The Present Future Past


So many of us constantly worry about the future. We fret continuously about what will be. Especially we fret about the bad things we think will happen. Often times by dwelling so strongly on these possibilities we generate powerful thought forms that actually create the very things that were dreaded. Yes, that really can and does happen. That seems to me like a good reason to leave the possible problems of the future be. Now I’m not saying we shouldn’t have occasional goals but those shouldn’t be cast in stone.

Living in the past can be just as bad as living in the future. In both cases you can waste away your life dwelling on what could have been or what will be. If you make a mistake, learn from it and carry on with your present life. And don’t worry about what that mistake, which is now in the past, may do to your life sometime on up the road.

Each present moment in your earthly existence was your future only a previous moment before. If you don’t consciously live life in the present moment much of your future can slip by and become your past without your ever noticing it.

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