I use the term Universe as a way of describing it as the source of all information, compassion, discernment and wisdom. One can call anything they want, it doesn’t really matter, the only thing that does is using it with respect and as a guiding light in one’s life.
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Being a relative newcomer in practicing the Law of Attraction I found starting with asking for small stuff a good way of getting confidence in using it. I avoid using the Law of Attraction to change or force situations to be in my favour. For example asking for a particular woman to be my partner could cause a major disruption in their life especially if the Universal Spirit has other plans for them or if they are in a good relationship already. If they just broke up with someone it is wise to take a break before getting into another relationship. Forcing someone into a relationship they don’t want to be part of could be infatuation that could lead to obsession or even stalking. Who needs to be involved with those types of situations?
Same thing applies with securing work. There are ways of finding work such as knocking on doors and shaking hands. It’s the best way as the hidden job market has a good 90% of vacant positions not being advertised. Jobs and relationships aren’t going to fall into your lap. Usually it takes effort of sorts or being in the right spot at the right time.
I wonder if those critical of successful people suffer from jealously or envy that keeps them in a rut. How many times when these emotions are covered up, it’s a fear that a person has. What thoughts you have control the outcome that happens. If it’s a negative maybe it is time to quit reading newspapers, tune out most radio broadcasts, take note of what you’re reading or listening to and  who you’re associating with.
People will come and to in your life for a variety of reasons. It could be a one time meeting to sharing a smile with each other or being together for a few hours to a few years. Different roles for different relations – some casual, others in depth. Don’t focus on pushing any relation into areas it doesn’t need to go or it’ll come back to bite you on the rear end. How would you like it if you were the one that was being influenced or controlled in this way? So no forcing others to change to suit your own needs. Ask what you can do for them instead.
What we attract towards ourselves tells a lot about our mental state and thinking abilities. We are using the Law of Attraction all the time whether we realize it or not. We have to become more observant of what we attract whether it be the good stuff or the bad ones. I use meditation a fair amount to see where I am going this way. Be selective of what you want to attract or eliminate.
I’ve been told that understanding the Law of Attraction is 5% figuring out what one wants, the other 95% is applying it correctly. I would suggest getting a good mentor or teacher to help you along the way. I’d be careful of who one works with as I can see this field being filled with scammers and con artists. Also I would avoid bringing back former loves or companions as they may have gone on to better things or in the process of doing so. This includes another relationship or something else the Universe is bringing them.
From what I’ve gathered so far the Law of Attraction helps a person to focus on achieving good things and incorporate them into their life by taking the necessary steps to do so.

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