Numerous witnesses have reported successful communication attempts with extraterrestrials. Eyewitness has agreed that several techniques have seemed to inspire nonverbal talk with aliens. One method that has been reported is by pointing a high powered laser towards flying objects in patterns. In intelligent cases, the unidentified objects seem to be able to mimic this with their lights to validate that they understand our attempts.

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Another attempt that I have personally tried is through the use of crystal skulls. I dreamed the night before an investigation to go to a very specific spot on a piece of land that I had not yet seen. It was by the water by this patterning of grey stones. I did this the next day at the investigation and my crew and I we saw an unidentified object power up simultaneously after I telepathically sent my message with an amber and green crystal skull in hand. The skull is symbolic of knowledge and anyone working with energy can feel the vibrations that gems and rocks give off. They sort of seem to attract and dispel certain properties. I have been practicing the art of telepathy for quite some time and practicing with aliens is something new and experimental I love to try.

The power of the brain is incredible and something that I believe interests other beings the most about our species. We can harness the powers of other realities, worlds and dimensions all through portals in our mind. We can travel into the past, present or future, whichever we choose. The mysticism of the brain is impressive.

If you are a spiritual person you believe that by prayer or by focusing your thoughts positively or negatively you can change the fate of the world and the people around you. Did you know this is telepathy on a grand scale? All you have to do is think a thought and God can pick up on it because he can read your mind…do you think his ability can be passed into others or not? I believe in telepathy because I myself have witnessed it several times throughout the years.

There is a story that I tell a lot because it is very eerie. One day, I was very angry. I am very in tune with my emotions and I am usually very calmed mannered but there was a serious of extremely incredible events that just kept stressing me out until I reached a point where I was so mad. I remember a crow was cawing outside of my window and I thought it was so irritating. I left my apartment to go to work and I looked behind me at the crow, gave it the evil eye and it fell dead from the tree that instant onto the ground.

This taught me a very important thing. It taught me that no matter how much you think you know reality, there is actually no truth to the world around you. Everything is about perception. You put yourself into situations through the power of your mind. What is real is love and hate and I am not sure exactly where it came from but I know it is a force. 

Our thoughts are always going to have an effect in a good way or a bad way because it is a psychic phenomenon. Our thoughts are powerful. It is a movement of the mind.


Here is where I present all that I know

Unfold my hands underneath a honey moon

I was praying but the moon became full

With indecision, timing, commitments too soon

And God had not answered in time to cure my heart Though I prayed for salvation I came to see I am an artist and everyone else only pieces of art In this gallery on display Heaven enjoys masterpieces

A perfect angel, savior, beautiful painting’s saints inspiring Helping me be anyone but myself give way to desires Alliances made on Earth carry over through death transpiring I remember the faces of all his sculptures very well

They were pretty and yet they broke so easily in my hands Like promises made and erased, useless in my loneliness The brightest king holding stars like beads on strands Because he knows, he knows everything and he keeps his secrets

Unlike the universe who reveals all like an open book Yet sometimes you are so easy to read like I am telepathic not hard to understand, because there’s a rebirth, another cycle A reason to fall in love with you again…and the beads… Break so easily…the threads come undone… That’s the truth of it … Don’t they always come undone?



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