The Advanced German Flying Saucer designated Haunebu Mark III



The German UFO – Haunebu Mark III


By Steve Erdmann

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The Rev. Scott Gerard Prinster is a Ph.D. candidate in the history of science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.   He recently made comments (in UU World Magazine, Fall, 2015, “Better than Human?   The Ethical Challenge of Bio-Technology and Transhumanism.”) that appear on the minds of many people:

“Since my youth I have been drawn to the world of science fiction, to books and film depicting human life shaped by futuristic science as wondrous magic.   I understood that these stories were really speaking about our present-day society and pointing out the opportunities and dangers posed by our progress.     Maybe that’s why the most interesting aspect for me was the vision authors imagined for our future.    How will humanity respond to the problems we are facing today?   Will we overcome disease and aging and outgrow the need for war and brutality?

Within the past four years, two books approached these questions, but more so in the vain of the UFO (flying saucer) Mystery and its possible beginnings, routine, and future relevance to science.



Kenn Thomas’ investigation into a June 21, 1947 UFO incident and dumping of UFO fragments into the Puget Sound near Tacoma, Washington also went into “Para politics,” the Oliver Stone 1991 movie JFKCIA agent Clay Shaw, and a mysterious CIA asset, Fred Crisman, who seemed to mesh into several paranormal and political incidents in 1947 and over the years, making one wonder if a mosaic of “1947 events” (the 1947 Roswell UFO crash, the 1947 creation of the Central Intelligence Agency, the creation of the 1947 Air Force UFO Project Sign, the 1947operation High Jump, which met heavy resistance by UFOs, the 1947 creation of the NSC [National Security Council] and Comint [Communications Intelligence], and others) didn’t collectively have something to do with a Pandora’s Box of reality having been opened and whereby unleashing infectious demons that have yet to be resolved.



The Maury Island Incident

For complete details on the Maury Island UFO Incident, we highly recommend reading “JFK + UFO-Military-Industrial Conspiracy and Cover-up from Maury Island to Dallas,” by Kenn Thomas, and published by Feral House, 1240 West Sims Way, Suite 124, Port Townsend, Washington 98368, 2011,, $17.95.

Kenn Thomas.

UFO Author – Kenn Thomas


Micah Hanks views what appears to be some of the same UFO mysteries, their origins, but with extra “metaphysical” viewpoints.   Hanks sees the solution to the UFO mystery as clandestinely happening behind current scientific progress and, perhaps, even being manipulated by unknown forces and agencies.

“…far be it from me, let alone the staunchest skeptics among us to hope to derail any one’s belief in Alien visitation here on earth,” says Hanks.   “The bottom line is that we simply don’t know what, exactly, we may be dealing with when it comes to UFOS.    At present, we only have a few reasonably good ideas.”

Hanks quotes Alexei Turchin, a Russian Transhumanist, on the nature of the UFO phenomenon:

“UFOs are a reflection of our fears. They represent a certain kind of taboo, and are often a scapegoat in the absence of real science…often to test the edges of our rationality, or our ability to rationally and somberly look into the unknown.”– — The UFO Singularity: p. 213.


micah book

“The UFO Singularity” by Micah Hanks is publsihed by New Page Books, a division of theCareer Press, Inc., 220 West Parkway, Unit 12, Pompton Plains, N.J. 07444,, 2013, 287 pages, price: $15.99.



The Maury Island UFO incident seemed “physical” enough. Harold Dahl, his son, Charles, a pet dog, and two unidentified crewmen were impinged upon by an estimated twenty tons of UFO debris deposited over Puget Sounds, damaging his boat, The North Queen, killing his dog, and injuring his son (who soon left the territory with amnesia, but later allegedly found, recovering in Lusk, Wyoming).

Dahl’s “superior,” Fred Crisman, later witnessed the bizarre material spewed along the beach, and briefly became witness to a craft similar to one of the six large donut-shaped aircraft that previously hovered over the bay.

Thomas describes increasingly mysterious events.  For example, the very day after the Maury Island UFO event, Harold Dahl was approached by a man in a black suit (aka “MIBs”) who was driving a 1947 black sedan Buick. The man (characteristic to other ‘MIB’ reports) took Dahl to breakfast.  The  man revealed quite a bit of knowledge about Dahl.  He also made veiled threats about Dahl’s well-being.   “I did think it was rather fantastic how this gentleman happened to know what I had seen,” said Dahl.

Shortly following the Maury Island UFO Incident, the famous Kenneth Arnold incident took place  June 24, 1947 in the Cascade Mountains near Mount Rainer, Washington, when Arnold viewed nine delta-shaped aircraft “skipping” the mountain peaks about 1200 miles per hour.  [1]

Thomas tells us that the era was designed by reports of similar objects. Archie Edes of Wenatchee, Oregon also saw a UFO disperse “great shows of speaks and piles of flame” around June 27, 1947.

Although there was, as yet, no “official” US Air Force investigation of the sightings in Washington state, Arnold was soon contacted by Raymond A. Palmer at Ziff-Davis Publishing and “Amazing Stories” who offered Arnold $200 to investigate Dahl and Crisman’s story.

Because of the July 4th “wave of sightings,” however, General Carl “Ptooey” Spaatz dispatched two investigators, Captain William Lee Davidson and First Lieutenant Frank Mercer Brown of the Fourth Air Force A-2 Intelligence Unit.  General Spaatz began an investigation of the Northwestern UFOs at the McChord Air Base, as well as Hamilton Field in California, to report UFO data to the Air Technical Intelligence Command at Wright Field in Ohio (commanded by General Nathan Twining at that time).

Arnold soon connected with David N. Johnson of the Idaho Statesman and United Airline pilot Emil Smith, both who had previous UFO experiences, as well as talking to officers Davidson and Brown.  Johnson “advised Arnold to take on the Maury Island investigation and let his newspaper pick up the expenses.” —  JFK + UFO-Military: p. 36.

Smith joined Arnold in his investigation, interviewing Dahl and Crisman, other UFO witnesses, and inspection of the UFO debris.

Ted Morello of the United Press International began to get anonymous-informant-telephone-calls revealing intimate details of conversations with Dahl, Crisman and Smith.  Such reported and eerie informant-interceptions happened several times, causing the investigators to search for “bugging devices” in their hotel room.

Brown and Davidson interviewed everyone about their findings. Crisman provided the A-2 men with a box of the fragments. [2].  The officers were suspicious of some of the elements in this case, but they “planned to finally make that trip to Maury Island with Crisman in the morning leaving this whole strange experience behind them.” [3]


1st Lt. Frank M. Brown

Capt. William Lee Davidson (top) & 1st Lieutenant Frank M. Brown

USAAF Pilot & Co-Pilot of the B-25 that Crashed  Investigating the Maury Island UFO Incident


Unfortunately, and mysteriously, the episode took a macabre twist when the B-25 the two officers left in crashed shortly after take-off on August 1, 1947, killing them both.   Capt. Brown’s widow mentioned her belief that he husband had been murdered [4].

Bizarre elements continued:  A reporter for the Tacoma Times, Paul Lantz, who reported on the crash, died shortly following his news dispatch.    A farewell trip by Smith and Arnold to see Dahl at his previously visited home, found a suspiciously empty house:

“When they arrived, they found a house that ‘looked completely deserted and as if it had not been lived in for a month,’” says Thomas.  There was no furniture, only dust, dirt cobwebs, no Dahl, his secretary or her children to be found.  The two men had been there earlier in the morning when the house was occupied and normally lived-in. (JFK + UFO-Military: pp. 68, 65-66.)


Author, Researcher and Investigator Micah Hanks



Michah Hanks is likewise amazed by certain mystic happenings in sightings of UFO craft:

“This is certainly a possibility, though there would need to be a hefty reason for using technology so advanced as that displayed by UFO craft for mere purposes of staging psychological experiments with humans,” says Hanks.   “Artificial intelligence, advanced bioengineering, anti-gravitational aircraft, and perhaps even time travel are all things that could account for various UFO technologies.   However, each of these possibilities is equally fastened to the idea of a coming technological Singularity just as well.” — The UFO Singularity: pp. 65-66. 

Hanks prods the reader into a “human/alien” quest and prism where human-beings had begun inventions into aerial technology.   The Weldon Institute flight-enthusiasts hosted an 1889 demonstration of a dirigible-heavier-than-air-flying-machine as told in Jules Verne’s 1886 novel Robur-le-conguerant.   These aircraft seem to have been actually manifested in the skies over Sacramento, California in November, 1896, as a craft that bobbed in the skies in a “falling leaf” pattern of descent.   There soon followed an “airship scare” with many reports from other parts of the country, some resembling a “huge egg” or “cigar” shape with rudders, paddle wheels, or even propellers.

Similar stories came from Australia in 1909.  David Schwarz designed such a craft which flew at Tempelof near Berlin, Germany.   George de Bay demonstrated a saucer-like model in 1928 that“could skip through the air like a flat stone.”  — The UFO Singularity: p. 107.

Hanks similarly talks about Nazi technology as discovered in diagrams they found at the end ofWorld War II.  Historian and researcher Joseph P. Farrell comments that “Nazi flying saucers” had been in the works by 1942.  [5]



An artist’s conception of The Nazi UFO named “Haunebu II”

Actual German photo of “Haunebu II”  

“In truth, there may have been a number of secret private enterprises throughout the years, which might have contributed to reports of explainable and other worldly looking things in the skies,” says Hanks.   “Depending on the level of technological sophistication such ‘secret groups’ might have achieved, these could also contributed to a host of reports of strange unidentified flying objects seen as far back as prior to World War I.”


Hanks says that J. Allen Danelek had similar thoughts in his research on early aviation [6].



This is precisely where Fred L. Crisman enters history, not just as a UFO witness, but as a member of Special Internal Security of the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) and then transferred to the CIA as an “extended agent” in the State of Washington. Crisman trained at Fort Lewis, Washington, Fort Benning, Georgia, and Fort Sill, Oklahoma, the National Security Agency (NSA), and spent a considerable amount of time as a “disruption agent” at Boeing Company in Seattle.

Crisman also connected with earlier episodes of what publisher Ray Palmer called The Shaver Mysterystories that Palmer latched onto (as written by Richard Sharpe Shaver) who told of a“diminutive race of beings” called “deros” (contraction of the words ‘detrimental’ and‘robot’), who originally came from outer space many eons in the past to help create and organize life on earth, but became victims of Sun and other solar radiation “attracted” into their advanced mental machinery, causing disease, mental derangement and a kind of perpetual zombies of “The Elder Race.”[7]

The Dero (usually living in subterranean caverns) sometimes were fought against by “not-so-deranged,” Tero and innocent surface dwellers.  [8].

The Shaver Dero-Tero tales became a complex series of articles in Palmer’s “Amazing Stories” in the 1940s (and later in his Hidden World series in the 1960s).

One of those people who claimed connection to “The Hidden World” was Fred Lee Crisman, who wrote to “Amazing Stories” telling of his own encounters with “deros” in underground caverns in Myana Mar southeast of India, and Kashmir, near Jammu in Alaska, where Crisman claimed a companion name “Dick” lost his life.

Crisman gave a “prescient description” of a laser-like weapon that bored “a hole the size of a dime in (the) right bicep” of Crisman’s companion’s arm. “‘It was seared inside,” Thomas quoted Crisman, “‘How, we don’t know,’ no doubt, since lasers had not yet been developed.”

It was precisely at this point in 1947 that Crisman was seemingly interjected into UFO history.  [9].




Thomas also points out that these craft were the end-products of Nazi technology and their “flugdiskus.” — JFK + UFO-Military: p. 81.

“During World War II, for instance, he supposedly belonged to the Office of Strategic Service (OSS), a forerunner of the CIA, which according to UFO lore had a hand in transforming flying saucer technology from the Nazis after the war,” says Thomas about Crisman“and so, if there was anything to the connection, this may have been the origins involvement with Maury Island.”

Crisman’s numerous CIA comments and episodes since 1945 included Clay Shaw (who tried to call Crisman upon his arrest by Jim Garrison in the 1968 Kennedy assassination trial in New Orleans).  [10]

Shaw’s association with a fascist organization called Permindex,Shaw’s alliances with the Nazi/American Operation PaperclipGuy Banister association at 531 Lafayette in New Orleans (Banister associated with Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963,Watergate buglers Bernard Baker & E. Howard Hunt, David Ferrie [who, among other activities, was a gun-runner for the CIA’s Bay of Pigs], Robert Maheu as a consultant to billionaire-genius Howard Hughes (who planned murder plots against Fidel Castro), CIA operatives Thomas Beckham, Sergio Arcacha Smith, Louis Rabel, “The Octopus” suspect Michael Riconoscuito, Kerry Thornley, and various bizarre right-wing ‘old church’ evangelical sects, including The Minute Men and the Christian Sons of Liberty.

“To many, the world of transnational industrial espionage that Garrison saw as the back drop to the assassination is simply not real, despite its continuing presence in global politics,” says Thomas.  “Conmen, industrial spies and low-level disinformationists abound in this environment and one testament to the veracity of Crisman’s entanglement is the durability of his influence upon it.  [11]”  — JFK + UFO-Military: p. 115.



Here Michah Hanks presents the philosophical and cogent theories of Martin Cannon as espoused in Cannon’s “The Controllers: A New Hypothesis of Alien Abductions” which allude to powerful and clandestine agencies working in concert to manipulate the beliefs and actions of society at large.  [12].

Dr. Leon Davidson was another scientist that felt the “UFO mystery” was actually a CIA invention!  [13].

“Although the above circumstances being related have to do with the potentials for such technology being harnessed by covert agencies, there are other ways that advances in the sciences might be used to control or manipulate an individual,” says Hanks, “…military interests aren’t always the only medium through which the advancement of secret technology can occur…taking place as a result of private interests and largely away from public agencies, we can see that it would no doubt remain clandestine.” —The UFO Singularity: pp. 171-172.

Hanks slowly outlines the steps in which the origin of such phenomena may have already taken place in our present and future reality as “Transhumanism” heading for the ultimate “Singularity.”   Hanks quotes Russian Transhumanist, Alexei Turchin, on how “super technologies” could presently be playing with humanity:

“I refer to the idea that UFOs are connected with the quantum nature of our world; they are like schrodinger’s cat, which could exist only under conditions of low concentration of the attention of its observers…this could explain why many attempts at taking UFO photos seem to fail or end up looking like hoaxes. It could also explain how they are connected with our unconscious mind.” — The UFO Singularity: p. 210.



On January 14, 2012, scientist Nigel Kerner sent a warning to Hanks that humanity may have been set-up as “lab rats” kept alive “for mere purposes of control__and a control system that ultimately plans for their demise…an agenda, a hidden agenda that is not for benefit.”  — The UFO Singularity: p. 217.

Such glimpses into Palmer’s “Hidden World”  (JFK + UFO-Military: page 39  [14]) may have been found in Thomas’ portrayal of Fred Crisman as one of the three hoboes (aka “The Three Tramps”) arrested on the day of John F. Kennedy’s murder.  Such associations suggest a strong and operant synchronicity in a Jungian sense, at least.  [15].

Mysterious papers called The Torbitt Document, had been authored by David Copeland, and told of how Crisman had ties to both Kennedy-suspect-groups, the infamous Division Five of the FBI and the Defense Industrial Security Command (note the acronym, DISC).    It also said that Crisman had been at the Dallas site on November 22, 1863.

The Torbitt Document tells of a John Howard Bowen (alias AlexanderOsborne) who was accompanied by a second’ fictitious John Howard Bowen who was, in fact, a “Fred Chrismon, [sic] another agent for the munitions makers Police Agency Defense Industrial Security Command.   Chrismon also posed as a missionary and used other aliases. Among the cognomens for Chrismon were Fred Lee, Jon Gould and Jon Gold.”

In his November 21, 1968 subpoena of “Fred Lee Chrismon,” Jim Garrison listed Crisman as engaged in the undercover activity for the “industrial warfare complex” and having “persons involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.”  —  JFK + UFO-Military: p. 79. 

Fred L. Crisman

The Three Tramps arrested in Dallas – 11/22/1963

The Midlothian Mirror reflects on the photo of the “tramps” as showing a “co-director of the Mexican-based assassins, John H. Bowen, alias Fred Chrismon, alias Jon Gold, and Thomas Beckham.”[16]

The tramps were also identified as Harold Doyle (pronounced ‘Dahl,’ as in Maury Island), John Gedney and Gus Abrams; said also to be Chauncey Marvin Holt.  John Forrester Gedneywas also identified as Edward Lansdale.  [17]


(“The figure who has come under close scrutiny by some conspiracists is the late Major General Edward Lansdale, U.S. Air Force.Edward Lansdale is undoubtedly the unnamed ‘General Y’ in Oliver Stone’s movie ‘JFK.’ ” [18] Lansdale was a special operations officer with links to the CIA.  His professional patron was CIA Director Allen Dulles. 

“The character of the shady political manipulator, Colonel Hillindale, in the famous novel ‘THE UGLY AMERICAN,’ was based on Lansdale’s activities in the Philippines in the early 1950s, where his operations reportedly included torture and political assassination [37:25].   In Vietnam, during the Eisenhower Administration, Lansdale managed several ruthless internal security programs for South Vietnam’s corrupt and oppressive dictator, Ngo Dinh Diem.   These programs later developed into the CIA’s infamous Phoenix Program, which was responsible for the execution of over 20,000 Vietnamese and for the death and torture of countless civilians [37; 43:79-80; 7:40].)”    (Pages quoted are from “The Ugly American” and Griffith.)

A thorough and intimate examination of Thomas’ works will reveal an assortment of trails into the Kennedy Assassination and the UFO Mystery.  In an interview with Mike Sylwester on August 4, 1993, Fred Crisman, Jr., said that his father, Fred Lee Crisman, probably worked for the CIA.  Fred Crisman, Jr., said, according to Sylwester and Thomas, that “his father believed in a conspiracy between the CIA and the Mafia to kill JFK and once remarked that Dealey Plaza had been landscaped in preparation for the assassination.”  [19] — JFK + UFO-Military: pp. 253, 259.



Thomas had often worked with and also co-authored a book with the late Jim Keith (TheOctopusSecret Government and the Death of Danny Casolaro, Feral House Publishing,  1996, 2004), and Thomas likewise seems to share Keith’s “dharma combatant” view that “the world is far more multidimensional” than the “pablum” given out by the media.   In fact, says Thomas, it could be downright “dangerous.”

Thomas wrote the Introduction  to Keith’s book, wherein Keith told of some personal experiences (revised in WordPress, October 2016):

“(A Process of Decoding) Regardless of our experience or research, we seem no closer to finding an answer to the puzzle of the UFOs.   These strange craft and their equally strange occupants behave in a manner that seems to contradict physics and logic, appearing and disappearing seemingly at will, dropping curious objects and artifacts (including potatoes and pancakes), mutilating cattle, abducting people and leaving cryptic messages embedded in the brains of their awe-stricken contactees,” said Keith in a 2004 Saucers of The Illuminati.    “These activities, these odd messages seem only to compound our confusion as to who these interlopers on ‘our’ cosmic turf are and what their motives might be.”

Keith described some encounters as angelic (the Space Brothers), often giving out warnings about impending doom, while others are not so benign.   Some witnesses claimed to have been abducted against their will and even implanted with electronic brain devices for monitoring.

“Analyzing the conflicting signals that we have received about the nature of these visitors,” Keith went on and said, “it is almost as if we are purposely being misled and befuddled by these mysterious agents, purposely being deceived about the motives behind these visitations, and perhaps even directed in some mysterious transformative operation of which we are not aware.”

Keith’s own UFO encounter happened in 1972 in the Los Angeles suburb of Upland, when he encountered an archetypal grey alien staring in his face from a distance of about one foot.   He leapt out of bed and raced into the living room.   When he returned to his bedroom, the visitor was nowhere to be found.   Keith questioned the experience as a “cross-dimensional” defiance of dream and reality, and said he has never had an experience like that since.   He compared the episode to happenings in Whitley Strieber’s bestselling book Communion[20].

Much like Hanks’ theories, Keith leaves many possibilities open, including hoax by UFO buffs and American Intelligence agencies in a ruse to conceal mind control operations, described in several tomes (such as those of Martin Cannon), he leaves the “latch string” out for other possibilities.

“One intriguing possibility is that the incident in Upland was one of beamed electronic mind control of the sort I have described in a number of my books,” continued Keith.   “The house where the incident took place was a large hippie/radical commune where any number of anti-Establishment pipedreams was hatched.   The strange motley of activists in Technicolor dream coats that came and went from the place at all hours no doubt drew the attention of those who monitor such things. And so it occurred to me: Was I zapped electronically with the image of an alien?   Was it just a byproduct of the chromatic chromosomes so prevalent at the time? I will probably never know.   What I do know is that there are depths to the UFO enigma that are not plumbed by most researchers in the field, Horatio.”

An examination of Hanks’ works will likewise reveal a multiplicity of explanations for “strange phenomena and odd occurrences” ranging from “breakaway civilizations” to“independent private operations” to “trans human inventions” and reaching for the “Singularity” in which “a point where our own technological capabilities will become so advanced that they begin to mirror that of other intelligences in our universe, some of which may already be in our midst, though partially obscured by the limitations of human perception.” — The UFO Singularity: p. 254.

Hanks quotes Martin Cannon from Cannon’s “The Controllers” to likewise highlight a crucial point:

“A mind is a terrible thing to waste___ and a worse thing to commandeer.”


Among the multiple cryptic references to Fred L. Crisman, one mention as “Danger Man” seems most adequate; it is typified in Johnny River’s ballad from that period.  Kenn Thomas chronicles the archetypal appearances of “Danger Man” in the 1960s television programscalled Secret Agent,” ” The Prisoner,” and “The Invaders,” as exemplified in Johnny Rivers’ song Secret Agent Man.


Secret Agent Man

There’s a man who leads a life of danger –

To everyone he meets he stays a stranger –

With every move he makes another chance he takes –

Odds are he won’t live to see tomorrow.

Secret agent man, secret agent man:

They’ve given you a number and taken away your name.

Beware of pretty faces that you find –

A pretty face can hide an evil mind –

Ah, be careful what you say  –

Or you’ll give yourself away –

Odds are you won’t live to see tomorrow.

Secret agent man, Secret agent man:

They’ve given you a number and taken away your name.


1960s Actor Patrick McGoohan as “Secret Agent Man

Secret Agent Man” is a song written by P. F. Sloan and Steve Barri.  The most famous recording of the song was made by Johnny Rivers for the opening titles of the American broadcast of theBritish spy series Danger Man, which aired in the U.S. as “Secret Agent” from 1964 to 1966.    The song itself peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100.



 [1]  On June 24, 1947, the civilian pilot Kenneth Arnold reported seeing nine objects, glowing bright blue-white, flying in a “V” formation over Washington’s Mount Rainier.    He estimated the objects’ flight speed at 1700 mph and compared their motion to “a saucer if you skip it across water.”  (In newspaper reports of Arnold’s sighting, this description was mistakenly taken to mean that the objects were shaped like saucers, leading to the popularization of the term “flying saucer” as a synonym for UFO.)    Though Arnold said he initially thought what he had seen were test flights of military aircraft, the military later said they had been conducting no test flights during the time of the incident.   A prospector on Mt. Adams saw the objects at around the same time as Arnold, bolstering his story.


[2]  The late John Keel highlighted the Maury Island debris in his book Operation Trojan Horse (page 174): “The flying saucers have been spewing all kinds of trash all over the landscape. … We can start with the slag dumped from the sky during the Maury Island, Washington ‘hoax’ of 1947.    Analysis of this material showed it to be composed of calcium, aluminum, silicon, iron, zinc and other mundane elements.   Heaps of this stuff has turned up since in New Hampshire, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and many other places following UFO sightings.    It has often been found on hilltops and deep in trackless forests, places where it had to be dumped from the air.   And it was found in Sweden in 1946.”


Some of the debris that Crisman spoke of, and was mentioned in Ray Palmer and Kenneth Arnold’s The Coming of the Saucers (1952), was still in their possession.   Ray Palmer’s metallurgical analysis of the ‘real stuff’  found the material to be of high calcium, Iron, zinc and titanium content, with lesser traces of aluminum, manganese, copper, silicon, nickel, strontium, chromium, tin and cadmium.   The book noted that titanium is used in missiles and space ships and that calcium has the affinity to capture radium and prevent contamination.

[3]  Edward J. Ruppelt, in his book on his association with UFO investigation, sloughed-off the case as a hoax, despite the actual evidence:   “He famously got many of the details wrong and deliberately obscured names of the principal players.”–JFK + Military: page 67.   Research Ron Halbritter, May 27, 1997, quoted Ray Palmer as saying “Ruppelt hadn’t done his research.”–  JFK + Military: pp. 245-246.

[4]  The widow of Officer Brown suggested that he was murdered: “Frank Brown’s widow did in fact state her conviction that her husband was murdered.   In addition to this, a particularly persistent reporter into the Maury Island episode died shortly after the investigation…”

News accounts of the crash and statements by Army officials hinted that sabotage had brought down the B-25 on which Davidson and Brown were flying.  Brown’s wife Velma also spelled out her suspicions in a letter to Arnold. “I have never thought that Frank’s death was an accident,” she wrote.

[5]  Roswell and the Reich: The Nazi Connection, Adventures Unlimited Press, Joseph P. Farrell, 2010.

[6]  Phantoms of the Skies: The Lost History of Aviation from Antiquity to the Wright Brothers, Paperback – 15 Sep 2011 by J.Allan Danelek (Author), Chuck Davis (Author): .

“It has been traditional to teach school children that Christopher Columbus discovered America, that Charles Lindbergh was the first man to fly across the Atlantic and that the Wright Brothers invented the airplane. Time has since taught us that the first Europeans to touch foot on the continent of North America were the Vikings and that Lindbergh was the 85th man to cross the Atlantic by air. Would it be any more remarkable to learn, then, that the Wright Brothers’ brief flight in December of 1903 may not have been the first successful flight of a manned, heavier-than-air powered machine?  This book tells the true story of aviation as it evolved from mankind’s first primitive attempts to fly to the remarkable successes of the early twentieth century in a non-technical and fun way, designed to impress upon the reader that the history of aviation is richer and more remarkable than they ever imagined.”
[7]  Shaver’s world:   If the Deros looked goofy, however, their activities were anything but. Deros use their ancient technology to control, or “tamper with”, the minds of surface dwellers.   (Shaver hinted that many members of the world’s wealthy and powerful elite had been replaced by Dero-controlled doubles.)   The Deros also abduct thousands of surface-dwellers on an annual basis, and subject them to the most depraved and excruciating torture imaginable.   Deros enjoyed disassembling their victims, and keeping them conscious for months as living vivisections.  Women were turned, by means of “sex stim”, into living furniture, while others were given “growth stimulation focused on breasts till they got enormous and gave milk like a cow which they use for a beverage.”

[8]  The Tero:   In addition to the dero, the Cavern World harbors small, hunted groups of tero (integrative ro), Elder descendants who, for reasons never adequately explained, have not succumbed to detrimental radiation. These tero are locked in ceaseless combat with the dero, and some befriended Shaver:   “Right under my feet men die on racks because the dero…have caught them trying to help protect Shaver.”

“The dero and tero populations of the caverns are dwarfed by a mass of human slaves as well as tribes of depraved freebooters who have drifted down from the surface world during various eras.  While not as luridly evil as the dero, these too are a pretty loathsome crowd, vicious gangsters who slave and smuggle in alliance with topside criminals. Each major city apparently has its subsurface equivalent inhabited by these thugs, and many a ‘runaway’ gets sold down the shaft.”

[9]  “The Octopus” conspirator Michael Riconosciuto was aware of 1947 secret aircraft experiments at Boeing Aircraft and told Kenn Thomas on February 10, 1996 that Fred Crisman and Mary Catrinia Johnson at Boeing were involved in  some kind  of radioactive experiment: “…was a reactor of some sort on board this aircraft, it was an advanced radar platform of some sort.”–  JFK + Military: p. 256.

[10]  According to the award-winning investigative journalist, Anthony L. Kimery:

“Documents surfaced in 1977 showing that Shaw had worked for the CIA since 1949.  He had also been in business with former Nazis and European fascists involved in several CIA-supported covert operations throughout Europe, and there is strong evidence he had been a member of the OSS; he certainly had worked for a top OSS officer who was involved in Operation Paperclip.

“But did Crisman know Shaw from those days? It’s possible.  Crisman is said to have been attached to the OSS. Intelligence sources say he was a member of a secret fraternity of former intelligence officials.  Other sources swear he was involved in gunrunning and was closely tied to organized crime–two factions which certainly worked hand-in-glove at the time.

“According to Garrison’s information, Crisman knew Shaw well.  One of Garrison’s informants said Crisman was ‘the first man Clay called after being told he was in trouble.’ The same source added that Crisman ‘flies to New Orleans steadily: 1964, eleven times; 1965, 17 times; 1966, 32 times; 1967, 24 times . . . he seems to have no income and certainly spends a large sum of money on air travel.’”

[11]  “In Joan Mellen’s book A Farewell to Justice, Fred Crisman had been identified as one of the hundreds of ‘spooks’ working secretly for the Intelligence community.   In her voluminous research on the history of Jim Garrison and the Kennedy assassination, Mellen discovered that Crisman had association with the Offutt Air Force Base and worked with the United States Army Air Defense Command.   A FOIA request of September 13, 1969 revealed Crisman as Agent 4250.  A comment appeared: ‘…a man that is dangerous to the future of America.’”

[12]  Cannon studied the story of Rex Niles and his sister in what Cannon suspects was a “psychoelectronics” harassment experiment that seems to follow the characteristics of “abductee accounts.”    Niles was cooperating in the investigation of his Woodland Hills firm until mysterious helicopters began to circle their home.    The atmosphere outside their home measured 250 watts of microwaves, and a radioactive disk was found under his automobile dashboard. When Niles stepped near Lyn Silverman’s home computer, it also went crazy.    All these ingrediants can be found in UFO abduction cases, including the shutting off of televisions and stereos.

“But the radioactive disk is especially intriguing.  As former FBI agent Ted Gunderson recently explained to my associate Alexander Constantine, magnetic radioactive disks have long been used by the clandestine services as cancer-inducing ‘silent killers’ – i.e., as tools of assassination,” said Cannon.   “Not only that. The disc calls to mind one little-remembered detail of the Hill case – the dozen-or-so circular ‘shiny spots,’ each the size of a silver dollar, found on the trunk of her car directly after the abduction.”

[13]  Dr. Leon Davidson was one of the earliest scientists that suspected CIA involvement in hoaxing UFOs.  “I contend that since 1951, the CIA has caused or sponsored saucer sightings for its own purposes.    By shrewd psychological manipulation, a series of ‘normal’ events has been served up so as to appear as quite convincing evidence of extraterrestrial UFOs.    Some of this ‘normal’ activity includes military use of ECM on a classified basic unknown to the radar observers who were involved, leading to the Radar reports discussed in this article…”

[14]  Doug Skinner is a Fortean writer/artist/ and Off-Broadway [with Bill Irwin] performer in The Amazing Stories of Richard Shaver.)  “Our Own Worst Enemies:  There’s a hidden message in Shaver’s work, one that’s often overlooked by both enthusiasts and detractors. Quite simply:  We are the dero.

“To Shaver, we have virtually unlimited potential.   Within us is a huge untapped capacity for wisdom, strength, vitality, and beauty.   We could be like gods. Instead, we’re a stunted, perverted bunch: we kill one another, poison our planet, and stultify ourselves with mindless jobs, cut down forests to put up ugly boxlike cities, vilify intelligence, and condemn sexuality.    We think backwards and embrace everything that’s vile, nasty, and foolish.

“Shaver may have been overly optimistic about our capabilities, but he did have a point.   We can do better. And if it takes a Shaver revival to get that into our little dero heads, we might as well have one.”

[15]   “Jung’s concept of synchronicity is complicated and poorly defined, but can be boiled down to describing ‘meaningful coincidences.’    The concept of synchronicity came to Jung during a period of mental illness in the early 1900s.  Jung became convinced that everything in the universe is intimately connected, and that suggested to him that there must exist a collective unconscious of humankind.   This implied to him that events happening all over the world at the same time must be connected in some unknown way.”

[16]    Investigators, such as Steve Thomas, suggested multiple Jungian-style synchronistic connections with the backgrounds of the tramps, their changing names, family history, and possible CIA and espionage backgrounds.  John Forrester Gedney was one of the tramps, yet suspected to have prior ‘spook’ background:

Steve Thomas went further in saying:   “This was posted on a blog called Cannonfire (by someone named Joseph on August 17, 2007 concerning a man named Larry Kolb (   “(The blog by Joseph contains some errors, but the thrust of the article is intriguing) Having made rather too many enemies in the clandestine world, Kolbe finds himself in a safe house in Florida.   He spends a number of pages indicating that this small town functions as a sort of retirement village for spooks. (In much the same way, old carnies would retire to Gibtown, also in Florida.)   Faded spies are everywhere. Even the guy who bags his groceries is an old KGB defector — literally a bag-man.  

“And guess who else happens to live in Spook Central?  

“There was also John Forrester Gedney.   Mr. Gedney retired recently after more than twenty years as a code inspector, inspecting houses, like mine, for compliance with building codes.   You may have heard his name in the movie J.F.K., or read it in a book.   For, as Mr. Gedney announced, and proved, last year [2003], he was one of the three railway tramps arrested behind the grassy knoll in Dallas on November 22, 1963.   He was the tall one in the grainy, mysterious photograph used so often by conspiracy theorists as evidence that the CIA and other dark forces were behind the assassination of our president.”


[18]  Government agent Robert D. Morrow speculated in that the main emphasis should be on Lansdale (Posted 25 July 2010 – 08:45 AM):   “My GUESS is the three tramps were folks who had no involvement in the JFK assassination.   However, I do think the identification of Edward Lansdale by Col. Fletcher Prouty and Gen. Victor Krulak is extremely important.   Skim down and read the letter by Gen. Krulak identifying Ed Lansdale as on the sidewalk just 5 feet west of the Texas School Book Depository.   “Major General Edward Lansdale was probably in operational charge of the assassination in Dallas. JFK did not make him ambassador to Vietnam in 1961, which Lansdale coveted. JFK did make Lansdale the Head of Operation Mongoose which was filled to the brim with CIA and anti-Castro Cubans who hated JFK as much as they hated Fidel Castro.   Here is a photo of Lansdale taken on the sidewalk in front of and just a few feet west of the Texas School Book Depository:

“Fletcher Prouty gives his insights:

“Here is a Lansdale bio: http://www.spartacus…OLDlansdale.htm

“Also, Wikipedia on Lansdale: http://en.wikipedia….Edward_Lansdale.

“Forget the 3 tramps, the identification of Lansdale by Fletcher Prouty and General Krulak is the jewel in that photo! Edward Lansdale had a rectangular head:…l=&oq=&gs_rfai= .

“Here is a 3/14/85 letter by Gen. Victor H. Krulak also identifying Edward Lansdale at the TSBD on 11/22/63:   http://www.ratical.c…K/USO/appD.html.    Edward Lansdale, the CIA’s assassinations expert, – his presence in Dallas indicts the CIA.”

(Despite Morrows skepticism of the three tramps as having no importance, investigation reveals on-going connections between the tramps and the Intelligence community:

[19]  Steve Erdmann:   “I believe there was a lot of multiplicity involved in the assassination so as to make the reality of whom and what was involved untraceable and to deliberately muddy the waters and cover up the reality of the facts.  Different ‘hit teams’ were involved—all unbeknownst to each other, perhaps on an individual bases as well, and all with a private agenda coordinated to happen at a precise time.   Eight to ten shots have been postulated by experts.  There was a wide-range of decoys and fall guys in line for use and exploited.    A whole rift of cover-up followed alongside.”



[20] Communion: A True Story  is  a book by American ufologist and horror author Whitley Strieber that was first published in February 1987.   The book is based on the claims of Whitley Strieber, who experiences ‘lost time’ and terrifying flashbacks, which hypnosis undertaken by Budd Hopkins later links to an alleged encounter with aliens. The book was later made into a film directed by Philippe Mora and starring Christopher Walken as Strieber and Lindsay Crouse as his wife, Anne.”


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December 12th, 2015


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