All around us are living, breathing plants. Trees, flowers and grass all share the same world as us. They are similar to us as they start as a seed, which could be compared to the human pregnancy cycle. Yet, these creatures are seeds born from the wombs of the Earth.

We have a soul, so to, even animals have spirits as well .We must come to understand and honor the soul of all plants, and living things as well. Throughout mythology, history and art, beautiful depictions of ancient trees have sparked legends, carrying the universe and all cosmic forces in its grasp.

The roots of a plant and tree stay grounded into the Earth that it was born from. So, to do us until the day that we die and start again into a cycle of reincarnation. Our genetics are mapped into “family trees” because we are like fruits spreading seeds, branching out and placing our roots into the ground. This is spiritual and physical. From plants, we can attain spiritual enlightenment. Many religions and cultures use medicinal herbs and practices to cure the land. Some examples of this are Sage, incense and even herbs like Aloe Vera used for medicinal purposes.

The reason that it is so important to soak in the aroma of Earth in tea leaves, lavender salts and so much more Is because we are healing ourselves from where we originally came from and will return to. The essence of the Earth and its spirit is saturated through the leaves of plants. It’s DNA sort of somehow mutates our brains and bodies into levels of ascension and enlightenment. Sometimes herbs and plant life, such as mushroom can cause hallucinations or even death.

How could the power of something so fragile destroy our strong bodies? 

There is a spiritual purpose to each of us, humans, animals and plants and we need to learn how to honor each other. One person’s perspective on the world can change anything and real change comes from within.

Here I have included some examples of plant life, tree and nature legends to encourage your meditative state and inner growth. I hope that one day we can all come together into a place of love and ultimate being. That day, when we have come to realize what it is that we are seeking, will open the door into the next lifetime and each of us will live on as does the cycles of the universe, the pattern of life.

The Garden of Eden

“The Lord God made all kinds of trees grow out of the ground—trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food. In the middle of the garden were the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. 

—Genesis 2:9”

The Garden of Eden has a Christian, Catholic and Jewish starting place for the species of humankind. This Garden is the ultimate paradise and habitat for people. God’s first man Adam, and his first woman, Eve was created here. There were many delicious fruits and vegetables in the garden but none as delicious as the tempting ones from the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil which was off limits. Once Adam and Eve had a taste of this fruit, in betrayal towards God their eyes were opened and they received much knowledge. God, angered by what they had done cast them out of the garden forever which is now guarded by two Cherubim who wield flaming swords (Gen.3:24).

This story from the bible has formed into many translations and has been analyzed and interpreted from here into various ideas. Some believe this is an actual physical place, some say it is all spiritual metaphor and some believe it could be the quest for eternal life. I believe it is a little bit of it all as I believe in the balance of the universe.



The Dryad is a nature spirit that can be found in Celtic and Greek literature. The Dryad is portrayed as a female nymph spirit who draws her powers from the energy of trees. In Greek mythology, they are heavily associated with the oak tree. In modern times we associate the word with any tree spirit in nature.

The Meliae are the nymphs of the ash tree. They were born from blood drops spilled when Cronus castrated Uranus, Gods of Greek Mythology. The blood also gave birth to the furies, who are female vengeance deities. 

Nymphs associated withapple trees are the Epimeliad, and those associated with walnut-trees are the Caryatids.


Hermes is the Greek God of the messenger between humans and gods. He is the son of Zeus and a mountain nymph. His original symbol was a willow wand. He is said to guard us into the afterworld. To me this idea entertains the concept of enlightenment as he was also a God of poetry and knowledge. Hermes has a hand in all things between mortals and immortals which is basically a crossroads between life and death. He is the one who brings dreams to humankind.

Once you are cast into Hermes watch, you are on the journey to your 

death. Perhaps as you read a book or poem, he is the one guiding your 

meditative thoughts, and he helps you enter into that trance you are in to receive spiritual messages:

God of Angels by Deanna

Hermes guides me

Visions, judgements, insecurities

He leads me by the hand into the afterlife…

When I have achieved my destiny.

Spirits of Nature

The Spirits of Nature are all around us, whispering invisible messages into our hearts, minds and souls. A force or principle believed to animate living beings. (Dictionary). We can physically hold onto the power of nature and heal, grow and learn from it or we can destroy it by replacing the Earth with cement, asphalt and other walls that keep us from the spiritual boundaries of the true nature of the universe. Do not leave behind your respect for nature, it is alive all around us.


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