What volutionary form will be adopted by humankind thanks to its own accidentally imposed mutations.

That mankind has imposed a form of destructive evolution upon itself is not up for discussion. It is an undeniable fact. Whether DNA of the human race has been programmed for self-destruction, or mankind’s inherent trial and error unintentionally invoked it, we as human beings on planet earth are the victims of a fate we are now being subjected to. Just as the theory that the reason we have been visited by alien species who were forced to combine their dying genetic future with that of another species in order to survive, perhaps mankind too will be forced to pursue the same one day in the not so distant future.

The influence of statism

If the imposition of such megalomania as Agenda 21 which seeks to supposedly prolong the life span of “Mother Earth” as though it is an organism that is more important than human life by the evil agenda of the United Nations, mankind will surely be at the mercy of influences unforeseen a few decades ago. One thing is for sure humankind seems poised to be irrevocably transformed by forces it cannot control. A future that provides for the uncontaminated evolution of a human physiology allowed to seek improved adaptation in the future seems implausible now as many factors continue to converge on the human condition.

The footprint of commerce

The influence of multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry manufacturing patentable drugs that treat symptoms while failing to eradicate disease, production of psychoactive drugs designed to alter the human brain for psychiatric purposes, the leaching of pollutants into the environment, all factors that will have long term effects that will have an inevitable impact that will haunt our species for ages to come. Unless a concerted effort is made to alter policy, remove lobbyism from the halls of government, and make a moral distinction between profit and the effects of industry upon our lives, the vicious cycle will continue.

The inevitable traces

If humankind can manage to ascend into space and out into the universe without a self-destruction imposed upon itself by a global nuclear war, what will follow shall be the traces of manmade recessive genetic adaptation not as catastrophic as that imposed by massive natural disasters, but none the less, as a result of exposure to decades of environmental, industrial, experimental, governmental, and medical tampering with our genetic material.  This will result in subtle if not more apparent effects that we can only imagine. Yet, humankind is forever already influenced by these changes that have occurred.

What will we become?

The human being of the future will be mentally and physically a product of these adverse changes that can only be measured on a scientific scale. Only due to the diverse genetic adaptation of human genes from all over the global environment can these mutations have a variable influence upon those who are distributed across a wide topography of the earth. What the cumulative effects can be are uncertain. However, the undeniable truth will be that humans will be much different than they might have evolved if not for an adverse environment imposed by the clandestine interests of industry and government seeking to attain their agendas at the cost of the health and freedom of the general public.

In all this, is it not possible that one leviathan asteroid is yet poised to strike this planet and forcefully impose the need for spontaneous adaptation upon human and all other species existing on this planet through the violent and catastrophic means  that only nature can exert? Only time will tell as mankind continues on its haphazard course in an uncertain world made unstable by his own doing.

A possible future

A query I shall propose in all this question of mankind’s vulnerability to his own designs. What if the Grey’s, the diminutive little supposed alien biological robot forms we are well acquainted with as a result of the abduction syndrome, are merely the transformation of the human species in distant future in lieu of being ravaged by the unforeseen genetic defects that have surfaced from what we are just now only being able to comprehend? Are visitors of the future merely us looking into a mirror of eventualities we cannot control? It is food for thought no doubt. Scientific misconceptions are not uncommon, especially when trying to project our place in the, yet to be seen, future.

Until next time when the nightmarish shadow of the unexplained descends upon us and compels us to reconsider.



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