The Werewolf Zodiac

This zodiac happens to be written for mortals like you and I and our immortal souls. There have been variations made for animals and pets, but none so intricate to help the legends of forever in their paths. Imagine living not just one lifetime as a specific zodiac sign, but an altered timespan as one who really has the space to develop.

A sign that still has a lot of learning to do is known as an undeveloped sign, when one is developed they are said to act and think much differently. So, imagine a werewolf who could live a reasonable amount of time, plus the fact that some are immortal or may turn to vampires and we would get much different results.

Now, for this article, I have been researching astrology on and off for years of course and I have also psychically reached out for answers from the heavens. My hope is that anyone that has this gift of shape-shifting may be able to access the zodiac from their creature side and read from another perspective.
You will be able to excel and advance in your purpose than most will.

The Werewolf Zodiac


You are on the hunt for love. You will find that it will manifest itself for you over a long period of time. Your competitive nature will cause you to follow your dreams first. Aries werewolf is brave and adventurous. It will do Aries well to travel.

Aries transformation is very powerful and sudden. This may lead Aries to dramatic action. Trust in the universe and yourself because as the first sign of the zodiac, you are the leader of your destiny. Do not lose control.

Flesh blood is a source of energy for Aries werewolf. You will find it re-energizes and strengthens you. Aries is meant to find purpose in all they do. Trust your instincts.


Your quest is to build yourself an exceptional sanctuary, furnished with all the beautiful magical objects and enchanted items you may find in your pathway. Be wary of cursed items as your luck could manifest serious dark energies. You would do well to go outdoors often and even to fill your space with lush green plants for harmony and positivity.

Taurus may find their transformation very uncomfortable. This could cause the headstrong Taurus to overcompensate with other things that may provide home comforts, such as food, luxurious locations and overindulgence with the spirits.

For extra luck, light yourself some incense, particularly the green kinds such as sage, frankincense and earthy junipers. When your mind wanders into one direction, be sure to tap into the air element, in order to balance it. Try rituals of smoke, prayer and reading to release yourself.


The Gemini werewolf has a lot to accomplish. It may become obvious to others, your double life as a werewolf. Be sure to focus on balancing your energy, so that you can be in the present.

If you find yourself struggling with mood swings suddenly, especially during the full moon cycles, it would suit you best to spend time around water. Fresh running water can contribute to our peace and calm restless energy.

As a Gemini werewolf, you will find yourself the friend of many other magical creatures. Your charm, matched with your ambitions, will present universal challenges in the form of rewarding journeys. You will gain much from putting your pursuits aside to truly know yourself before anything else.


The cancer werewolf has an incredible heart. You will find that you are very affectionate to those you love. Your goal is to love others for who they are and not get to caught up in your feelings.

Due to the nature of an emotional transformation in the cancer werewolf, you will find yourself attracted to those who are like you and can see your true nature. Do not be afraid to express yourself, but don’t do so selfishly- remember we all love differently.

The cancer werewolf craves a solid foundation with which to stand. They will be highly adaptive to the majesty of the full moon. They will be very in tune to the changes in the cycling of her nature and may seem to move forward with the spirit of this power.


Leos love to feel connected. They need to be accepted to feel their best. Leo werewolves will find that if they do not accept who they are and have become, they will struggle deeply.

Leo will make a great storyteller in many forms.

It would be wise for the Leo werewolf to take note of the times and movement of celestial bodies around them in order to know when is best to take the lead of powerful energies around them.

The goal of the Leo werewolf is to spend enough time with their self to understand this deep need for notoriety. This is very important, as you do want to keep time for yourself in order to recharge and glow the brightest you can, even in darkness.


Virgo werewolf will find their quest in life is to strengthen their selves in werewolf form. At first, Virgo may find it hard to change from mortal to wolf, however, over the span of your lifetime, if you are dedicated enough to your adaptability, you can become very powerful.

Virgo werewolf’s best advice is to take things slowly. Take into account the timing of your endeavors, much like the planting of seeds into the Earth. Sow them in the right season and weather. Your destiny is to come into sync with the cycles of Earth and eventually help others around you to move forward wisely as well.

Virgo can be very shy and hesitant at first, but once you find your faith, you will grow into a magnificent being. Remember that even in your seemingly imperfect state, you are complete.


Libra will find that they love being a werewolf. The Libra werewolf can find beauty in everything, even the pain of transformation. The power of Libra is in self-love.

The Libra werewolf should, in most cases, have a harmonious transformation. This will better build the spiritual foundations of truth and honesty in the mystical lessons of life.

The Libra werewolf is the warrior of righting wrongs. This could be damage done in the past, present or even what you build to ensure a peaceful future for all.


The Scorpio werewolf is an intense energy. Scorpio will find their selves getting lost in issues pertaining to territory, possessiveness and passion. However, this can be used to advantage as well.

When transforming, surround yourself in a cleansing charge of watery power. If possible, go to a place where the water rushes and changes dramatically in order to recharge.

The path of the Scorpio is one of passion, but not just an impulsive charge. It is rethought action. The strength of Scorpio is forgiveness, of all and oneself.


The power of the Sagittarius werewolf is luck. You will find that preparing yourself, taking chances and practicing your skill often will lead you to success in your mystical endeavors.

The Sagittarius werewolf is a dreamer. They will reach for the stars and surpass that, if they try. The Sagittarius werewolf has a great power over candle light and spell work. Sometimes hit or miss, but once the luck sets in, miracles will happen.

The Sagittarius werewolf must learn about intention and action. They have a tendency towards boredom and may find themselves making more challenges than needed if they do not schedule plenty of play time to counteract the serious dream nature they have.


The Capricorn werewolf is the athletic competitor. There bodies will transform very easily and with great agility, they will surpass all physical expectations. They are very in tune with the physical nature of things.

The Capricorn werewolf has a lot of ambitions in life. Be sure not to wear yourself out by focusing on human projects and werewolf projects all at once. Take things day by day, expecting the occasional achievement.

Capricorn can become very obsessed with money, so they may find themselves neglecting their primal side. Make sure to balance conformity with your wildness and don’t get to caught up in appearances.


The Aquarius werewolf is the spiritually intelligent being of both worlds. Seeming to flow easily from one side of their self to the next, they will have a lot of grace in everything they choose to do.

As an Aquarius, you will find it best to respect your needs as much as everyone else’s. Spend extra time with yourself to understand your dual natures.

The Aquarius has an unlimited supply of ideas and inspiration, the trick will be to get the ball rolling. Your ability is your intuition, which helps you to understand other people and help guide them.


The Pisces werewolf will experience a lot of different emotions in life. It is important to remind yourself that you are the magician of your destiny, although you could get hurt so easily, you have more sides to show.

You keep things in balance with your fantasies and realities. Oftentimes, creating such realism in the spirit, that you can bring it into life.

Because of your sensitivity, your luck in life will be to develop your compassion for others. So much will be going on in your heart, that it is a must to heal yourself and others with developed psychic gifts.

The Werewolf Zodiac

Written in this article of words, is the most obvious traits of each sign. However, because this is sun sign astrology, you will find this better pertains to your human nature side transitioning into another cycle.

The next process is to learn about your moon side, which is the part of you which will help guide your subconscious energy. These horoscopes are meant for understanding of the conscious side of things.

Remember to know yourself is to understand your intentions and reactions more closely. This energy speaks to your shadow self as well, however you must understand your sun and moon are usually different.

You can take the same energy form and analyze it across certain houses, planets and positions and it will generally be the same minus certain alpha factors of each station.

By us, let us transform from the sun into the moon and into a new born soul, with the deepest understandings and empathy possible for ourselves and others. In this way we learn our divinities and how they correlate to our destiny, life and love.

May luck be with you.

Deanna S.

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