iran-Contra arms-for-hostages and the pirating of software. His name appeared in Lt. Col. Oliver North’s notebooks. Spiro’s business partner, Robert Corson, was also found dead in a motel room. This was followed by the death of Alan Michael May who had connections with the Cabazon/ Wackenhut Joint Venture. Seymour disclosed that Al Hobert, an Israeli intelligence officer, recruited Riconosciuto into the CIA and “The Company.”

“I designed communications equipment,” said Riconosciuto, “I did a lot of software development.”

Charlie Weinberg invented the Vortex Chemical Company for Al Hobert; this activity attracted the attention of Dr. John Phillip Nichols at Wackenhut/Cabazon.  Holbert turned out to be a double Soviet/Israeli agent and Treasury agent.


Riconosciuto’s partner, Paul Morasca, was found dead by Riconosciuto: hog-tied and arms lashed. Morasca was suspected of drug laundering. Then Mary Quick was fatally shot: Quick was carrying multi-million dollar computer cards that belonged to Tyme Shares On-line Financial Clearing House. “I developed the modem, error trapping routine,” said Riconosciuto.

The “web” entailed SDS; Sigmat; P-E-R-T; EDS’s. In December 1981, Michael met with George Wackenhut.  Wrote John Connolly in SPY Magazine, September, 1992: “So, the wealthy president of a large security company with CIA ties and one of his board members meet with drug dealer turned electronics expert and a spook turned arms supplier…”  

Robert Booth Nichols was linked to biological technology in Japanese institutes and Meridian International Logistics.  MCA Entertainment Division was also sued for organized crime, but this was stopped at a high-level (p. 134):  the MCA labyrinth.  Riconosciuto and Nichols were both interested  “…in developing new high-tech sub-machine guns and powerful explosive devices….electromagnetic pulse….,” as well a $500-million stock fraud in international organized crime.  Nichols said:  “I am involved in the research and development of weapons systems, ranging from the basic blow-back automatic weapons to various advanced destructive devices.”

Strangely, Nichols was also an investor “in a method for induction and activation of cytotoxic T-lymphocytes”: Biological warfare; back to an “Old Boy” network from the 1950s. Nichols was advancing, as well, a Research and Development facility on the Cabazon Indian Reservation: arm-sales to NATO, U.S Army and Germany.


Wackenhut branched into property In Canada. Nichols worked in arms and electronic trading. President of Intersect Corporation; John Vanderwerker, Glenn Shockley, a board director of FIDCO and MIL, both were on CIA payroll; links to Union Bank of Suisse of Zurich, Switzerland. Forty-two Cobra helicopters were purchased by NATO, and then they were suddenly diverted to “north Korea,” then Iraq (p. 144). Oliver North supplied Iran, the CIA supplied Iraq, and Wackenhut supplied the Contras: all supervised by the U.S government: the Reagan administration’s efforts to aid the Nicaraguan Contras. The House Judiciary Committee on Inslaw gave proof “that Wackenhut sold arms to the Contras.”

(An aside, according to CIA operative General Manual Noriega, he was paid $11-million from a CIA slush fund, and maintained that “planes carrying arms to Nicaraguan rebels returned to the United States loaded with illegal drugs” [pp. 147-148].) 


Cyto-toxins were mentioned in Bio-Rad Industrial Park/ Wackenhut/Cabazon biological warfare letters: “Hitler’s wet dream.”  Riconosciuto added: “Horrible things. You know, it makes what the Nazis did to the Jews look mild….horrible germ warfare project….” (p.152). Some of the toxic chemicals made it to Saddam Hussein through international trafficking of armaments (ITAR).

Peter Videnicks, a Justice Department CIA cut-out was the administrator of the contract between Inslaw and the DOJ. A $10 million dollar deal to install PROMIS in its 20 largest U.S Attorneys offices fell through in 1983. Dr. Earl Brian was one of Ronald Reagan’s “fast track” inner sanctums and he served a large Intelligence Community; he was involved with PROMIS. He was called “the Genius Doctor” in the field of biological technology; biotech Capital Corporation and American Cytogenetic.  Infergene was in violation of toxic waste.  “….chhamydia, herpes, and HSV-2….bacteria of unknown etiology.” (p. 157.)  Radioactive Butanol; Beef mucosa; DNA technology; Yersinia Pestis: the Black Plague.  “….if an accident had occurred, all of Berkeley would have been wiped out.”  A proposal by Wackenhut to Dr. Harry Fair was “a secret government installation” and the Army Weapons Division; Gulf War Syndrome (GWS); mass sociogenic illness.


To quote Robert Chasen of Wackenhut: “Wackenhut was running amuck.” Nichols and Peter Zokosky attempted to “sell the biological warfare technology (developed in cow uteri)” through Wackenhut: Ebola Zaire Virus.  “A tiny change in its genetic code,” said Richard Preston in The Hot Zone, “and it might (have) zoomed through the human race.”

Nichols confessed to Seymour that he and John Vanderwerker were CIA facilitators and the shipment of the 42 Cobra helicopters was a “classified” operation. “Without drugs,” said Nichols, “banks and whole countries would collapse financially.” (p.173.) Wackenhut was involved in chemicals destined for King Fahd of Saudi Arabia; lethal toxins; Cytotoxic T-lymphocytes. Peter Zokosky described a process by which the Venture “had incubated the virus in cow uteri and udders in bio-labs twenty floors beneath ground.” (p. 176.)  

(UFOlogists and paranormal investigators recognize stories of the cattle and animal mutilations where utters and other bodily parts are mysteriously and surgically removed.) 

The MCA Home Entertainment Division is described as “facilitating the largest leveraging scam ever conceived in this country.”

Nichols alleged that Riconosciuto had killed Paul Morasca.


Among other things discussed with Nichols was a film uncovered by him of an alleged “un-cut” version of the Kennedy/Zapruder film demonstrating the CIA’s ability to “cover up anything it wants.”  Seymour speculated that the showing was a ploy by Nichols to later claim deniability.

Nichols claimed to have worked in MK-Ultra-Manchurian-Candidate programs; Phoenix Project; The Chosen Ones; German SS occultism. “I felt sure the corporate and government connections,” said Seymour, “were little more than ‘fronts’ for large scale drug trafficking.”


Because of name-dropping of a secret Nichols meeting, Seymour’s life was threatened. It would be another death – seven all together – if it happened. (p. 191.) Real life “Dungeons and Dragons….biological warfare, high-tech weaponry, and large scale heroin and cocaine operations worldwide…down the big, black hole.”   Seymour said that the “war” between the FBI and the DOJ was a “key” to the Octopus story.  PROMIS could be modified to track money laundering activity as well as Intel gathering, hack data bases, control hundreds of accounts, and move money through the international banking system (p. 198); CHIPS and SWIFT. In 1992, that was $2 billion dollars a day: laundering with ties to the Gambino crime family and the Yakuza. 

Nichols, in criminal style, had hung a man in front of a prop plane which sucked the victim towards the propellers. That victim was Sam Marowitz, a professional hitman.

Cheri Seymour’s investigation into the tentacles of the Octopus continues in Part II. Click here.

If you would like more information or to purchase this book simply click on its title: The Last Circle: Danny Casolaro’s Investigation into the Octopus and the PROMIS Software Scandal

If you would like more information or to purchase this book simply click on its title: The Octopus: Secret Government and the Death of Danny Casolaro


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