“What we put in is what we put out; garbage in garbage out; love in love out.”
Most of us go through the day without realizing what thoughts we’re having. Being part of the majority that are sleep walking through life isn’t a way to go through a day as too much is being missed out on. I think a lot of us are frustrated with where we are going on our life path and how we are doing it because our thought patterns are blocking us. Now before anyone says this is a far fetched idea, most of us act upon what thoughts we have, whether they are positive or negative. Since most people don’t take a moment to realize or analyze what thoughts go through our mind we may not know how they affect what we believe in. We get back what we put out whether it is the good stuff or the bad ones.
Every material object you see or touch started off as a thought in someone’s mind. Then they created it and put effort into making it whether it be a pen, a computer or a satellite heading out into the Universe. Thoughts are more powerful than imagined; they can lead us to do good work like Mother  Teresa or evil like Charles Manson. Or do great works of compassion or achieve what was once thought impossible. On the other side of the coin our thoughts are directly affected by our belief system and habitual thinking that largely prevents us from getting what we want in life. When one usually thinks negatively what do  they attract to themselves? Same principals apply to thinking in a positive manner. Just watch our reaction to either group, which group do you want around?
If we could time travel to our great grandparent’s time and told them of today’s technological achievements what would they think? What we take for granted today started off as a thought sometime in the past in someone’s mind. Yet someone believed we could do it and proved the cynics wrong. Who knows what else is waiting to be discovered in the future.
When using the Law of Attraction, be as precise as you can be as you don’t want to settle for less for you want or deserve. Be thankful for what you had as it served you well. Same goes for the stuff and people that will come to you for what you can do for each other. One thing to remember when applying the Law of Attraction is that you can’t change the world or others. You can only change yourself. The Universe could have something else in store to offer others as its a huge mistake to get in the way.
When used sensibly and not let them run amok, emotions are an excellent source for our inner guidance system. They tell us how well we’re connected or not to what we’re asking for in prayer. I will say be careful for what you do ask for as you just may receive what you wanted. It may not be what you really wanted. An attitude of gratitude is good to have and it is important to be precise on what one wants to give and receive in life.
One thing I’m concerned about is relationships with any agendas, issues and control dramas that are carried over from the  last one. There comes a time to just drop them into a gunnysack, throw them into the nearest body of water and put up a no fishing sign. If you are looking to get into a new relationship think of the things you would like to do with your new partner. Keep the thoughts positive and on the results not on the reasons. Not just for relationships but keep an eye on other aspects of your life you want to see changes in. Then become aware of the opportunities and opening of doors that the Universe provides on any particular day.
Aligning yourself with the Universe isn’t as spooky as it sounds nor is it under the guise of any religion. It’s something that is used as a personal guidance system to get through life. Good things like walking a dog, watching a train go by, going for a walk and so on. When in alignment with the Universe one can get answers to prayer while not thinking or worrying about when it happens or getting an exact answer. Watch when little things come your way, it’s a sign to see if you’re open to receiving what is coming your way. Now I’m not suggesting taking a passive stance or that the Universe owes you a living. One still has to fully participate fully in life to reap any benefits. The Universe is there for you, just watch for the signs that come your way. It may be in the form of a book, an event you attend, a meal out with someone or a person you know or meet by chance.

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